20 Worst Cities for Allergies


 As you anticipate spring, are you aware that the season comes with seasonal allergies? It’s during spring when plants release pollen. Then, if you’re allergy prone, you’ll start experiencing allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. Does where you live have an impact of your allergies? Here are the 20 worst cities for allergies to help you understand.

20 Worst Cities for Allergies

What Causes Allergies in Spring?

You may be more prone to allergies during spring due to increase production of pollen from weeds, grass, and trees. If you’re allergic and you happen to inhale pollen, they stimulate your body’s defense system. Your immune system believes that pollen is a foreign toxic body which is why it’ll release antibodies to fight the allergens.

This will release histamines in the blood. Histamines are the chemicals which will cause allergy-related symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. Don’t be mistaken that the pollen you inhale comes from the plants within your surroundings. You’ve got to understand that pollen can travel for thousands of miles.

What time of day is the pollen count highest?

You’re likely to inhale loads of pollen between 5 am and 10 am. You can avoid it by staying indoors or restricting your outdoor movement during that time if you are prone to allergies. You should try to restrict exposing yourself to pollen during mornings that are dry and warm as the pollen count tends to be extremely high during that time.

You may also experience increased exposure to pollen when the weather conditions are breezy. Why is this you may ask? It’s because the wind picks up pollen and distributes it in the air. The pollen count will be quite low during rainy days because rain tends to wash allergens away.

Does living near the ocean help with allergies?

Many people across the world suffer from allergies. If you’re allergic, you’ll feel discomfort or get sick when you encounter components that hardly affect other people.

Is it Sensitivity or Allergy?

Do you suffer from allergies during a specific time of the year? If yes then yours is a seasonal allergy. These can happen due to various factors such as:

  • Substances you inhale
  • Substances you touch or
  • Things you consume

You probably claim to be allergic when your body may be sensitive to some substances. What’s the difference between allergies and sensitivity? If you’ve got an allergy, you’ll experience an immune system reaction that’ll either be life-threatening or mild. If your body is sensitive, you probably react to things you’ve eaten which will then cause complications in your digestive system.

Don’t Trigger Your Allergies

You need to figure out your allergen if you want to avert a reaction. Let’s say you are allergic to pet dander, avoid getting into contact with animals. Perhaps you’re allergic to some foods but you can’t figure out which ones. The best thing you can do is figure out the specific ingredient and once you do, try to avoid it altogether.

If your allergies are becoming a threat to your life, you probably have considered many options such as moving closer to the coastal region. But will doing so eliminate the allergies? It may not be of much help especially if your allergies are triggered by food.

The Ocean Might Help

You may have heard that the strong ocean winds can blow allergens away. If you suffer from skin or respiratory allergies, you’ll benefit from living along the ocean. Another group of allergic people who can benefit from living close to the ocean is those that experience hay fever.

 Can you die from seasonal allergies?

Yes and no depending on the magnitude and cause of your allergy. One of the commonly known severe allergic reaction is known as anaphylaxis. It’s triggered by food, medicine, and insect bites. Many allergy-related deaths are caused by the medicine. If you’re elderly you may experience severe allergic reactions from various substances.

If you’re considering changing cities, you may want to read the following list of city rankings that the AAFA compiled according to allergy medication use, pollen score, and the number of board-certified allergists available in the city.

Jackson, MS

The AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) ranked Jackson City in Mississippi as one of the worst cities for people who experience allergies. According to the AAFA allergy factors checklist, which features the use of medicine, pollen count, and the number of allergy-prone people for every 10,000 residents, the city garnered a record 100 points.

If you are planning to relocate to Jackson, you might as well consider changing your plans because the situation isn’t improving, seeing that the city has been ranked top before.

Memphis, TN

Are you contemplating on relocating to Memphis city Tennessee? You may want to know that according to the AAFA, this city has fewer people who suffer from allergies than Jackson city with a score of 94.74 points.

Syracuse, NY

If you enjoy warmer climates, then Syracuse may be the city for you. The allergy level in Syracuse is 87.97 points which means you can enjoy your stay in the city if you’re not one of those severe allergists.

Louisville, KY

Have you wanted to sit by the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville city? Then your dream may just be a trip away. If you’re prone to allergies, however, you’ll want to take the necessary precautions to be safe. The city has an average number of allergists and pollen as well. It scored 87.88 in the allergy study conducted by the AAFA.

McAllen, TX

You’ve heard about the beauty of McAllen city in Texas and you can’t wait to settle there. Have you considered the city’s allergy score? Well, the score was considered higher than average in pollen score, the board-certified allergists available, and use of allergy medication. If you settle in McAllen, you’ll be exposed to pollen from cedar trees which are spread by the strong breeze from the mountains.

Wichita, KS

Wichita is the largest city in the state of Kansas. Before you consider moving here you may want to know that there are more than average allergen sources such as grass, weeds, and pollen which can affect you if you suffer from nasal allergies which means you’ll depend on medicine for relief.

