Bathroom Heater

Bathroom Heater

It’s often frustrating to freeze after stepping out of a warm shower, or when you have a very cold bathroom but you still need to get ready for work or school in the morning. To get rid of the frustration, you may install a bathroom heater for more comfort. Your bathroom will be kept warm without the need to turn on the entire central heating system. You will not only enjoy the comfort of your home, but also a reduction in your energy bills.

Considerations to make when buying a bathroom heater

  • Type of bathroom heater

There are various types of bathroom heaters that allow you to make a favorable decision. They include the following;

  • Bathroom wall heaters

A wall heater is simply attached to the wall of the bathroom. You’ll find various models of wall heaters in the market, and you can choose one that suits your needs accordingly. A wall heater is considered more effective in a small bathroom.

  • Bathroom space heaters

A space heater is portable and suitable when you don’t need to heat your bathroom throughout the year, but only during the cold winter months. They are also great when you’re renting accommodation, and it’s not allowed to make a permanent installation in the room. To utilize them, you’ll just need to plug into a socket. An aspect that most people love about portable heaters is that you can move them easily from room to room, and can be easily stored when not in use. Nevertheless, portable heaters can be noisy unless you purchase a radiant heater.

  • Bathroom ceiling heaters

These provide a permanent solution for bathroom heating. They don’t create any obstruction, and the worry of finding a suitable wall space is eliminated. They’re considered to be safer than other types since they don’t come into contact with water.

  •  Bathroom exhaust fan with heater

It’s inevitable to have an accumulation of steam in the bathroom. The steam can damage your ceiling and walls. You could install a combination unit of a heater and exhaust fan to prevent the damage. This combination provides a warm stream of air to heat your bathroom, as well as draw out the moist air.

  • Infrared bathroom heater

In the same way, the sun warms the earth, infrared heaters heat by radiation providing warmth to people and objects beneath them. Radiant heat is absorbed by the objects in its path and re-radiated efficiently to the ceilings, walls, and floors within the range of the heater. The feeling that you get when using this bathroom heat is similar to the one that you would get when bathing outdoors on a bright sunny day. 

  • Bathroom heating cost

When purchasing a bathroom heater, it’s important to know the cost that accompanies its installation, use, and maintenance. This is especially important when you have a tight budget to follow. If you will need a cheaper heater, then you could consider a portable or electric wall heater. The two are, however, more effective in smaller bathrooms than in larger ones. 

Infrared bathroom heaters and ceiling-mounted fans are more expensive than the previously mentioned bathroom heaters. Nevertheless, they are more effective in both small and large rooms and suits most of your needs. After all, ceiling-mounted heaters are safe to use in the bathroom. 

Radiant floor heating is the most expensive type of bathroom heating. It’s not only costly to install, but also expensive to maintain. It’s however enjoyable to have toasty warm feet as well as have rising heat that will dry your bathroom floor.

  • The power emitted by the bathroom heater

You should ensure that your desirable bathroom heater will power up your bathroom to the desired level. Small-sized bathrooms can be installed in most types of bathroom heaters. On the other hand, you will need to check the heating ability of a heater when heating a larger bathroom. You will know the heating abilities of a heater by checking the estimation of square feet provided and the amount of outputted power. Have the correct measurements of the bathroom to know the square feet you’ll need to heat, and the effectiveness of the chosen heater in heating that particular area. Moreover, you will need to consider a more powerful heater when the bathroom has high ceilings.

  • Space to install the bathroom heater

Location of the heater is a very important aspect to consider. You should assess your bathroom to ensure that it has the required space for installation. 

  • Bathroom wall heaters

As highlighted above, wall heaters are cheap to purchase and install. However, for its installation, you should have some wall space that isn’t obstructed by any furniture or décor in your bathroom. Always have in mind that wall heaters are suitable for smaller bathrooms.

  • Bathroom space heaters

These bathroom heaters have a lower waterproofing ability than fixed ones. Consequently, you should ensure that you have a space in your bathroom where it can’t be easily splashed by water from the shower. 

  • Bathroom ceiling heaters

If you can’t find adequate space on your wall for installing a bathroom heater, then you can consider a ceiling heater. You will just need to have an electric cable running to the heater in the ceiling. With the ceiling mounted heater, you’ll not need to worry about your safety as it doesn’t get into contact with water.

