Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Have you been using commercial air fresheners in your car? Are you in search of different and exciting methods to improve the surrounding air inside your car? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then an essential oil car diffuser will come in handy.

Essential Oil Car Diffuser: How do you diffuse essential oils in a car?

If you’re a fragrance enthusiast, you probably have a wide range of fragrances you’d like to try in your car. Still, you should know that not all essential oils are appropriate for use in the car. You want to avoid smells that enhance sleep and relaxation.

Lavender, for instance, is popularly known as a calming oil that helps relieve anxiety. However, it can make you overly relaxed. It can even make you drowsy affecting your ability to drive efficiently. Chamomile, on the other hand, is a soothing essential oil which can make you overly sleepy. You should avoid these and other essential oils that are not suitable for use in the car.

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What Some Scents Do

Some scents will make you reckless and overactive and this can cause road rage or over speeding. Eucalyptus, for instance, is ideal for masking bad odors and cleaning the air. Still, it can overpowering making you feel restless. The appropriate essential oil for use in your car is one that helps you stay focused on the road, enabling you to recognize the danger and take immediate decisions to avert them. The right scent doesn’t make you irritable or even anxious.

What essential oils are good for driving?

If you’re wondering the type of essential oils you should use in your car, you first need to avoid choosing depending on the scent. Why? You may ask, this is because some oils can be sedative and calming which isn’t what you’re looking for especially when driving. The following oils are ideal for use in the car.

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Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon, also known as citrus limon is among the popularly known citrus fruits across the globe. It comes with numerous culinary benefits and has a unique flavor and a robust citrusy scent. You’ve probably heard about the many uses of lemon that can surpass the kitchen.

Several people have used lemon as a disinfectant as well as a cleaning agent for many years. In ancient days, people used lemon to treat infections. Today, some people use lemon to keep their homes smelling fresh. The lemon essential oil can be equally beneficial. It comes with antimicrobial properties which make it appropriate when it comes to treating infections resulting from different microbial strains such as candida albicans which is responsible for yeast infections.

Improves Skin

Lemon essential oil comes in handy to help clear away skin blemishes and improve the skin’s appearance. You can also use lemon essential oil to enhance your immune system and oral health.

Relieves Nausea

Lemon essential oil helps relieve vomiting and nausea. If you or one of your loved ones gets carsick, then using lemon essential oil in the car will help combat that, making it easier for you to navigate bumpy roads and complete both short and long journeys with minimal struggle.

Improves Mood

Lemon essential oil will also help ease anxiety and enhance your mood and this can be advantageous especially for new drivers. Studies suggest that inhaling lemon scented air triggers the production of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter which stimulates positive feelings.

Enhances Concentration

Lemon essential oil plays a huge role in helping you clear your mind and this comes in handy to enhance your concentration. With a clear mind, you’re capable of focusing on the road and driving safely. Still, you may want to know that accidents are inevitable and can happen anytime especially when you as the driver is distracted, makes an erred judgment, or even a miscalculation.

Remember, car accidents can have a negative impact on your life and that of other road users. This is why you should avoid them as much as you can. Using lemon essential oil can come in handy.

Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin orange is also known as Citrus reticulate. It’s a citrus tree that bears round, orange fruits which you can either eat raw or use in salads. Initially, the mandarin plant originated from China which explains it’s name. Mandarin essential oil comes with a citrusy and sweet scent and harbors surprising benefits. For instance, you can use it to reduce acne and improve the appearance of scars. This is why many cosmetic products in the beauty industry contains mandarin.

Additional Uses

Apart from its cosmetic properties, mandarin orange has various medicinal properties, and has in the past been used in European and the Chinese traditions to treat different health conditions such as; gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory problems, and cirrhosis.

Mandarin oil can also protect wounds from microbial infections, boost appetite, and treat diarrhea. It also comes with anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties which relieves muscle spasms.

Promotes Mental Health

Mandarin oil also promotes your mental health and can come in handy to relieve anxiety, stress as well as improve mood. You may want to know that mandarin oil is said to be a sedative. Surprisingly, however, it’s sedative effects are more effective in terms of helping calm your nervousness. This means that it’ll keep you calm and focused while driving.

Benefits for Drivers

If you’re a new driver, or if you often feel nervous while driving, mandarin essential oil is ideal for use in the car. The good thing about it is that it won’t make you sleep behind the wheel but will calm down your nervousness enabling you to drive with ease.

Which is the Best USB Car Diffuser?

Have you tried searching for a USB car essential oil diffuser? If you have, you must have noticed that the market is awash with numerous products that manufacturers and their resellers claim are the best. Choosing the best product that fits your budget and needs can be an arduous task. Here are some of the best essential car diffusers in the market today.

Vyaime Car Diffuser

The Vyaime Car Diffuser is trendy and cool and can comfortably fit inside your vehicle’s charge socket. It’s easy to adjust and allows you to use it for approximately two hours. This gadget comes with a comprehensive instruction manual which means you can adjust it according to your preferences. This gadget features two USB charger ports and operates silently. If you’re looking for the ideal gadget to help you combat bad smell in your car, then the Vyaime Car Diffuser is an ideal option.

The InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

The InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser is small enough and can comfortably fit inside your car with minimal struggle. It operates well-producing mist which improves the scent in your car regardless of the size. This diffuser lasts for up to six hours especially when you’re using it on intermittent mode. You can choose from the wide variety of colors available. This gadget features a mood light which keeps drivers happy and alert enough to complete the journey at hand.


You spent lots of time in your car and you want it smelling nice. You can achieve this by choosing one of the car essential oils mentioned herewith. Whatever you do, don’t use essential oils that aren’t designed for cars.

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