How to take a screenshot on Windows 11

How to take a screenshot on Windows 11

Snipping Tool is pre-installed on Windows 7 to 11. To edit it, open it with Paint 3D or any third-party Photoshop app. Select the location, name of the image, and the format and click ‘Save’. BTW, Lazarus is a free IDE and compiler for the Object Pascal programming language. I hope you find this useful, and let us know if you have other tricks to save a PDF file in Windows 10. When you hover the cursor on Open with, you will also see Choose another app option.

You can use the drawing panel to mark something on your screenshot or make it more vivid. To access this panel, click the “Draw” button on the right-hand side of the screenshot panel. In here, you can pick a tool, for example a standard drawing brush, and also tools like oval, rectangle, step tool and arrow. You driver solution can select one of 3 contour thickness options and also choose the color.

This morning I got the “something happened to you pin…….. blah blah blah” error message. Finally, transfer all your files and settings from the locked MS account to the new local account. In the login screen, click I forgot my PIN and follow the instructions to reset your PIN. To create a local user profile in Windows 10, on the left pane, click” Family & other people” and then select “Add someone else to this PC”.  Product NewsEaseUS Todo Backup now supports users to back up files to the cloud. All you need to do is sign up with an EaseUS account, then you could enjoy a large cloud storage space.

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Also, make sure there are no local accounts in the Deny log on locally policy. This policy takes precedence over the Allow log on locally settings. By default, users in the local groups Users, Guests, Backup Operators, and Administrators can sign in locally to Windows 10.

  • Obviously you’ll have to replace the “/dev/sdb6” part with the partition name you want to format.
  • The best option to record disks on Linux is to make use of the “lsblk” command with no choices.
  • Select an image type from the “Save As Type” menu.

Wanted to capture an amazing scene or stunning graphics of a PC game while you are playing? Want to grab the best shot of the game to set it as a wallpaper for your Windows PC? All you need is to press a key combination to capture it, Windows 10 comes with a built-in tool for capturing screenshots as well as recording PC games.

Take a Screenshot of an Active Window

Window snip and full snip allow users to take a screenshot of an active window, larger areas of the screen, or of the entire screen. For the above three hotkey combinations, the screenshot will be captured but it will only be copied to the clipboard. You will be still be required to paste it into a program that supports images. If you want to bypass this, use the following hotkey combination.

Worked great for a problem which was extremely frustrating. Restart the PC again and login to the new account. Under the “Other users” section, select the old account. Although it’s rare, you may need to reinstall and reactivate some apps because some apps only work per account and not per computer. If you see the “You don’t currently have permission to access this folder” message, click the Continue button. Under the “Other users” section, select the new account.

How to Screenshot in Windows 10

The screen shot is taken and it is saved as a file on the Desktop. Press the Windows key and Print Screen button on your keyboard at the same time. You can then paste the screenshot into any program that accepts images, such as Microsoft Paint.

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