  • Bathroom exhaust fan with heater

When considering this combination, you should check on the ceiling and ventilation options. A duct is required to carry moisture out of the bathroom thus, you should ensure that this is possible before making a purchase.

  • Radiant floor heating

This could be the most expensive type of bathroom heating, but as mentioned earlier it’s very effective and enjoyable. The aesthetic appearance of your bathroom isn’t affected since it’s not visible after installation. Location of the bathroom heater isn’t a big issue in this case.

  • Check the reviews of your desirable heater

After checking reviews of your desirable heater from this article, you should also check the reviews from customers who have used the unit before. You will get to know how satisfied they are with the product. This will play a huge part when deciding to purchase the chosen bathroom heater.

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Review of The Best Bathroom Heaters

  • Stiebel Eltron 074058 wall mounted bathroom heater

This bathroom heater is among the best in the market. You would easily forget that it’s running since it produces little noise. Unlike most models, Stiebel Eltron directs air downwards. With such a downward flow of air, it heats spaces evenly. This is because the area near the floor is heated first leading to a consistent temperature throughout the room. 

Additionally, it can heat your bathroom fast. This is because people are more on the ground than on the ceiling, thus heating the floor quickly will result in fast heat changes. With this unit, you can heat up the room to your selected temperature since you can easily tie it into a central thermostat system.

Another interesting feature is that you don’t need to cut into the wall to install the heater. It’s high-quality features and durable construction makes it an appealing unit to select. Moreover, it’s energy-efficient and saves your energy bills. 


  • It heats the room evenly
  • It directs heat downwards
  • It runs quietly


  • It has a visible electrical connection
  • Broan Model 157-Bathroom Ceiling Heater

This model can be easily mounted to the ceiling and can be installed easily. This is because it can be mounted on a standard 3-1/2 or 4-inch electrical box while other models of bathroom ceiling heater require extensive installation processes.

Additionally, Broan model 157 is long-lasting due to the automatic overheat protection safety feature. A timer can be used for safety, in case the heater is left on unintentionally. It can power up your bathroom up to 1250-watt which is suitable for providing significant warmth. During its performance, you can select whether you want to use an infrared bulb heat, a fan force or a combination of both. Proper lubrication has been done to ensure that there will be no need for frequent maintenance. It’s worth noting that this heat shouldn’t be used as a sole heating unit, but should be used as a supplemental heater.

The downside of this model is that it doesn’t last long compared to other models since it lasts for two or three years.  Moreover, it’s not very effective for larger bathrooms since it doesn’t warm fast. Nevertheless, the features provided by this model are great for an affordable cost.


  • It’s compact
  • It can mount on standard electrical boxes
  • It has an automatic overheat protection


  • It isn’t long-lasting
  • It warms the bathroom slowly
  • Lasko CD08200 Portable Bathroom Heater

This is a great heater for the people without the technical know-how of installing a bathroom heater. It has a wide base to keep the unit stable throughout. It’s safe to use since it has an ALCI safety plug that switches the unit off when it detects an electrical imbalance. This safety feature enables the unit to rank high among the portable bathroom heaters in the market.

The lifespan of your bathroom heater is extended by the automatic overheat protect feature. This means that its parts can’t be damaged unnecessarily. Moreover, the exterior of the heater remains cold to touch, thus the risk of burns is eliminated. It effectively heats small and medium-sized bathrooms. Its compact size ensures that it can comfortably fit even in the smallest bathroom.

Interestingly, it’s easy to use due to the simple settings in place. To choose the level of heat you need in your bathroom, you’ll just need to choose between low heat and high heat. The two options ensure that you get the expected results.

Nevertheless, the unit doesn’t have a filter to prevent dust from accumulating on the interior. This could affect its effectiveness with time. It can’t also be connected to a thermostat, consequently, controlling temperature can be a difficult task.


  • It’s easy to install
  • It has an ALCI safety plug
  • It provides fast heating
  • Has an automatic overheat protection


  • Absence of a thermostat connection
  • Doesn’t have a filter

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  • Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan

This heater can be used as a wall-mounted heater or as a portable heater. You can thus choose the heating method that you desire without the need to purchase a new unit. You have complete control of the bathroom heater with the assistance of a digital clock, a thermostat, and a timer. These features are found on the front of the unit to show the settings it’s operating on. Programming of the thermostat allows you to control the temperature with complete convenience.