Oklahoma City, OK

Is Oklahoma in your bucket list of cities you want to visit sometime soon? You may still visit and enjoy your stay. However, you should know that the rate of pollen production in the city is quite high which means that you will need allergy medication to combat the problem. What’s more, mold production in Oklahoma is a big problem and this can cause health complications. If you are prone to allergies, staying indoors can help you reduce exposure. If you have pets, clean them well to ensure they don’t transfer pollen or even dust mites in the house.

Providence, RI

If you’re planning to explore the art and food scene of Providence city in the state of Rhode Islands, don’t forget to carry your antihistamines because you’ll need them in plenty. The city had an 81.54 score ranking at number 8 according to the AAFA.

Knoxville, TN

You may not be exposed to high levels of pollen in Knoxville city but you’ll need medication to combat allergy-related symptoms. Allergens in this city are affiliated to pollen from birch, oak, and maple box trees. The city is surrounded by mountains from where strong breeze transfers allergy causing components across the city.

Buffalo, NY

Two factors have worsened the condition of allergies in the Buffalo city: rapid temperature and moisture fluctuation as a result of global warming and increased pollen levels. One thing you should beware of is that dry and sunny springs may result in prolonged exposure to pollen and other allergens.

Dayton, OH

Dayton is the sixth biggest city in the city of Ohio. the well, Dayton among the worst regions someone suffering from allergic reactions would ever consider living. Dayton has more than average pollen levels and you’ll need to use medication to treat your allergy symptoms. Consider traveling in the season when trees, weeds, and grass are not producing too much pollen.

Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is another city where the use of allergy-related medication is more than average due to high levels of mold and high levels of weeds. If you suffer from allergies, then the pollen levels in Little Rock may trigger an attack. What’s more, AAFA blames global warming for the ozone layer damage which may worsen allergy symptoms if you are asthmatic.

Columbia, SC

Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina. If you’re planning to relocate there, you may want to know that the state of allergies has been worsening over the years. There’s increased production of pollen just as there is the use of allergy-related medication. When you live in Columbia, you’ll experience up to 47.98 inches of rainfall which promotes weed, grass, and pollen growth.

Richmond, VA

The fact that Richmond showed some improvement in the year 2015 was enough to celebrate. Still, the city is not out of the woods yet especially because of the high production of pollen. You need to understand that climate change has highly affected the ozone layer, and this has resulted in long seasons of ragweed growth.

Baton Rouge, LA

If you want to experience the rich history and culture of Baton Rouge, you can only do so by relocating or even visiting the city on a long term basis. Before then, take time to research and understand the allergy condition in this city. Baton Rouge is one of the most affected cities by allergies and the use of medication to relieve allergy-related symptoms.

Are you among the many people who look forward to spring? Of course, many people love spring. One thing however that you should know is that the onset of spring is not always about flowers and beautiful flowers. If you live in Baton Rouge, it’s a sign of increased humidity which causes heavy and random rainfalls.

Rainfall will wash off pollen from the environment and improve your symptoms for a short period. The problem worsens when the rains are over and the wind starts blowing dried pollen on surfaces. This worsens your symptoms and triggers severe reactions in asthmatic people.

Tulsa, OK

You’ve heard that Tulsa has some of the best vacation sites and you can’t wait to visit the city. Have you done your research to establish the level of allergy in Tulsa? If you can plan your trip during the offseason the better. The pollen score in Tulsa has continued to worsen over the years, with AAFA saying that it’s worse than average.

New Orleans, LA

If New Orleans is not in your bucket list of cities you need to visit sometime in your lifetime, you should consider including it. The one thing you should beware of is the allergy condition in the city. If you are prone to allergies, you may want to avoid visiting during the spring as then your allergy symptoms may escalate. AAFA found that the use of medicine to relieve allergy symptoms was more than average.

Toledo, OH

Have you been yearning to visit Toledo the city of friendly people and breathtaking cultural festivals? If the answer is yes, start planning your trip but bear in mind that you’ll experience more allergy symptoms when you visit anytime between March and June. various trees in Toledo tend to produce pollen during that time. What’s more, the city features in the list of one of the most stressed cities in the US.

Winston-Salem, NC

There are different fun facts about Winston-Salem that will have you booking your vacation right away. Winston is also known as the twin city and AAFA says that in terms of the use of medication to relieve allergy symptoms, the city ranked higher than average. If you are prone to allergies, you may want to plan your trip when the pollen levels aren’t too high.

Springfield, MA

If you love exploring inventions, you may want to visit Springfield the city of inventions. It’s here that basketball, the modern fire engine, and the commercial radio station among others were invented.

Before you make your visit, however, you should study the allergy condition of the city. According to AAFA, Springfield had an average score on the use of medicine to relieve allergy symptoms, pollen score, and the number of certified allergists out of 10,000 people.


You’re more prone to allergies during spring. If you plan to travel to a new city, do it any other time apart from spring. Only then will you be able to enjoy your stay with minimal allergy attacks.