Best Dehumidifier for Your Laundry Room in 2024

Dehumidifier for Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are the perfect areas for mold infestation seeing that they’re often damp. Mold is hazardous to your home and can be dangerous to your health. It’s important to control humidity in your laundry areas to keep mold and disease-causing bacteria at bay. One way of doing this is by having a dehumidifier for the laundry room.

How do I prevent mold in my laundry room?

If you want to prevent mold from your laundry room, you should adopt thorough cleaning practices. Further, you should ensure that the laundry room is as dry as possible. Moisture is vital for mold formation and you should reduce it from your laundry as much as possible. Dry clothes immediately and maintain your laundry appliances regularly. Using a dehumidifier is also an effective way of reducing moisture in your laundry room. Other methods of reducing moisture from the laundry area include:

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Dry Your Wet Clothes Immediately

If you don’t dry your wet clothes immediately, they become musty and this encourages mold to grow. Eventually, the mold will spread through the room and expose you and other occupants to health complications. Avoid leaving damp clothes in your washing machine. Further, don’t store clothes in plastic bags.

Wash Your Clothes Regularly

If you’ve piled dirty clothes in your laundry room, you may want to know that they can draw in humidity which eventually results in mold growth. Rather than stacking up clothes, consider washing them as frequently as possible.

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Maintain the Dryer

The dryer is susceptible to lint. To avoid leakages and ensure that the dryer is functioning effectively, check for and remove lint regularly to enable moisture to penetrate through the vent with minimal struggle. Removing lint is also critical and can help prevent dryer fires. It’s important to ensure that the dryer ventilation is appropriately directed towards the outside.

Maintain Your Washing Machine

Keep your washing machine as dry as possible and always keep the lid open when you’re not using it. Be on the lookout for leaks emanating from the machine hoses and ensure that the connections are well attached. If you notice an overflow in your washer, you may want to call in a professional to check and repair the machine.

If you have other machines in your laundry room, clean and maintain them appropriately and adhere to the instructions on their user manuals. Be careful to avoid the build-up of grime, moisture, and other debris in your appliances.

Have a Dehumidifier in Your Laundry room

A dehumidifier plays a major role when it comes to controlling moisture in the air. To create a mold-free environment, ensure the humidity levels in your home are between 30 and 50%. Remember, dehumidifiers come in handy to prevent the development of mold even though they don’t destroy it.

Ventilate Your Laundry Room Well

One of the easiest ways to ventilate your laundry room is by opening the doors and windows when your washer and dryer are operational. You may want to adopt a powered fan as well.

Put Desiccants in Your Laundry Room

What do you do with the silica gel packets you find when you purchase shoes or bags? While many people will throw them away, they can come in handy to absorb moisture in your laundry room and discourage the growth of mold.

Control Humidity and Moisture in Your Basement

Where is your laundry room located? If it’s in the basement, you should consider regulating the humidity and moisture in the basement area. Basements are often mold infestation areas especially because they’re susceptible to leaks. Take all the measures to prevent leaks in the basement area. If you notice any leaks, you may want to call in an expert to help you find a viable solution to the problem.

What causes musty smell in the laundry room?

There are numerous reasons why you could be experiencing a bad smell in your laundry room. It’s worth noting that the laundry area is often damp and if you don’t take appropriate measures to keep it dry, it can result in a build-up of slime, bacteria, soap scum, and mildew.

Poor drainage distracts the free flow of dirty water, leading to stagnation of dirty water in the washing machine. This will not only generate a musty smell in the laundry room, but it’ll also lead to the development of bacteria which jeopardizes your health.

How to Avoid Buildup of Lime Scale and Bacteria

To avoid this, service your appliances regularly and have a professional check them for detergent and limescale buildup. Remember, a big percentage of smell in the laundry room emanates from a dirty and poorly maintained washing machine. Here are tips to help you keep your washing machine clean.

Best Dehumidifiers for Laundry Room

Here are some of the best dehumidifiers you can use in the laundry room.

