Common Mistakes People Make When Using Dehumidifiers

Common Mistakes People Make When Using Dehumidifiers

High humidity in a home can cause unexpected health implications. Many know this and appreciate the need to invest in an appliance that will help solve this problem. However, major challenges set in when one starts using the device. There is a need to use a dehumidifier safely and effectively. Here are common mistakes people make when using dehumidifiers.

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Mistakes People Make When Using a Dehumidifier

Using the Wrong Capacity Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers come in different sizes and this is defined by their ability to remove water and moisture from the air. The capacity of the dehumidifier is measured by the pints of moisture it can absorb from the air over 24 hours.

For many manufacturers, the rating is done from places with low moisture levels. This means that a dehumidifier can claim to have the ability to remove 20 pints but that is only achievable for places with low humidity levels. Using such a dehumidifier in highly damp rooms would not be as effective and this is a common mistake that people make.

The solution lies in using an oversized dehumidifier.  It could be a bit pricey but it will effectively take all the unwanted moisture from the air. A low capacity dehumidifier gets overloaded and ends up consuming a lot of energy thus raising your electricity bills yet it does not perform efficiently. Using a low capacity dehumidifier to take the moisture out of large spaces is equivalent to overworking the machine and this reduces the lifespan of the home appliance.

Using Cheap Dehumidifier Models

Humans are rational spenders and it is, therefore, natural to want to buy and use the cheapest dehumidifier. However, that is a piece of ill advice when it comes to dehumidifiers. Many cheap models do not have safety measures like humidistat and auto shut-off in place. They can, therefore, keep running for the longest time which could end up taking even the important 30-35% of moisture from the air. Though not all cheap dehumidifiers can be termed as low quality, it is important to see to it that you are using one with all functions working well.

Trying To Move Heavy and Partly Immobile Units

It is dangerous to try and move a dehumidifier unit that is robust across a room. It is even worse when the appliance does not have accessories like casters and carrying handles for easy movement. you can end up hurting yourself or causing damages to the apartment’s floor. Heavy robust dehumidifiers should be left alone or if you intend to change its location once in a while, then you should invest in one that has casters for easy movement.

Failing To Keep the Dehumidifier Clean

If the dehumidifying system is going to keep running in your house, it only means that the air you breathe in will have passed through the appliance. Failing to clean it as often as prescribed by the manufacturers can result in mold and mildew build up (the very allergens you were trying to get rid of). What happens is that the allergens and other harmful bacteria thrive within the dehumidifier and are released along with the mists of air circulating through your space.

Using Noisy Dehumidifiers

Some dehumidifier models make a lot of noise. This is especially true with small capacity appliances that are subjected to dehumidifying large spaces. Overworking such dehumidifier forces it to make lots of noise as it turns its compressors and fans. Too much noise can be a distraction to one’s concentration. To avoid this mistake, one should use a high capacity dehumidifier because it can work to the required settings without strain.

Using Dehumidifiers That Has No Safety Features In Place

How safe is your appliance? Can you leave dehumidifier on all day? These are some of the safety concerns that you should pay attention to while using a dehumidifier. Without an operational humidistat in your appliance, the dehumidifier will not shut down even when the air is dry to the required capacity. This will not only pose an environmental hazard (since the humidity levels will go far below the recommended levels) but also force you to dig dipper into your pockets settling electricity consumption rates that would have been preserved.

If the humidity levels go out of control, the very allergies you were trying to control could up being hurt and this can cause you more health problems. If your dehumidifier does not have an inbuilt humidistat, you can invest in an independent hygrometer that will help you to accurately measure the humidity of your indoor space and stabilize it to the desired levels.

Leaving Water to Sit In the Pints Bucket for Days

You should also look at the capacity of the pints bucket. Some models have low capacity buckets that need to be emptied after a few hours.  Failing to be keen on this can cause you dire implications. It is advisable to get a dehumidifier that has an inbuilt drainage system such that you do not have to keep checking it just in case the buckets need emptying.

If the bucket gets to full capacity without being emptied, the efficacy will reduce greatly and this can lead to increased humidity bringing to life your allergic symptoms. The humidity levels should be checked as soon as condensation starts building up, as soon as the pillows and other linens feel damp and indeed any other sign that indicates that humidity is on the rise.

Not Paying Attention the Humidity Levels of a Room

Just how much water should dehumidifiers collect? The environmental protection agency recommends that humidity levels be around 50 per cent during summer and not lower than 35-40 per cent during winter. Using a dehumidifier that takes in moisture to an extent below these levels is dangerous and risky and is also environmental degradation.

For many people and especially homeowners, high humidity has been a problem. The situation gets dire when the wet season sets in. Dehumidifiers come in handy to solve this problem. A dehumidifier is designed to remove the excess moisture from the air creating a stable balance that is healthy for your system but dry enough such that the damp-based allergens cannot survive.

That said, another challenge presents itself whenever potential buyers go shopping for dehumidifying appliances. There are all sorts of brands and sizes flooding the market with each boasting its moisture removal capacity. Many mistakes made by dehumidifier users are because they brought home the wrong model during purchase.

Below is a highlight of some of the grave mistakes to avoid while shopping for a dehumidifier.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping For a Dehumidifier

Buying a Dehumidifier That Does Not Restart Automatically

A good dehumidifier should have an auto-restart feature. In case of a power outage, the appliance will be able to automatically restart as soon as the power supply has been restored. Without this feature, your appliance will not function until you manually turn it on again. Such a dehumidifier is not too good for you especially if you are away from home on many days.

Buying Low Capacity Dehumidifiers

A low capacity dehumidifier may seem favorable and well within your budget. However, in the event that you move to a larger room, the appliance may not be effective.  It is advisable to buy a high capacity dehumidifier that has different operation settings. You can then adjust these settings to your desired humidity regulation. Ensure that you consider ease of mobility of the appliance of choice, should there be the need, and it should be portable and easy to move the system from room to room.

Buying a Unit That Does Not Have the Energy Star Rating

The energy star rating is an indicator that an appliance is able to operate in a manner that saves the energy consumption rate. Apart from saving you a few coins, appliances with the energy star rating are safe for the environment.

Opting For Dehumidifiers That Are Not Auto Shutoff

So, for how long should you run a dehumidifier? The best dehumidifiers are designed with an auto-shutoff feature. The system is able to intelligently monitor the humidity of the room and to automatically shut off when the desired humidity level has been achieved. This way, the appliance runs at its best capacity.

In Summary

It is great to use a dehumidifier to control the levels of moisture in your home. Can dehumidifiers be harmful? That depends mainly on the appliance and how it is used. Things get much easier when one buys a unit that is best for the specific needs at hand. It is also advisable to go for a unit whose maintenance is easy and quick. This way, you will be able to do the general maintenance on your own whenever a need arises.

There is no reason why you should continue enduring stuffy environments characterized by mold, mildew and everything else that can thrive in such an environment. Get the suitable size of a dehumidifier that will help keep your home dry, clean and fresh.

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