13 Best Humidifiers for Baby

13 Best Humidifier for Baby

As a parent, you dread the day your baby will get a cold because you know how uncomfortable it is. It’s more frustrating to know that hardly any medicine can ease their pain. Of course, there are more natural methods but they may not be ideal for very young babies. Check out the best humidifier for baby in 2019…

Do humidifiers help babies with colds?

When there’s sufficient moisture in the room, the baby will breathe easier. If you want the ideal humidifier for your baby’s bedroom, choose the cool mist models that are said to be safer compared to the ones that generate steam. Always clean the humidifier according to the guidelines provided on the gadget in order to keep mold at bay.

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What does a humidifier do for a Baby?

Humidifiers are some of the most essential nursery devices you need for your baby’s room. They offer a wide range of benefits as seen below.

Soothes Baby’s Nose

Dry air can irritate your baby’s nose. Prolonged exposure to dry air can cause dry sinuses which gives your baby a stuffed up and uncomfortable feeling. Remember, the slightest irritation can cause congestion in your baby’s nasal passage, making it difficult for them to breathe comfortably.

Insufficient moisture in your baby’s nose can cause soreness, cracking of the skin, and in worse cases bleeding. A humidifier will add moisture in the air making the surrounding ideal for your baby’s comfort.

Relieves Cold Symptoms

As mentioned above, you don’t want to see your baby suffer from the effects of a bad cold especially when they’re below 2 years and there are few medication options available for them. The good thing is that you can prevent colds and the severe symptoms that come with it by using a good quality humidifier specially designed for babies. A humidifier generates moist and warm air which plays a huge role in clearing the nasal passage.

Averts Dry Skin

 Your baby’s skin is sensitive and it can easily be irritating and even parched when exposed to an extremely dry climate. If you notice that your baby has chapped and sore lips, dry patches on the skin, and seems to have an uncomfortable itch, then these could be due to exposure to dry air. What you can do to alleviate the problem is to ensure that the air has sufficient moisture by including a humidifier in your baby’s room.

Is it good to Sleep with a Humidifier?

 The answer to this question depends on how well you know your surroundings and body. For instance, do you snore a lot at night? If you do then chances are you aren’t breathing well through your nose. When you breathe through your mouth, this can cause dryness in your throat and mouth and eventually resulting in coughing and dental problems.

If this is the case for you, then using a humidifier can help relieve such problems. If you have dry skin, then using a humidifier while you sleep can be all you need to maintain healthy and hydrated skin. Remember, sufficient humidity in your room helps your nasal passages and eyes moisturized.

Just like everything that’s beneficial, using a humidifier comes with various drawbacks. A moist area can be the ideal breeding ground for mildew and mold and you want to avoid such components in your home as much as possible. To prevent this, regulate the humidity level in your home to ensure that it’s not extremely moist.

What kind of humidifier is best for baby?

Today, there are numerous humidifiers in the market specially designed for babies. Choosing the ideal product for your baby’s bedroom can be an arduous task which is why we compiled this list of top 13 baby humidifiers to help you choose the best that fits your requirements.

1. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

If you’re looking for a warm mist humidifier, this gadget from Vicks will serve your baby well. Keep this humidifier out of your baby’s reach. The good thing about using this humidifier is that it generates heat which destroys all germs inside the bottle’s water reservoir. The disadvantage of using this gadget is that the hot steam can burn your baby’s delicate skin and this is why you should keep it far away from where your baby is sleeping.

It comes with a huge water reservoir which can hold a gallon of water. This means that it can run for approximately 24 hours. If your baby’s chest is congested, you can add essential oil drops nor medicine in the water reservoir for relieve.

2. AnyPro Cool Mist Humidifier

The AnyPro Cool Mist Humidifier comes with a 3.5-liter water reservoir features a  continuous mist regulation mist knob which enables you to control the amount of mist that the gadget produces. If you use the lowest setting, the gadget can last up to 30 hours. If you’re comfortable running it on the highest setting, then it’ll run for 14 hours. This gadget has no filters which mean it doesn’t need any cleaning or changing.

The best thing is that this gadget has a faint colored night light which doesn’t disturb your baby as they sleep. This gadget is made from antibacterial materials which prevent mold and other bacteria from accumulating. This gadget generates moisture through ultrasonic technology. You, therefore, are assured that your child won’t suffer any burns if they encounter the gadget at close range.  

3. Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier

The Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier is one of the best cool mist humidifiers. It comes with a 1-gallon capacity water reservoir which means that you can use the gadget for 9 hours continuously on a high setting and up to 14 hours on a low setting.

The best thing about this gadget is that it uses ultraviolet light which means that any bacteria will be destroyed before it’s released in your baby’s room through the mist. The only problem with this gadget is that it comes with a filter which means you’ll need to clean and replace it regularly. This will not only be challenging to do but it’ll also be slightly costly.

4. Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the best ultrasonic gadgets available in the market today. It comes with a metal plate which is designed to vibrate at a high frequency to break down water particles and convert them into cool vapor. This gadget comes with a 15-gallon water reservoir, humidity settings which you can customize according to your preferences, and a humidity sensor.

This gadget also features an aromatherapy section where you can insert drops of your favorite essential oil. If you are looking at eliminating bacteria and germs from your baby’s room, this gadget is ideal seeing that it has a modern heating system designed to destroy a big percentage of the bacteria found in the home. What’s more, you can even alternate between a warm or cool mist setting. Clean the machine weekly to guarantee efficiency.

5. TaoTronics TT-AH002 Humidifier

This gadget comes with double nozzles which revolve 360 degrees hence distributing the mist throughout the room. It also features a large water reservoir which can run up to 10 hours continuously. What’s more, this gadget switches off automatically once it runs out of water. The only problem with this gadget is that you can’t include your favorite essential oils. The best part is the gadget is quite affordable.

6. Crane Humidifier

The good thing about using this humidifier is the fact that it doesn’t come with a filter. This means that you won’t have to keep on changing or cleaning it and this saves you money. Still, you may want to include a filter if you live in an area with extremely hard water to avoid damaging your humidifier. The comes with a big water reservoir which can hold up to a gallon of water and vibrates to generate a cool mist which soothes dry skin and eliminates symptoms of colds, and coughs.

7. URPOWER MH501 Humidifier

This humidifier comes with a five-liter water reservoir which means it can operate for a long without requiring a refill. This gadget is available in a beautiful black design which means you can use it together with various types of decor in your home. It switches off automatically once the water runs out. This gadget operates on ultrasonic technology which makes it safe for use in your baby’s room.

8. BONECO Travel Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

This humidifier is ideal when you’re traveling. It’s compact, robust, and comes with a traveling bag. This gadget features a LED light which turns red when the gadget runs out of water.

9. MIRO-NR07G Cool Mist Humidifier

The MIRO-NR07G is a convenient gadget and you can easily dismantle it, clean it, and reassemble it. This gadget doesn’t come with a water reservoir. Instead, the mist maker hovers in a water bowl connected to the external regulator knob. Further, this gadget features various vapor caps and you can even fill the water bowl even when the gadget is in operation.

10. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The Crane ultrasonic humidifier operates silently yet generates a massive mist. You can use it in a 500 square feet room. The gadget is specially designed to switch off automatically once the water runs out. It doesn’t come with a filter but you’ll have to use distilled water to avoid damaging it.

11. AirCare Whole House Humidifier

The best thing about this humidifier is; you can use it in spaces measuring up to 3,600 square feet. What this means is that you can use it to humidify the entire house. It comes with a 3.6-gallon water reservoir allowing you to run it up to 36 hours. Another good thing about this gadget is; you can set your desired humidity level and the gadget will automatically switch off once the level is reached.

12. Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier

This humidifier operates as a night light and a humidifier. It features starry night projections which you can use together or separately with the humidifier. It features a variety of changeable colors a wide water reservoir opening which makes it easy to clean and fill.

13. Vicks Germ-Free Warm Mist Humidifier

This gadget is specially designed to destroy up to 99.99% of all spores, mold, and bacteria. This makes it ideal for use in your baby’s home seeing that the bacteria won’t be expelled in the air together with the mist. It features two water reservoirs which mean it can operate up to 24 hours on a single filling. This gadget operates quietly allowing your baby to sleep soundly.


If you’re looking for the ideal humidifier for your baby, choose one of the above gadgets. Choosing a reliable humidifier goes a long way in soothing your baby’s dry skin, clearing their nasal passages and giving them a comfortable sleep.

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