Iris Ohyama Cloth Drying Dehumidifier

The Iris Ohyama Cloth Drying Dehumidifier is a desiccant dehumidifier that’s specially designed to draw a large amount of moisture from the air. One good thing about this gadget is that it operates effectively regardless of temperature fluctuation. This dehumidifier comes complete with an adjustable fan that generates dry air to accelerate the drying process of your clothes.

Its silent operation feature means that you can easily use it even during the night without causing disturbance to other people in your home. You can use this dehumidifier to maintain warmth in your home thanks to its embedded heater properties. It’s also portable which allows you to move it from one room to the other accordingly. This gadget is slightly expensive but you’re guaranteed value for your money.

Ivation Desiccant Dehumidifier

The Ivation Desiccant Dehumidifier is specially designed to operate more efficiently in cool temperatures than compressor dehumidifiers. You’ll find that it’ll continue running even at 34 degrees which isn’t the case with compressor dehumidifiers which don’t operate below 50 degrees. It’s not only lightweight, but it also operates silently.

With this gadget, you can be sure of regulating moisture levels in your home within the recommended standards and keeping the laundry area dry. The Ivation Desiccant Dehumidifier comes with safety protection to guarantee continued functioning in the event of falls.

Ecoseb dd122ea desiccant dehumidifier

The Ecoseb dd122ea desiccant dehumidifier is capable of operating effectively both at high and low temperatures. It comes with a timing feature which you can use to designate a timeframe within which you want the gadget to operate. This gadget also features a 3-D louver which facilitates a comprehensive and precise distribution of dry air necessary for keeping the laundry room dry.

This gadget comes with a 2.1 quarts water container. However, it’s capable of eliminating up to 15 pints of water each day. One good feature about this gadget is; rather than emptying the water tank, you can activate the continuous drain feature.

Artdou 20 pint portable dehumidifier

Just as the name suggests, the Artdou 20 pint portable dehumidifier is portable and specially designed to remove up to 20 pints of water each day. It comes with a unique dehumidifying mode that draws moisture out of the air once you’re done doing your laundry. If you want to dry your clothes fast, all you need is to hang them next to the machine and press the cloth drying button to activate the dehumidifying mode. This gadget comes with a three-layer filter which promotes a healthy and clean environment. You can easily wash the filter with minimal struggle.

Xiaomei Portable Dehumidifier

The Xiaomei Portable Dehumidifier comes with an LED screen display to show the current humidity level. This comes in handy to eliminate the need to buy an external gadget for detecting humidity. This dehumidifier is specially designed to start and shut down automatically depending on the configured humidity levels. This gadget functions well when it comes to drying clothes and can eliminate up to 16 liters of water daily, even with its 1.2-liter water tank capacity.

Cleaning Your Washing Machine

  • When you’re not using it, keep your machine’s lid open. This will prevent the development of mold inside the machine. Remember, the water that settles at the bottom area of the machine’s door seal can rot the rubber. You want to soak it up to keep the machine ultimately dry.
  • Pour bleach along with the machine’s powder draw and run your machine for a 60 wash cycle. You may want to run a hot water cycle with some sterilizing tablets. Leave the machine lid or door open throughout the night.
  • Mix 2 cups of white vinegar with a half cup of baking soda. Start a wash cycle using the hottest setting of your machine. With the water rising, add your vinegar and baking soda mixture and leave the machine to complete a full cycle. Complete the process with a cold water cycle.
  • Use soda crystals to clean the inside of your washing machine. Soda crystals will dissolve any grease in the washing machine. Place half a packet of these in the drum and wash on a boil wash. Repeat this method at least once every month. If you can’t get hold of soda crystals, you can as well use any detergent.

Should a laundry room be vented?

Proper laundry room ventilation is important. Remember, washing machines and dryers generate moisture and heat, both of which are perfect conditions for mold development on walls and ceilings. Of course, opening your windows goes a long way in ventilating the room especially when the machines are running. However, having an exhaust fan in your laundry room can be more effective regarding eliminating moisture from the room.

Get a dehumidifier for your laundry room today

Since laundry rooms are susceptible to moisture and high humidity levels, you should take all the necessary control measures to make your laundry area a haven for you and your loved ones. The tips herein can help you maintain the recommended humidity levels and prevent the growth of mold and other disease-causing bacteria.

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