Alen Paralda HEPA Dual Airflow Tower Air Purifier



  • Incredible design
  • Intuitive controls
  • Good area coverage
  • The UV lamp
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No pre-filters or carbon filters
  • No handles
  • Glowing logo can be annoying during the night

Alen is well-known for their beautiful air purifiers, but this time they made something truly extraordinary. If the design is an important thing to you, you should look no further – the Alen Paralda HEPA is one of the best-looking devices of this type on the market, featuring a very contemporary look and being able to fit well with the decor of any room you put it in.

Of course, the great looks aren’t the only good thing about the Paralda – this purifier comes with some interesting features, like the HEPA filter, touch-responsive controls, UV-light, and a lifetime warranty. It also has a reasonable price, so it’s no wonder why it became popular so quickly – it is the high time for us to take a closer look at its features!

As we said, the great looks aren’t the only perk of Alen Paralda, as the purifier comes with all the crucial features and technologies that are necessary to keep the air clean. These would be the most important ones:

The Design

Like we mentioned, the Alen Paralda is certainly one of the best-looking air purifiers on the market. It can be bought in two different colors – green and white, with the first one looking especially attractive. It reminds us of the popular gaming console, the Xbox 360, and we’re sure that it will fit well inside your living room or the bedroom. Even though many people consider design as something unimportant when it comes to air purifiers, the good looks are always a big plus in our book.

The Filtration Process

Unfortunately, the Alen Paralda does not have a carbon filter, and there’s also the lack of the pre-filter. However, its HEPA filter does the job very well, removing 99.97% of the smallest particles and thus cleaning the air from the air pollutants such as mold and pet dander. With a continuous daily use, one HEPA filter will last you between six to nine months, after which you will have to change it in order to keep it the device under warranty. A replacement filter will cost you about $50.

The UV Lamp

The manufacturer claims that the UV lamp of this device is capable of killing bacteria and viruses, which should prevent the spread of flues and colds. However, the emission peak of this thing is at the 365 nm wavelength, which means that it isn’t really as germicidal as the manufacturer claims, but it’s still capable of keeping the filter free from all sorts of microbes. There’s also the UV bulb replacement indicator, which will inform you that the lamp is dimming and that the bulb needs to be replaced.

alen paralda dual airflow

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The Controls

One thing that we really liked about the Paralda is the presence of the intuitive controls, which are among the best we’ve seen so far. There is a small, easy-to-read LCD display that’s surrounded by touch-sensitive buttons, with the biggest of them being the on/off button. You won’t need the manual to figure out how things work here – it’s very easy to set the fan speed or change the settings for the UV lamp, as the designers from Alen did an excellent job here. We hope that the next revision of Alen Paralda will also have a set of intuitive, easy-to-operate controls.

Other Features Of the Unit

The first thing that we’ll mention here is, of course, the CADR rating – the CADR rating of Alen Paralda stands at 150, and we have to admit that we’ve seen much more powerful air purifiers in the same price category.

When it comes to the quietness of the operation, the Paralda does a relatively good job – the lowest speed setting will make a noise of 39 dB(A), and the highest of 60 dB(A). Once again – we’ve seen better, but we can’t say that the unit is noisy, and it certainly won’t stop you from getting a good night of sleep if you put it inside your bedroom.

One of the strongest selling points of this device is definitely the warranty. The guys and girls at Alen have decided to provide a lifetime warranty for the Paralda Air Purifier, and that’s a huge plus in our book. The company will accept and refit all devices that have defects, as they’re aiming to establish a good reputation.

Unfortunately, this device does not bear the Energy Star rating, but we can’t say that it’s a serious energy spender – it uses 19 Watts on the lowest setting, 29 Watts on the medium one; and 55 Watts on the highest setting.

Suitable Application

The manufacturer claims that this elegant device can efficiently remove the air pollutants in the rooms that are up to 500 square feet in size, which is exactly what we have expected from a device that’s in this price category. This unit will be quite sufficient for most living rooms, bedrooms, and offices, although we think that placing it into smaller rooms would be a far better idea – in that way, this purifier would be able to truly remove the harmful particles in the fastest and the most efficient way.

What is Wrong with the Product?

When it comes to negative sides, there are a few things that we didn’t like about the Alen Paralda. The device has only the HEPA filter, and no pre-filters or carbon filters. It also has no casters or handles for the easier relocation. And lastly, we didn’t like the fact that the glowing logo can’t be shut off, which might bother you during the night.


Even though it has some flaws, the Alen Paralda HEPA Dual Airflow Tower Air Purifier comes at a reasonable price and possesses features that are guaranteed to keep the room of your desire clean of harmful air pollutants. That is why we count it in our top 5 best air purifier for mold list. We liked it, and think that it’s worth considering for purchase.



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