Interestingly, you can preheat your bathroom to the desired temperature with the help of a preheat timer. A thermostat enables you to control the bathroom temperature easily. The maximum output of this heater is at 1500W. It produces less noise, you would hardly remember it’s operating when taking a shower, as it produces a noise of 60dB. Moreover, the heater has an ALCI plug as a safety feature to extend its life span. Even when the minimum setting is selected, the unit can keep the temperature above freezing.

A drawback of Holmes’s digital bathroom heater fan is that you can only select one heat setting that’s fixed at an output of 1500- watt. 


  • It has an ALCI plug for safety
  • Presence of a preheat timer
  • Has little distraction since it produces little noise during operation


  • You can only select one heat setting
  • Nikko Bathroom Heater Fan

This is a very effective heater that is installation free. It’s ceramic with an output of 1500 watt. The temperature can be altered when you get to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There are three different heat settings to choose from, with the lowest setting giving you an energy-saving mode. This lowest setting will keep chill out of your bathroom as well as provide little heat to keep you warm as desired. The high and medium heat settings enable you to select the level of warmth you need in your bathroom. 

There is even distribution of heat in the bathroom due to the ceramic heating element. This element also makes the unit tough and durable. An overheat protection switch is in place to assist the heater switch off automatically when it gets too hot. An anti-tip switch is also a safety feature that enables it to turn off automatically when it’s off-balance to an angle higher than 45 degrees.


  • It has a compact size suitable for several spaces in the room
  • It has been classified as safe to use by the Underwriter’s Laboratory independent testing facility


  • Its handles aren’t safe to hold, you risk dropping the heater
  • Panasonic FV-11VH2 Bathroom Exhaust fan with Heater

This is a ceiling mounted bathroom heater that warms up quite fast. It produces a heat of up to 1,400 Watts. This keeps your bathroom warm at all times. Interestingly, it can run continuously for 30,000 hours. It’s thus a very powerful bathroom heater. The condenser motor lifespan is increased by being enclosed totally. 

It operates quietly, and since it’s mounted in the ceiling far from your eyes, it’s hardly noticed. Consequently, you can easily maintain the aesthetic appearance of your house with this model. Its energy efficiency ensures that your energy bills are managed accordingly. It can efficiently fit spaces of 2X8 or larger making it suitable for most ceilings without the need for too much modification. 


  • It’s made of high-quality materials making it durable despite the amount of moisture accumulated in the bathroom
  • It has four different functions that are easy to control. It can be run using a night light, normal light, heater or exhaust separately. 


  • It has a difficult installation; hence you may need to seek professional services for installation.
  • Broan 174 Bathroom Heater

This is a wall-mounted space heater that produces up to 1,500 Watts of heat. It’s capable of heating the room very fast due to the alloy-heating element. It’s easy to control the bathroom’s temperature through the built-in thermostat. A knob is available in the thermostat to assist in controlling the temperature with ease. This capability is enhanced more by being color-coordinated, and presence of various increments. 

The high-quality alloy heating element makes the heater an energy-efficient one, reducing the amount of money you’ll pay for energy bills. Moreover, the heater’s motor is lubricated permanently to make it long-lasting and avoid frequent servicing.


  • Has a built-in thermostat, hence you can easily control the temperature
  • It mounts directly on the wall and doesn’t consume much space


  • It can be distractive due to the noise it produces during operation
  • Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater

This bathroom heater utilizes the advanced Ceramic technology that utilizes ceramic heating elements for quick and efficient heating compared to the traditional heaters. It has an adjustable thermostat to allow you to select your desired temperature.

Additionally, the heater has an overheat protection feature that automatically turns the heater off in case of overheating. Due to its portability, you can move it easily from one room to another. This heater has three operating modes to get flexible heat control. The operating modes are; fan only, high mode of 1500W and low mode of 750W.


