Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Customizable Air Purifier



  • Best design on the market
  • Customizable front panel
  • High CADR rating
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smart system (AUTO mode)
  • Quiet operation


  • Sensor is sometimes too sensitive
  • Uses HEPA instead of the True HEPA filters

This would be one of the best air purifiers on the market – it features a number of technological improvements over the predecessor, making it a leading model when it comes to things such as the ease of use, performance, and warranty. Although a basic air purifier can certainly do the job well, this model is something very different – it’s a revolutionary product that showcases the latest workmanship and design, which is exactly why it costs far more than the ordinary units.

One other thing that made us want to take a closer look at this device is its looks – we think that this is the best-looking device on the market right now, and its design is surely something that deserves special praise. Let’s see the most important features of the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50:

Some of the technologies that have been used in the manufacture of this device are unlike any we’ve seen so far, which makes this air purifier a truly revolutionary device. These are the most important ones:

The Design

As we already mentioned in the intro, this is probably the most beautiful air purifier that the money can buy. The designers at Alen definitely know how to do their job – the FIT50 looks incredibly sleek and modern, and we’re pretty sure that it will fit well with the decor of your home. There are fifteen different color options for the device’s front panel, which was definitely much more than we initially expected. We hope that the next revision will also look as good as this one does.

The HEPA-Pure Filtration System

Just like many other purifiers for air on today’s market, this one also features the 3-stage filtration process to clean the air from the various contaminants. In the first stage, the polluted air will go through the pre-filter, which has a black foam layer and is washable. This phase will see the complete removal of the particles that are of the large size.

Then, it’s time for the HEPA-Pure filter to do its job – it will eliminate 99.9% of all air contaminants, as it is made from the electrostatically charged material that easily captures things such as mold, pet dander, and pollen.

The last stage of filtration process is entirely optional – you can activate it by pressing the Ion button, situated on the top of the device. Fortunately, the Alen’s newest ionization technology isn’t producing ozone, so it’s completely safe to leave this feature turned on.

The SmartSensor Technology

Once you get it out of the box, you’ll notice that the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 is offering you two choices when it comes to operation – you can manually adjust the speed of the fan, or let the device do it itself by setting it on AUTO mode. If you do that, the FIT50 air purifier will start using infrared technology to monitor the level of air pollutants and all sorts of disease-causing microbes.

It will, then, automatically adjust the speed of the airflow, giving you some feedback via the light that surrounds the power button – blue means low particles, yellow means moderate, while the red means that there are excessive amounts of harmful particles in the air.

alen breathsmart

[star rating=”4.5″]

The WhisperMax Technology

This is one of the best characteristics of this model and is highly praised by the users from all over the world. As the name suggests, the FIT50 is a very quiet device, and the reason behind that is the fact that its airflow vents and the inner chamber were designed according to the aerodynamic rules. Low noise production is always a big plus in our book!

Other Features of The Unit

One of the most beautiful things about the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 is the fact that this device is meant to be used for large spaces – it can serve the areas that are up to 1100 square feet in size, which is pretty impressive. This will allow you to use the model in large rooms, not worrying about the effectiveness and efficiency.

One other thing that will assure you that this air purifier is a top performer is its CADR rating – it stands as 300 which is not so far from the maximum possible rating, and tells us that this model can handle large amounts of smoke with ease.

There is also the Energy Star certification, meaning that the FIT50 is an energy saver and that it won’t make a big difference on your energy bill. We’re always pleased to see this certification on the products we review, as we know how important this can be to users.

There’s also the presence of the so-called AutoShip Filter Plan. This means that Alen will deliver you the replacement filters while asking for no additional shipping costs. Free shipping is always nice!

And when it comes to warranty, rare are the manufacturers that offer the one that Alen does – and that’s the lifetime warranty. Of course, don’t forget that this kind of warranty is only applicable if you use the device according to the manual.

Suitable Application

As we already mentioned, the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 is a very good choice if you need an air purifier for a room of a large size. This machine is powerful enough to remove all sorts of air pollutants from rooms that are up to 1100 square feet in size, while its strong CADR rating allows it to remove the tobacco smoke from such spaces efficiently. If you have a large house and a lot of mold, dust, or pollen in it, this device just might be the thing that you were looking for.

What is Wrong with the Product?

Unfortunately, the FIT50 uses only the regular HEPA filters instead of the true-HEPA ones. The true-HEPA filters are able to capture a bigger percentage of air contaminants than the ordinary filters can, and we’re sad to see that Alen didn’t include such filters in this product.

One other thing that we didn’t like is how excessively sensitive the unit’s sensor can become on some occasions. During our testing period, we noticed that it detects the particles of moisture as pollutants, which makes it increase the speed and change the indicator’s light to red.


Even though it’s not completely flawless, this elegant air purifier excels in almost all fields – it has the best design on the market, high efficiency, quiet operation, and the lifetime warranty. That’s almost everything we could wish from an air purifier, and we can do nothing else but give it our big recommendation.



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