O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier Review – Affordable Smoke Odor Remover

o-ion b-1000 review
3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier ReviewPros:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very low electricity consumption
  • The carbon filter is permanent, no need to replace it
  • Comes with a night light and a UV-C light
  • Easy to storage, transport, and maintain
  • The price


  • Can only cover smaller areas
  • Average performances when it comes to airflow and filtration

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O-Ion Air is a company that is still on the low, but they are becoming more recognized these days because of the high-quality air purifiers they have to offer. One of their most popular models is the O-Ion B-1000 ionic air purifier with a permanent filter.  This unit offers all the features you need to purify the air inside of your home. It clears the air from odors and pollutants quickly.

Features and Technology

When it comes to features, this unit has them all, and the best part is – it’s comes for an affordable price. Read on to get more information about its features and the important things you should know about the O-Ion B-1000 air purifier.

Design and Build Quality

The O-Ion B-1000 is a standard tower-based air purifier. It is relatively small and lightweight, which means that you can quickly take it from one room to the other. The dimensions of the unit are 6x7x17 inches, and it weighs only 3.8 pounds. This is a compact product so it’s easy to store and transport anywhere.

The body of the unit is made out of top quality plastic, more durable than most competitive models in the same price range. The front of the unit features an airflow circulation vent, standard controls, and a front digital display. The high-powered fan is located on the inside, and it powers the filters and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. Even when it works at maximum capacity, this unit is quiet; it makes little to no white noise.

Electrostatic Ionizer Purification

Electrostatic technology has become the standard for most air purifiers you can find on the market these days. This technology is very effective at removing airborne pollutants due to the electric charge in the internal filtration system, which draws in and captures pollutants. Apart from the standard filters, the O-Ion B-1000 offers multiple filtration systems as well. This unit also features a dust collector rod that allows easy maintenance.

The Electronic Ionizer Purification system is very efficient in removing airborne particles like pet dander, smoke, pollen, dust, and other allergens. The company claims that this model removes particles as small as .01 microns, which is amazing. When you turn it on, you will be able to see dust particles on the collector rod in less than an hour.

Carbon Filter Technology

The carbon filtration is another major selling point for this product. The system presents an efficient way of neutralizing odors in your home chemically. This feature will keep your home smelling nicely at all times. The best thing about it is that it’s removable so that you can clean and maintain it without problems.

The carbon filters are permanent, so you won’t need to replace them. Most other air purifiers on the market need carbon filter replacements at least twice a year. The O-Ion B-1000 doesn’t need any new parts, and you won’t have any extra costs on the way.

UVGI Technology

Another fantastic feature of this unit is the UVGI or Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation technology that makes it the best air purifier on the market. The UVGI is effective in eradicating germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. The UV light helps kill the bacteria by changing their genetic structure. Once they get into the device, they are sure to stay there. Since this machine kills germs, the chance of contracting diseases and viruses goes down to zero inside of your home.

Energy Efficient

The O-Ion B-1000 has a low energy consumption when working. It only uses 7.5 watts of power. The fan can operate at two speeds. If you set the speed on low, the machine will work in the silent purification mode. If you need more air circulation, adjust the speed on high.

Area of Application and Performance

The size of the unit suggests that it’s not meant for large rooms. It is small and compact, so it can’t intake that much air, so using it in a large room won’t help as much. They are meant to be used in bedrooms, or as a table-top air purifier.

If you want to use the purifier in a larger room, you’ll need to get a bigger and more expensive model, but this one is still pretty efficient in small rooms or offices. When we compare the features and the price of the O-Ion B-1000, it still has a lot of value, that’s for sure.

What is Wrong with the Product?

For the low cost of this product, you can’t expect it to have high performances. It does clear the air of dust and other polluters, but it’s airflow and filtration are mediocre. Furthermore, this is not an air purifier you can use in all rooms since it’s so small. Because of its size, it can cover only smaller rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on.

Check Out the Latest Price On the O-Ion B-1000

When we look at the O-Ion B-1000 features and the pros and cons, we can see that this is one of those must-have products, especially when we put its price into consideration. When it comes to performance, we can say that this unit falls into the lower-middle range. If you’re having allergic reactions and you want to buy an air purifier that is going to help you for sure, you ought to get a different, more robust model.

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