  • Utilizes ceramic technology to heat quickly and efficiently
  • Has an adjustable thermostat


  • It produces noise during operation
  • King Electric W1215-W W Series Wall Heater

This is a wall-mounted- heater that effectively works for large areas and has simple installation. Your bathroom will heat up quickly due to a Nichrome heating element in the heater. This saves you a lot of time when waiting for your bathroom to heat up before use. For more efficiency, it has a four- blades impeller fan. 

Interestingly, the heater can be used continuously without a reduction in its durability, and it has a system of automatically switching off the unit in case it overheats. The probability of overheating is however at the minimum due to a safe bathroom plug accompanying it. The power output of 1500W enables it to effectively heat large bathrooms.


  • It heats up quickly
  • Presence of Auto switch off safety feature
  • It can be used effectively for larger bathrooms
  • It has a long life span


  • The fan may be noisy when in use
  • The high power could lead to high electricity bills
  • Nu Tone 9093EH Deluxe Heat-A-Ventilate Heater 

This heater is unique in that it comes with a ventilator and an incandescent ceiling light. This ensures that your bathroom is well heated and ventilated at the same time. The visibility of your bathroom is enhanced by two categories of lighting provided by this device. Additionally, it occupies a small space in the ceiling of your bathroom. This doesn’t limit its ability to provide an even heat distribution.

The unit also has a four-function wall switch that allows you to control it easily. It provides great assistance when heating, ventilating and lighting the room. Moreover, it has a 7W nightlight that ensures that the light isn’t distractive when using the bathroom at night.


  • Clears fog easily due to its incredible ventilation
  • The nightlight is excellent
  • It’s well protected by a galvanized steel house


  • The noise it produces during operation could be distractive

Is It Safe to Put A Heater in The Bathroom?

Yes, it’s safe to install a heater in the bathroom. Nevertheless, there are safety tips that you are required to follow to ensure its safety. The tips include;

  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions keenly

This is the most important aspect to observe as you exercise caution with the heater. Every bathroom heater has an instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. You should take your time to read it keenly and observe cautions provided by the manufacturer regarding installation, use, and maintenance. This will be a huge step towards your safety as you use the heater.

  • Always avoid getting the heater wet

Even if the heater is considered waterproof, you should always try your best not to make it wet. Subsequently, you should install the heater where it can’t get be splashed by water easily.

  • Avoid obstructing the heaters

You should avoid placing objects on the heater. For instance, drying towels on them

  • Purchase the correct type of fire extinguisher

You may never use this fire extinguisher, but it’s crucial to have it in place in case of an accident caused by the heater.

  • Check for safety features on the heater

There are safety features that are put in place by manufacturers for the efficiency and safety of the users. These safety features include:

  • A thermostat to assist in controlling your bathroom’s temperature
  • For combustion units, you should check for a low oxygen sensor that turns the unit off when it detects too much loss of oxygen
  • The handle should have a comfortable grip 
  • A tip-over switch that turns the device off when it’s in an unsafe inclined position.

Can Portable Heaters Catch Fire?

Portable heaters are very convenient, but they can be very hazardous. According to the National Fire Protection Association, four out of five home heating fires are caused by space heaters. It has, however, been established that the cause of these fires isn’t due to the absence of safety features on the heaters, but it’s due to unsafe use of them. The portable heaters work very well and are less hazardous when they’re used according to the design. 

It’s important to observe the following safety tips when you want to purchase, or you already own a portable heater. 

  • Check for safety labels

Look whether the heater has a UL label that shows that it has been tested and qualified as safe to use.

  • Check its parts, if it has been used before

A portable heater may be old but still works perfectly. This being the case, it’s important to check whether its parts are operational to ensure safety during use. Check for any dents, cracks or any other alarming damage that can make the heater unsafe to use.

  • Place it at a safe distance

You should ensure that you’ve placed the heater at a place that it can’t be easily splashed by water, or far from any other thing that might ignite. Even after being indicated as waterproof, you should ensure that you try as much as possible no to splash water on it.

From the discussion above, you can draw some insights that are relevant when purchasing and using a bathroom heater. Most people fear that the size of their bathroom may not be suitable for heating. This shouldn’t be the case since it’s now evident that there are various models and designs suitable for the various sizes of a bathroom. You will not fail to find the most suitable one for you from varieties available in the market. Seek for more information on your desirable heater for great results and satisfaction.

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