Excess moisture in the house is annoying as it attracts mold and mildew. This denies you an opportunity of having fresh air. Moreover, the excess moisture can damage your valuable furnishes and décor. Damprid is useful in trapping excess moisture and ensures that you’re enjoying a comfortable environment at all times.

What is Damprid?

This is a dehumidifier that doesn’t run on electricity. It’s an all-natural way of absorbing the excess moisture in your room to keep off bad odors, bacteria as well as prevent damaging of valuable possessions. Damprid utilizes crystals that absorb moisture in any area where moisture is a problem. It could be in your home, cabin, storage areas, boat, RV, car and many more. In the process, the optimal humidity level is created and maintained. 

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How does Damprid work?

The crystals absorb excess moisture and dissolve gradually into liquid brine, usually similar to a saltwater solution. It only absorbs excess moisture and doesn’t dry air to a level that can damage animals, plants or clothing. The proprietary formula used by this dehumidifier is septic safe and environment-friendly. 

The Damprid moisture absorbers operate in three phases;

Phase 1

Damprid Crystals absorb excess moisture in the air. They harden into a solid mass and begin to dissolve. Then, liquid brine begins dripping into its bottom chamber. It may take a few days before you notice dripping. 

Phase 2

Dripping begins into the bottom chamber due to accumulated moisture. About half to three-quarters of the crystals dissolve during the process.

Phase 3

Scented or fragranced Damprid moisture absorbers usually leave a small line of freshener beads in the top chamber. This should be discarded in the trash. The liquid in the basket is emptied into a toilet and a refill of the crystals is done. 

Types of Damprid products

Damprid is available in a variety of forms to ensure that you have one that fully satisfies your needs. The products include:


  • Disposable Moisture Absorbers 


This Damprid product utilizes activated charcoal, and as a single-use product, it’s fast and easy to set up. It has a safety cover that is well sealed to keep children and pets safe. It can be used for up to 45 days. Furthermore, it eliminates odors from garbage, cooking, bathrooms and diaper pails for the activated charcoal only.

It’s available in different options, fragrance-free with activated charcoal for RVS- 18 oz. Tub, fragrance-free 10.5 oz. Tub and fragrance-free activated charcoal 18 Oz. Tub.

Damprid disposable moisture absorbers are ideal for bathrooms, basement, storage unit, boat, RV and laundry room.

How to use a disposable moisture absorber

  • Remove its lid and peel off the foil cover. Leave the white safety cover in place. Put back the grill lid, but you can discard it in case you need moisture to be absorbed more quickly. 
  • Select a flat surface on the desired location and place the dehumidifier. The crystals will begin to harden and dissolve in up to 45 days.
  • After all the crystals have dissolved, you can discard it in the trash.


  • Hanging Moisture Absorbers


This dehumidifier is non-toxic as well as septic safe. It’s effective for up to 60 days and protects valuable clothing from musty odors emanating from excess moisture. It’s ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, gym lockers, and basements. 

Damprid hanging moisture absorbers are available in various options that include the following;

Lavender Vanilla- 14 oz, Fresh scent- 14oz, Citrus fresh-14 oz, Fresh scent 3 pack, fragrance-free- 14 oz and Lavender Vanilla.

How to use a hanging moisture absorber

  • Unpack it and discard the clear plastic wrapper accordingly
  • Unfold it and as you hang, allow for enough space to enhance better air circulation
  • When the crystals have fully dissolved, discard the bag in trash while holding it upright. This calls for replacement. However, it’s worth noting that the fragrance beads don’t dissolve.


  • Damprid refillable moisture absorbers


They provide a long-term solution for elimination of excess moisture. Its effectiveness can be enjoyed for a period of up to 45 days when cleaning the air for an area of 250 square feet. The refillable tub can be fragrance-free or can be provided with some fragrances. 

It’s ideal for bedroom, basement, RV, boat, bathroom, storage unit, garage, RV, laundry room and kitchen.

