Essential Oils for The Bedroom

Essential Oils for The Bedroom

If you want to set the right atmosphere for romance in your bedroom, you want to engage all your senses accordingly. If you’re asking yourself how do I use essential oils for the bedroom, ask no more as this article will give you comprehensive information regarding the same.

What do Essential Oils do to Your Bedroom?

Essential oils fill your bedroom with a pleasant scent. Experts believe that some essential oils permeate your bedroom with romantic vigor. Aromatherapy experts and health practitioners, on the other hand, opine that essential oils contain specific properties which are essential when it comes to enhancing your mind frame and emotions. This is why specific essential oils are associated with happiness, a good night’s sleep, tranquility, and even an energy boost.

What You Should Know Before Using Essential Oils for the Bedroom?

Essential oils come with a sweet scent and it’s no doubt that you’ll want to utilize them in your bedroom often. However, there are various considerations you need to make prior to adopting them. First, ensure that you or your partner aren’t sensitive to any of your chosen types. Carry out a spot test and utilize a carrier oil if you plan on using an essential oil on your skin.

Some carrier oils include; jojoba and coconut oil. You’ll want to check out the Food and Drug Administration list for the approved essential oil varieties prior to including them in drinks or food. If you’re pregnant, avoid splashing in essential oils in your bedroom because some of them can be toxic.

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Using Essential Oils in the Bedroom

There are various ways of using essential oils in your bedroom as seen below…

Use a Diffuser

Purchase an essential oil diffuser and keep it in the bedroom. Many essential oil diffusers come with a button through which a pleasant scent penetrates through to fill your room with a sensual scent to engage your senses and improve your mood.

An essential oil diffuser plays a major role in transforming your night to make it deeply engaging and special. Remember, essential oils can be potent and you may want to switch it off for at least an hour to ensure it doesn’t become too heavy.


Receiving or giving a leisurely yet steamy massage can be great foreplay. Oil has been used for massage for many years and experts say that it enhances steaminess. Assuming your partner has had a long tiring day and all you can think about is calming him or her down, you may want to try various essential oils for both love and care such as rose.

If all you want for relaxation is a long fun filled night, you may want to try vetiver. This essential oil comes with an earthy scent which soothes your partner’s muscles and mind. Further, it’s also sweet enough to prepare them for extra activities apart from sleep. Whatever you do, don’t use your essential oil without a career oil.

Use Essential Oil in the Bath Tub

If you’re more experienced in regards to using essential oils, you can choose to use them in baths especially when you’re looking forward to creating a specific effect. For instance, some drops of rose oil in your bathing water can stimulate devotion feelings while rosemary and rose essential oils, when used together, can nurture an appreciation for nature.

This is why using certain scents that bring back nostalgic memories of places you’ve visited or activities you’ve engaged in with your partner before is critical in the bedroom. Even when using essential oils in your bathtub, never forget your career oil to safeguard your skin.

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Which essential oils are best for sleep?

Scents can have a huge impact on the way you feel. Every time you smell something, your olfactory nerve directly transmits signals to your amygdala and limbic system. These are parts of your brain which control your mood and memory. This explains why some scents can brighten your mood instantly while others bring back pleasant memories.

Understanding Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine which depends on the robust sense of smell. Practitioners utilize essential oils obtained from plants to heal the body, mind, and soul. Essential oils can be utilized for different purposes such as relieving extreme pain and enhancing mood.

Here, we are attempting to figure out how essential oils can relax and calm your body and mind in a bid to prepare you for sleep. If you are interested in using essential oils for promoting sleep and you don’t have a diffuser, it’s worth noting that there are numerous products you can choose from in the market. Below are the best essential oils for better sleep.


Lavender is critical for lowering blood pressure, skin temperature, and heart rate which helps calm down the nervous system. All of the aforementioned processes happen when your body is transitioning to sleep. Lavender essential oil prevents moderate insomnia and cuts down anxious thoughts. It achieves this by modifying your brain waves in a bid to trigger more relaxation.

Valerian Root

Valerian root essential oil is usually taken to enhance sleep. Many times, it’s a common ingredient in various sleep-related herbal teas. This essential oil consists of valerenic acid which helps generate sedative effects of this root. After researching this essential oil for many years, experts believe that it improves the quality of sleep.

Clary Sage

Sage and clary sage are two similar essential oils yet quite different. Clary sage, for instance, is ideal when it comes to enhancing sleep. According to one study, clary sage essential oils contain an antidepressant and has no effects for menopausal women. Further, this oil contains sleep-inducing properties.

Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile is said to be the best essential oil for relieving anxiety and insomnia. Studies suggest that while this oil is light, it’s potent enough to eliminate nightmares. Further, it’s one of the most versatile and good quality essential oils in the market today.

Sweet Marjoram

Sweet marjoram is a classy essential oil that comes with a pleasant scent. There are different forms of marjoram but this particular type is particularly used to relieve insomnia. It comes with calming properties which go a long way in helping your body and mind relax and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Which essential oils are aphrodisiacs?

Lack of or poor libido can be due to various reasons. Often, it can be due to physical causes such as thyroid complications or the use of medication. Other times it could be due to emotional and mental reasons. Stress, fatigue, relationship related complications, and depression can also be a major cause of poor libido.

If you’re suffering from poor or lack of libido, you may want to experiment with essential oils. Smelling essential oils can have a major influence in your brain and body in general. The scent stimulates your senses, creates a conducive environment, and enhances desire. If you’re stressed, using essential oils will improve your mood and reduce your stress levels.

How is this Important?

This will make you more energetic while triggering your sensual feelings. When you’re relaxed, you can easily get in the right mood which means essential oils are indeed quite necessary when it comes to improving your libido. There are any essential oils in the market and choosing the right one can be an arduous task. Let’s find out some of the best quality essential oils that contain aphrodisiac properties. As we’ve repeatedly mentioned above, essential oils are potent and you want to dilute them with your favorite career oil before use.


The rose essential oil comes with calming and anxiety relieving properties. This explains why it’s been used for years as an aphrodisiac. This essential oil is however slightly pricey and used efficiently in heavy dilutions and blends. To apply this essential oil, you can either diffuse it in your bedroom every day, or you can blend it into a perfume which both of you can use religiously.


Jasmine essential oil is a pricey yet pleasant oil obtained from fragile flower petals. Studies suggest that when this essential oil was used to test behavioral arousal and alertness, the participants became more refreshed and had their senses fully alert. If you choose to use jasmine essential oil, you may want to apply it through a sensual massage for both women and men or use it in your perfume.

Clary Sage

Studies suggest that inhaling clary sage essential oil can balance hormones as well as relieve depression on women going through menopause. If poor libido is as a result of hormonal imbalance or shifts such as menopause, this essential can come in handy to offer much-needed relief. To apply, add some drops in your essential oil diffuser.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang has been used for ages as an aphrodisiac and is one of the best essential oils to improve your romantic mood. It comes with a mild floral scent which is pleasant and has a diverse application potential. You can either use it together with floral oils.

If you prefer stronger scents, you may want to combine this essential oil with sandalwood. To apply, add it to your essential oil diffuser in your bedroom or dilute it with your favorite carrier oil and use it as a massage oil for women and men.


If you’ve been wondering what to do to get in the right mood in the bedroom, now you’ve got the answer. With these essential oils, you can get a calming and relieving effect which in turn prepares you and your partner for a fun filled night.

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