Pet Allergy: Are You Allergic to Your Dog or Cat?


Being allergic to pets is a much common thing then you might think, studies have shown that 3 out of 10 people are in fact allergic to dog or cats. Usually, people that are allergic to other things or have asthma are more likely to be allergic to pets. The cause of these allergies is the hair of the pets, some people are finding the fur to be very irritating. However, there are twice as much people allergic to cats than dogs. We have to mention that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet, however, there are some people that are allergic to a specific type of breed. Therefore, if they change the dog, the allergy might go away, but that doesn’t mean someone else is not allergic to that dog.

The one thing that is the reason for your allergic reaction is actually your immune system. It is quite simple to understand, your immune system is responsible for keeping your entire body healthy and protected from various viruses and bacteria by removing them from your system. Usually in the majority of cases, your immune system will only attack and react to those harmful substances, however, there is a chance that your immune system will react to some harmless substances from your pet. That reaction to the harmless substances is causing the allergic reaction to the pet. Those harmless substances are called allergens, and this only means that you have an overly sensitive immune system that will fight some unnecessary proteins.

Usually, these allergens are accumulated in places where your pet sleeps mostly on furniture. They can survive for a long time and they will not lose their strength fast. In some cases, these allergens can survive for few months on your furniture. Therefore, if you want to get rid of it, you must clean the surface very carefully. A lot of people are living a lie, thinking the cause of their allergy is the pet hair and if they get for example a hairless cat there will be no allergic reaction. However, that is not true because the pet hair is only collecting those substances that you are allergic to such as urine or saliva.

These allergens that are carried by pets can be found in places where there are no pets, that is because those allergens can be carried with people also by sticking to the clothing. The worst thing for someone with an allergy is when a pet is groomed or petted because then, all those allergens are released into the air and they can be easily inhaled. The release of the allergens into the air can also happen when you are dusting or vacuuming your home.

causes of pet allery

Symptoms of a Pet Allergy

Not realizing that you have a pet allergy is surprisingly common, that is simply because people don’t know the symptoms of a pet allergy. The most common reactions to pet substances are itchy eyes and nose. Also, some swelling might be an indicator that you are allergic to your pet. If you get scratched by your pet or licked, that area can become red and that means that you have an allergic reaction. However, the most common indicator is the itchy and red eyes, especially after you have petted the animal. In some cases, the allergen levels are not high enough to cause an immediate reaction and the symptoms can appear several days after you have been in contact with the animal.

Breathing problems can be also a big indicator of an allergic reaction, usually, this happens when those substances get into the air and you are inhaling them. If you are highly sensitive, you will start coughing and have problems catching your breath. However, this will last for only 15-30 minutes after you have inhaled the substances. In some situations, extremely sensitive people get rash on their upper body, mostly neck. People that have asthma, can trigger their asthma attack when they inhale the allergens. If you are not taking any action with your allergy problem, you can develop asthma from the pet allergy.

Treatment for Pet Allergy

The best treatment for allergic reaction is the most obvious one and that is to avoid any type of contact with dogs and cats. If you are keeping pets inside your home, it is best to move them outside, make them a little home where they can sleep. Also, you should avoid going to places where you know there are pets inside because that will trigger your allergic reaction. If you avoid the contact with pets completely, you will not have to rely on the use of medicine to relieve the allergy.

The hardest thing to some people is to let go of their pets, this is a very common mistake that people do when they are allergic to their pet. They don’t have a yard to move their pets and the only option is to give them to someone else and they don’t have the strength to do that. Instead, they do nothing and hope that the allergy will be gone. However, that is not the case and the allergy will only get worse and can even trigger asthma. The best advice that we can give you is to find a replacement for your pet, something like fish or reptiles are a great choice. Finding a pet that doesn’t have any fur is a good option because it will lower the chances of your allergic reaction.

Having pet allergy can be very difficult to deal with mostly because you can’t visit family members that have some pets living inside their home. Especially to kids that cannot visit their friends just because of their allergy. In some very bad allergy cases, medicine is recommended to decrease the allergic reaction. You can find medicine for your allergy in every drugstore, usually, they don’t even need a prescription. Reminder, these types of medicine should not be used if you don’t have severe allergic reaction to the pet.

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Keeping Your Pet

As mentioned before keeping your beloved pet is the worst thing that you can do when you are allergic to them. However, there are still some people that just simply cannot let go of their pet. For those people, we have few tips that might help them. First of all, if you cannot move your pet outside, then you must limit his living area. Keep your pet out of the bedroom because you are probably spending the most time there. More importantly, clean your home at least one or two times per week.



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