How to use a Damprid refillable moisture absorber

  • Remove the lid and discard it. Open the bag by cutting or tearing.
  • Check for a flat surface in your desired location and place it
  • Pour crystal into a canister
  • As the crystals absorb moisture, they harden and dissolve 
  • After the crystals have dissolved completely, the liquid should be emptied into a toilet and flushed.


  • Hi-Capacity Moisture absorbers


This Damprid dehumidifier is easy to use, quite fast and effective to clean spaces measuring up to 1,000 square feet. The safety cover is well sealed for safety in case you have children or pets. Moreover, it has a Moisture-Lock technology that traps water and prevents spills. 

How to use a Hi-capacity moisture absorber

  • Remove the lid to begin operating the dehumidifier. Ensure the safety cover is left in place. 
  • Place it on a flat surface. As the Calcium Chloride crystals absorb moisture, they harden and dissolve.
  • After all the crystals have dissolved, the Moisture- Lock absorber reaches the red arrow
  • The product is then discarded in trash and replaced.


  • Odor Genie


This Damprid dehumidifier destroys tough odors for up to 60 days. With an additional layer of charcoal, it absorbs the unwanted smells continuously rather than just masking them. It’s ideal for bathrooms, kitchen, paint, baby’s room, trash and many more. 

How to use the Odor Genie

Odor Genie is very easy to use as the label is just pulled off, and placed where moisture needs to be eliminated.


  • Drop-in moisture-absorbing Tab


This unit has an aerodynamic top that quickly attracts excess moisture. This moisture is trapped in a spill-resistant bottom. After moisture has dissolved completely, the liquid should be emptied by pouring out a spout. Interestingly, there are economical refills that provide easy and long-term solutions to the problems caused by moisture.

It’s ideal for a bedroom, basement, bathroom, RV, boat, closet, storage, office, laundry room, and kitchen.

How to use a drop-in moisture-absorbing tab

  • Unpack the container. Hold it from the bottom and remove it carefully from the pouch. Place the top on the bottom.
  • Ensure the container is well fitted to prevent it from falling apart when in use. The container should always be picked from the bottom.
  • Place tab on the top of the container, and place it in the preferable location

How many square feet does Damprid cover?

The area that Damprid covers depends on your targeted area. For instance, Damprid refillable moisture absorbers can cover an area of up to 250 square feet. On the other hand, High- capacity moisture absorbers can cover an area of up to 1,000 square feet. Consequently, you should always check any guidelines or instructions provided in your product manual. 

How quickly does Damprid work?

The crystals used for Damprid work immediately to absorb excess moisture from the air. For a disposable moisture absorber, you can choose to put back the grill lid. Alternatively,  you can discard it in case you need moisture to be absorbed more quickly. 

Why should you choose Damprid?

  • Any Damprid product that you choose is easy to set up. 
  • The features that accompany every product are user-friendly for more convenience. 
  • Many of the Damprid products are refillable, thus can be used for an extended period
  • You don’t need a complicated procedure to discard the product
  • It’s affordable and all-natural, making it environment-friendly
  • Unlike sprays, Damprid products attract and traps excess moisture to get rid of musty odors

Safety of pets and children when using Damprid

  • Although it’s an all-natural product, Damprid should be placed away and out of reach of children and pets
  • Don’t ingest it, and avoid any contact with the skin and eyes
  • In case of skin contact with Damprid, clean the area immediately and thoroughly with water and soap. When the irritation doesn’t come to an end, seek medical attention
  • In the event, the product is ingested, you should seek medical attention immediately
  • If it comes into contact with the eye, flush with water for about 15 minutes and seek medical attention.
  • Have the safety lids provided for most of the products to ensure there is more protection

Damprid is for you!

Damprid products are great and very effective especially when they’re used under the right conditions and in the right way. Learn more about every Damprid product you desire to purchase and select one that is best suited for you.

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