Best Air Purifier for Mold in 2024

best air purifier for mold

Mold can be found anywhere – it exists everywhere in nature and is one of the most common components of the dust. Mold is, actually, very small in size – it’s a microscopic fungus whose size ranges from 10 to 30 microns, which allows it to float around and spread through the air. This can, of course, create serious health issues for some people.

But there is a solution for that! Even though it can’t remove the source of the mold, the best air purifier can easily eliminate it from the air and make breathing much easier.

The only problem here is the fact that there are dozens of these devices all over the market, and it can be incredibly hard to select just one that will suit your needs the best. Have no worries – we’re here to take a detailed look at the most popular units and give you our honest and unbiased reviews. Read on!

Top Rated Air Purifiers for Mold Reviewed

1. Alen Paralda HEPA Dual Airflow Tower Air Purifier

3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

Alen Paralda HEPA Dual Airflow Tower air purifiers for moldPros:

  • Incredible design
  • Intuitive controls
  • Good area coverage
  • The UV lamp
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No pre-filters or carbon filters
  • No handles
  • Glowing logo can be annoying during the night

One of the first things to notice about this air purifier is definitely its looks – the combination of green and white colors, together with the tower design, are making Paralda one of the best-looking devices of this type on the market. Fortunately, that’s not the only great thing about it – it also has an affordable price, as well as the set of interesting features that are there to clean the air and eliminate the harmful particles.

The most important part of the Alen Paralda is its HEPA filter, which is capable of removing 99.97% of air pollutants. There’s also the UV lamp, which complements the HEPA filter by killing the viruses and bacteria that are floating around in the air, reducing the chance of flu. The whole filtration process is easy to operate and oversee, as the Alen Paralda has a set of very intuitive controls that are situated on the top of the device. While it’s working, the unit is relatively quiet – it’s not the most silent purifier for air we’ve had the chance to test out, but we are pretty sure that it won’t wake you up during the night.

Other great features of this purifier are the large coverage area (500 square feet), the CADR rating of 150, as well as the lifetime warranty, which is one of the main selling points of this device. The manufacturer claims that its workers will accept and refit all the defective devices, which is definitely something that deserves special praise. With an affordable price, easy-to-operate controls, HEPA filter, UV light, and the best design on the market, we think that the Alen Paralda HEPA Dual Airflow Tower Air Purifier is a model that is definitely worth considering for purchase – we recommend it!

2. Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Customizable Air Purifier

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Air Purifier for moldPros:

  • Washable carbon activated pre-filter
  • High-quality HEPA filter
  • UV-C filter that kills viruses and bacteria
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet


  • Can’t filter smoke and VOCs
  • Not suited for larger rooms

Next up is one of the most elegant looking purifiers for air we’ve seen so far – the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50. The first thing you’ll notice after the unboxing is the good construction quality – the unit is made out of solid plastic, it is well-balanced, and also easy to carry around due to the handle that’s on the back of the device. The controls are also very elegant, with little LED lights above the buttons, which will allow you to easily use the FIT50 even in the total darkness. There also several stickers on the front panel, control panel, and inside the device, making the whole operation even easier.

The Alen BreatheSmart has a handy air quality light which will turn on once the air is completely clean – its shiny blue color can be seen from across the room. The filters are very easy to change, as all that you have to do is to remove the front panel (held in place by magnets) and replace the filters. We found this to be pretty convenient and would like to see this solution in future devices. The built-in particle sensor of this model is one of the best we’ve seen so far, as it accurately detects the changes in the air quality and allows automatic operation until the air is completely clean.

This purifier for air can cover the area up to 900 square feet, which means that you’re definitely getting high efficiency for the given money. Even though it’s pretty bulky, it’s still easy to move around, and it will keep the air in any room as clean as possible, due to the latest technology that’s used in its construction and the powerful filter that will remove the dust and allergens in no time. We think that buying this model can’t really turn out as a mistake.

3. Blueair Classic 405 HEPA Silent Filtration

3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier for moldPros:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very low electricity consumption
  • The carbon filter is permanent, no need to replace it
  • Comes with a night light and a UV-C light
  • Easy to storage, transport, and maintain
  • The price


  • Can only cover smaller areas
  • Average performances when it comes to airflow and filtration

The Blueair is one of the most well-known manufacturers of air purifiers, and we’re always happy to have their products on the review. Their newest model, the Classic 405 HEPASilent Filtration can help you achieve a more breathable air in the room without any noise. Just like the Alen BreatheSmart, this purifier also features a very sleek and modern design, and we’re pretty sure that it will fit well inside any room. Even though it’s a bit bulky, it’s still quite easy to move around because of the built-in handles.

When it comes to performance, this model is one of the best on the market – it removes things like house dust mites, pollen grains, and mold spores with high efficiency, being able to cover the area of 430 square feet in size. As the name suggests, it works under the HEPASilent Filtration technology, which is very quiet and will allow you to use the device in your bedroom. The controls are digital and will let you choose between three fan speeds, and we really like the fact that you can do this with your smartphone – you’ll just have to download the appropriate Blueair app.

