AeraMax 300 Air Purifier with Large Room Allergy and Asthma 4-Stage Purification



  • Four step filtration process
  • Ultra quiet
  • Certified specifically for the people with allergy and asthma
  • Proof that it can filter the airborne flu virus


  • High price
  • Expensive filters and the need to replace them every six months

If you are having troubles with allergies and asthma, there is a really simple solution how you can get rid of those annoying problems.

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier with Large Room Allergy and Asthma 4-Stage Purification air cleaner was designed to automatically purify and detect your indoor air, of all germs and pollutants. This product is perfectly capable of removing almost 100% of any airborne particles. Any microbe that is 0,3 microns or larger will be instantly removed and you can feel free to breathe in the fresh and pure, germ-free air once again.

Auto detecting technology gives the ability to this one of a kind air cleaner to automatically sense and purify your indoor air. With both allergy and asthma certification, you can rest assured that this product is just perfect for people who suffer from those kinds of problems. True HEPA filter utilization combined with the antimicrobial treatment provides the protection from 99,97% of airborne pollutant particles or various hazardous allergens.

This AeraMax 300 is perfect for large rooms that are over 300 square feet. It can remove all air contaminants most efficiently. This unit comes with really high performances when it comes to removing dust or smoke or pollen.

True HEPA filtration system is really beneficial to asthmatics and people who suffer from allergies since it has the ability to eliminate almost 100% of any airborne particles.

This filter includes AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment which means that your indoor air will be completely free of any bacteria or fungi or even mildew, and a carbon filter will remove any kind of odor, for sure.
PlasmaTRUE technology will make sure that you get only the maximum protection and filter indicator will tell when it is time to replace your HEPA filter.

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier has a special AeraSmart sensor that keeps your fan speed regulated at all times and Aera+ mode will provide you with the most effective air cleaning while removing all allergens from your air.

Four-Stage Purification

The four stage purification process is very easy to describe and it will give any user a nice insight to how this amazing air purifier works and functions. In the first stage, the carbon filter captures all airborne particles while removing any odors.

  • Then, the True HEPA filter safely and efficiently eliminates 99,97% of all particles that are 0,3 microns or larger, including all allergens, germs, viruses, mold spores, dust mites or cigarette smoke and pet fur and dander.
  • The third stage is the AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment, making sure that nothing pollutes the True HEPA filter. This is a built-in protection from fungi, mildew, and bacteria that can cause odors.
  • The fourth stage is when plasma true technology comes into play and creates an ionized field that completely, efficiently and safely removes all airborne pollutants.

If you need an air purifier that will help you to alleviate your symptoms of asthma or severe allergies, you will not want to take any chances with any substandard unit that can actually make your situation even worse and damage your life’s quality. You will want an air purifier that will bring you some results in a very short period of time and that is exactly what you will get if you choose to purchase AeraMax 300 Air Purifier. It has proven itself in all areas when it comes to the price, design, efficiency and quality, to be a top notch air purifier for persons who have problems with allergies and asthma. No other unit has the ability to purify your indoor air like this unit.

True HEPA Filter

The state of the art technology, this incredible filter, is what makes all this possible. This filter is almost magical when it comes to any kind of airborne contaminants and pollutants, bacteria or allergens. With the AeraMax 300 four step filtration system, you will be breathing only the clearest indoor air. True HEPA filter is combined with the carbon filter that makes sure that your True HEPA filter stays clean during its lifespan. The only downside of these amazing filters is that they last up to six months the most.

Range Of The AeraMax 300

The AeraMax 300 can cover from 300 up to 600 square feet. It is simply perfect for really large rooms and many institutions, like hospitals, are using these air purifiers because they are simply the best.

When you have such a large volume of air, you need a really efficient system and the AeraMax 300 proved itself to be more than that.


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Additional Features

The AeraMax 300 has some really useful additional features that will be especially beneficial to the asthmatics and people with allergies. The Aera+ Mode is the feature that offers full protection from any allergies while it has been proven that the AeraMax 300 has been successful in capturing the airborne flu virus. And with PlasmaTrue Technology, you will not have to think about any additional contaminants.

What is Wrong with the Product?

Even though the AeraMax 300 Air Purifier has received the most positive critics from the users all over the world, there are some downsides. The price of HEPA filter and the need to replace it every six months is one of those downsides as well as the indicator lights that just cannot be turned off.


AeraMax 300 unit is perfect for people who suffer from asthma and various allergies. If you feel the need to breathe clean, purified air in your home that is completely free of any pollutants, germs, bacteria, contaminants, allergens and viruses, this stunning product is completely for you.

Cleaning Capabillity


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