Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter



  • 14 color options to choose from
  • 4 HEPA filters for every type of air problem
  • Smart sensor for automatic adjustment
  • Covers a large space up to 1100 square feet


  • Expensive Unit
  • Expensive Filters
  • Noise Issues

Have you ever been thinking about the quality of the air that you and your family are breathing in every day in your home?

If not, then now is the right time to start because the pollution has never been higher. There is a very simple solution to the pollution problem and it is called Alen BreatheSmart Customizable air purifier.
This purifier will bring a new type of air to your family. It is considered by many people to be the best air filtration system on the market. All of your air problems will be gone once you turn this purifier on.

The device is built with high precision to achieve the highest quality possible, other purifiers cannot be compared to this one. The technology that is installed and used to build this unit is very advanced. You will be pleasantly surprised when you first try out this product because it has a lot to offer.

As you might know, features and technology are the two things crucial for a product to stand out. Therefore, we would like to mention some of the unique features that this product has to offer to the users. These features are specially designed to clear the indoor air from all harmful substances that you shouldn’t breathe in. Here is the list of all the unique and special features that the Alen BreatheSmart Customizable air purifier offers.

4 HEPA Filtration Options

Few things that are making this product so special and different from others is the option of choosing between 4 different HEPA filters. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best filter that will perfectly fit your situation.

First, you have the HEPA-Pure filter that is the standard and recommended a filter that is great for filtering dust and allergens in your home. HEPA-Silver is the second filter that is an all-around solution for your home, meaning that it will be good for filtering all kinds of harmful substances from the air such as mold spores.

The third filter type is the HEPA-FreshPlus which is a chemical filter, which means it is capable of filtering harmful chemicals from the air like smoke and VOC. The fourth and last filter type is called HEPA-OdorCell and it is specially designed to neutralize all the odors in your home that you have from pets or any other thing.

Built-in Ionizer

One thing that most of the other purifiers are missing is the ionizer. That component is crucial for purifier devices because it is meant to improve the air quality in your home. sometimes it is not enough to have a clean air if it doesn’t feel like that, the ionizer will give a fresh and improved feel. You will feel like you are breathing the air from a mountain.

Air Quality Indicator

This is another great thing that is unique to this product, the built-in technology in this unit will give you an insight of the air quality.

This way the unit will automatically change the cleaning power in order to achieve the highest air quality inside your home. Also, by doing so it will maximize the energy saving and therefore save you money in the long run.

alen breathe smart for allergies

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Powerful Airflow

One thing that you never know about these purifiers is the fan power that they have. However, that is not the case with this product because this product has a very powerful fan that is blowing the clean air directly to the ceiling in order to spread it across the whole room.

Other Features of the Unit

Alongside those key features mentioned earlier, this product has a lot more unique features to offer. These features are specially designed to further improve the air quality and the entire cleaning process.

The first feature that we have to mention is the indicator of the filter life. This is a very helpful addition to this unit that will make your life even easier. Thanks to this indicator, you will know exactly when your filter needs to be replaced.

A timer has been also built inside this product and it was proven to be extremely helpful because now people can see and monitor for how long the device will be turned on. For example, if you want to you can set it up to turn on every hour.

You have also the option of choosing between 4 cleaning speeds. More precisely, you are changing the fan speed and by doing so you will increase the cleaning speed. Of course, as the fan is spinning faster, the noise that is producing will be louder.

Simple Setup for Quick Use

Unlike other purifiers, this one doesn’t require any special preparation or setup in order to work. once you get it out of the box, you just place it somewhere convenient and power it up. Once it is powered up we recommend using the automatic mode in order to achieve the best results. The unit will automatically select the speed of the fan and start purifying.

What is Wrong with the Product?

One thing that you might find to be an issue with this product is the sound that is making. However, after all, it is a purifier made for large rooms up to 1100 square feet and in rooms that size the noise cannot be even noticed. Only if you are using it in a smaller room you will be able to hear that noise of the fan and the ionizer working.


When we look at the overall features and the efficiency of the product, we can safely say that it is worth buying. You cannot put a price on your health, and with a product like this, you will definitely have no problems with the air quality in your home.

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