The device has an internal ionizer and has zero ozone emission, which could be pretty important to all those who care about the environment. It is CARB certified; Energy Star qualified; and stands as a perfect solution for all those who’d like to have a healthier home without any dust or allergens. We were very pleased with the performance of the Blueair Classic 405 HEPASilent Filtration during the testing period, and we think that it’s definitely worth the money (even though the model is quite pricey). As it is one of the best models we’ve tested so far, it deserves our recommendation

4. Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier with HEPA-Pure Filter

3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier for mold with HEPA-Pure FilterPros:

  • Auto sensors
  • Quiet operation
  • 5-step air filtration system
  • True HEPA filters
  • Remote control
  • Covers large rooms


  • One year warranty
  • Can’t neutralize strong odors

We’ve decided to take a look at yet another device made by Alen – their T500 Tower Air Purifier is quite popular with the users and deserves a more in-depth look. When it comes to design, this model looks incredibly sleek and modern, and can be purchased in several different colors. We had the silver model on the test, and we certainly have no complaints about its looks. Being able to cover areas up to 500 square feet, the Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier is a perfect choice for the living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

The performance of this model is excellent, just like we expected. There are three fan settings that you can change to your liking, and the operation is whisper-quiet, allowing you to put the model in the bedroom. You can program it to the timed or continuous operation, which is really handy and should be a part of every purifier for clean air. The air will, at the beginning of the whole process, first go through the pre-filter, which captures the largest particles, and then move to the HEPA filter which will collect some 95% of the airborne pollutants, such as the mold, pet dander, pollen, and dust.

We really liked the digital display with the touch-button controls, which are very easy to operate and will allow you to use the device right out of the box. There is also the auto-off safety feature, the built-in carry handle, as well as the Energy Star certification. With the space-saving tower design, powerful filters that quickly remove mold and other airborne particles, and the elegant design, we think that the Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier is definitely something that you should consider for purchase. We liked it, and we think that it’s among the best air purifiers on the market!

5. GermGuardian AC5000E 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA Filter

4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Germ Guardian AC5000 28 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter Air PurifierPros:

  • True HEPA Filtration
  • 3-Speeds
  • UV-C Control and Filter Change Indicator
  • Suited for larger rooms
  • Quiet Operation
  • Energy Efficient


  • No timer
  • The brightness of the UV indicator
  • No remote control

The first air purifier we’re going to take a look at is also one of the most popular ones – the GermGuardian AC5000 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System is highly praised by its users for the moderate price and the high efficiency. As the name suggests, one of the best things about this device is the 3-in-1 cleaning system which lets the air go through three filters before it’s circulated back into the room. There’s a pre-filter that traps the largest particles, the HEPA filter that removes the smallest particles, and the charcoal filter which absorbs odors and gasses.

The filters are, of course, replaceable, although they’re a bit pricey. We would advise you to change them at least twice per year, which will allow the GermGuardian to run like new for the years to come. The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rating) of this device is 125+, making the model ideal for the rooms of 193 square feet in size (medium & large sized rooms). There’s also the handy UV-C light which kills airborne bacteria and viruses and dissolves food and pet odors thanks to its titanium dioxide technology. The UV-C light can be turned off if it bothers you during the night.

When it comes to size, the GermGuardian’s measurements stand at 10.2 x 7 x 28 inches, and its weight at 9.6 pounds.  We really like the fact that this thing has a true HEPA filter, which can remove the air particles that are only .3 microns in size with almost 100% accuracy, making it ideal for the people with allergies or asthma. Together with other features, this makes the GermGuardian one of the top-performing devices in its price range, and certainly something worth considering for purchase. It deserves nothing else but our big recommendation!

Best Air Purifier for Mold and Mildew – Before You Buy

Allergies are certainly something that can make your days bothersome – they are incredibly annoying! Fortunately, there are devices to help you with this problem, and they’re called air purifiers. These small units are very easy to maintain and control; and you will notice the difference with them almost immediately.

The only problem here is the fact that there are dozens and dozens of different models on the market, and selecting just one can be very hard, especially if you don’t know a lot about these things But, have no worries – that’s why we’re here! We’ve decided to take the most popular models and check out their specs and abilities, and then write unbiased and straightforward reviews of them.

We’ve collected all the possible information you might need about these handy devices, carefully going over all of their features and pointing out their advantages, as well as flaws. These reviews will help you to find the device that suits your budget and the needs the best, although we can assure you that all the models we’ve tested are efficient and worth purchasing. We hope that you’ll find an air purifier that will serve you for the years to come!

Important Things to Consider

Square Footage

The placement of your model can make a big difference when it comes to efficiency. Make sure that the square footage mentioned on the box coincides with that of your room. You may need a whole house air cleaner if you’re looking for a high coverage area.


There are certain features that can come in very handy – look for the models with the auto shut-off timers, filter life indicators, UV lights, and sensors for the air pollution.


The effectiveness of the purifier will depend on its price. The lower-end models will be able to remove some 30% of the particles, while the units of the higher quality can eliminate some 99% of them.


Even though this doesn’t sound as important, it actually is to some people. Choose a model that will fit in with the decor of your house, especially if you’re buying a large air purifier.

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