BlueAir Classic 405 HEPASilent Filtration



  • HEPASilent filter – efficient and quiet
  • Large coverage area
  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Good warranty
  • Energy Star certification
  • The Wi-Fi connection


  • Plastic odor after the unboxing
  • Noisy at the highest speed

The guys and girls at BlueAir have already proven that they know how to make a good air purifier – but this time, they’ve made something really special. The BlueAir Classic 405 HEPASilent Filtration is one of the best models we’ve had a chance to test out, and almost everything about it is great.

This model features a sleek, modern design, and high efficiency due to the presence of a particle filter that removes 99.97% of harmful particles. It has three fan speeds, covers quite a large area, is energy star certified, and you can even control the whole purifying process with your smartphone – all you need to do is to download the BlueAir Friend app and you’re good to go. This model definitely deserves a more in-depth look – so let’s do it!

The features that come with this model are numerous, so let’s see the most important ones. We can already say that this air purifier is definitely worth considering for purchase – just take a look at these features and you’ll come to the same conclusion yourself.

The Design

As you can see from the picture, the BlueAir Classic 405 HEPASilent Filtration has a very contemporary look and will fit well with the decor of any room. We really like the sleek combination of white and silver, which reminds us of Apple devices, and we’d certainly like to see more air purifiers with this design on the market.

The HEPASilent Technology

As the name of the model suggests, this air purifier is working under the so-called HEPASilent technology. This means that its filters are using the combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration to remove almost all of the airborne pollutants that are present in the air of your household, which delivers a superior result. The “Silent” part of the product’s name stands for the overall quietness of the whole operation, and the manufacturer claims that the sound level ranges from 32 dBA to 52 dBA. During our testing period, we noticed that the model is truly quiet, and it’s safe to put it inside your bedroom.

The Controls

The controls of this unit are, fortunately, very easy to use. The easy-to-read LED icons will let you see the status of the filters, the current operating speed, as well as the Wi-Fi connection. Unlike the cheaper models, the BlueAir Classic 405 HEPASilent Filtration air purifier has touch buttons, and not the mechanical ones, which is always a big plus in our book.

The Space Coverage

The ideal room size for this model is 434 square feet (40 mĀ²), making it a perfect choice for the mid-sized rooms. Seeing as most homes today have mid-sized rooms, it’s no wonder that this model has already become so popular.

This will allow you to, for example, put it inside your living room or the bedroom, and these rooms are exactly the ones where most of the users put their air purifiers at.

blueair classic

[star rating=”4.5″]

The Wi-Fi Connection

Now, this is something extraordinary, and a feature we’d like to see on all future models. With this air purifier, you won’t have to get up whenever you want to change the fan speed settings – all you need to do is to download the appropriate app (BlueAir Friend), and you can control the unit with your smartphone! The app itself is, in our opinion, very well designed and easy to use.

Other Features of The Unit

When it comes to Clean Air Delivery Rate, this model has a CADR rating of 300 (280 for the tobacco smoke). This is, in our opinion, quite impressive, although not the best we’ve seen so far.

The unit, fortunately, bears the well-known Energy Star certification, which we are always pleased to see. This means that it won’t have a significant effect on your energy bill, and this could be quite important to some users.

The unit comes with a 5-year limited warranty, and that is something we’ve expected from BlueAir. Seeing as this device is far more expensive than the ordinary models, it definitely needs to come with a good warranty, and, fortunately, it does.

The purifier comes with a standard particle filter that easily removes all sorts of air pollutants – like pet dander, dust, mold, and pollen. We found it to be pretty efficient, as we’ve placed into a room full of dust – after some time, breathing inside that very same room was easy, just as we expected.

One other feature that deserves special praise is the presence of the AUTO mode. When it’s turned on, it will allow the purifier to adjust the airflow depending on the current containment level in the air.

TheBlueAir Friend app that we mentioned has a modern, material design, combining white with blue colors and featuring some very sleek icons. We really liked it!

Suitable Application

The mid-sized rooms are the ones in which the BlueAir Classic 405 excels – we were very pleased with the results during the testing. We would advise you to place this unit either into your living room or the bedroom, where it will be able to efficiently collect dust and mold with its powerful filters. The unit will stay quite during the whole operation, and you’ll even be able to control it with your BlueAir Friend app (available for both the Android and iOS devices).

What is Wrong with the Product?

When it comes to flaws, there are two things that we didn’t like. The first one was the strong plastic odor that the purifier emits when you get it out of the box (it disappears after a few days), and the second is how noisy the unit becomes when you’re using it at the highest speed. It’s not too annoying, but it’s certainly hard not to notice it.


In our opinion, the BlueAir Classic 405 HEPASilent Filtration is one of the best air purifiers that the money can buy today. This device is highly efficient thanks to its HEPA filter, has a beautiful design that fits with the decor of any room, and can be controlled with a smartphone. Although it’s not flawless, we think that it’s certainly worth the money.

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