Find the Best Air Purifiers for College Dorms


Today, the environment is more polluted than was the case in the past. As a result, many people are increasingly investing in air purifiers to maintain a healthy environment in their homes and offices. College students have not been left out. Many are searching for the best air purifiers for college dorms.

Best Air Purifiers for College DormsMany colleges across the world break for prolonged periods and during that time, their dorms are susceptible to build up of dust and other contaminants. Thorough cleaning may not help with purifying the air and this is where air purifiers come in.

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Why are Air Purifiers Becoming Common?

Air purifiers come in handy when it comes to helping people prone to allergies, asthma reactions, and those who are highly exposed to tobacco or cigarette smoke and toxic fumes. Still, many people are currently becoming conscious of their health and are keen on improving their air quality to prevent health-related complications. However, not everybody has enough space to store a huge air purifier and college student living in dorms where space is limited.

Thankfully, technology has evolved and there are mini air purifiers available in the market. While these mini air purifiers are new in the market, they are effective, convenient, and budget-friendly. If you are looking for a portable and compact air purifier, this is the ideal option for you. Fortunately, these aren’t bulky and can be transported from one place to the other with ease.

Portable mini air purifiers are ideal for areas with limited space such as dorms, apartments, kitchens, bedrooms, and offices. There are numerous types and designs to choose from and you can easily place them at your place of choice such as on the floor, shelves, or even tabletops. You can be sure that there is a perfect portable air purifier for you in the market regardless of where you want to use it.

What is the Ideal Air Purifier for dorms?

There are three major factors to consider when choosing an air filter for dorms. For starters, the gadget should be small enough to fit in limited spaces. Further, the air purifier should be specially designed for small spaces and should be as silent as possible to create a conducive environment for students to study in.

Don’t purchase a purifier that produces a humming noise regardless of how low it is. Finally, a great air purifier for a dorm should be affordable. Considering that college students are already burdened with school expenses and other student debts, they may not be able to afford pricey gadgets.

Types of Air Purifiers

Activated Carbon Filters

Many air purifiers come with activated carbon, a material that comes with a high concentration of surface space for each volume. It’s therefore, capable of trapping a high percentage of gases and chemicals such as tobacco smoke, odors, and volatile organic compounds compared to other filtering products.

A great carbon filter should have superior quality carbon complete with a high surface area and a coconut shell base for better adsorption of gases. While many carbon filters are sold depending on their weight, more weight doesn’t mean that it’s more effective at eliminating odors and pollutants.

EPA Air Filters

HEPA(High-Efficiency Particulate Air)  filters are some of the commonly used air purifiers in the market today. A HEPA filter is effective and capable of removing particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. HEPA filters comprise of a fine material complete with pleats which captures microscopic airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, and pet dander.

UV Light

Some air purifiers use UV-C, an effective way of damaging organic components including mold spores. Air purifiers that incorporate this technology often come with a contained section which ensures that the filtered air is exposed to UV light to destroy mold spores completely hence preventing them from creating more colonies.

Air purifiers incorporate a variety of technologies. However, you should avoid any product that generates ozone. Ozone air purifiers can generate ozone, a dangerous chemical which you need to avoid as much as possible.

Here are some of the best Air Purifiers Ideal for Dorms

 AirFree T800

The AirFree T800 is a thermal air purifier that utilizes a heating core to eradicate organic pollutants from the air. This gadget can cover up to 180 square feet and is perfect for eradicating mold spores, pollen, bacteria, dust mite waste, and other allergy-causing components from the air. The AirFree T800 utilizes a heating core, unlike other air purifiers that utilize a filter. It is silent and small enough making it ideal for use in dorms. It’s affordable and among the most reasonably priced air purifiers in the market.

SPT AC-2062

The SPT AC-2062 is affordable and comes in the design similar to a towel utilized in limited-space fans. This gadget is not as noisy as the fan and is capable of purifying the air in your home effectively and covers up to 200 square feet. The SPT AC-2062 comes with a carbon filtration and a dual HEPA system which removes airborne pollutants and gaseous organic impurities such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.

Vortex Air Purifier Lamp

The Vortex Air Purifier Lamp is not as affordable as the two gadgets mentioned above. However, this gadget is more advanced and also acts as a superior quality LED desk lamp and can cover up to 175 square feet. The Vortex Air Purifier Lamp can easily be placed on a desk inside your dorm.

t features an inbuilt air purification system which doesn’t require maintenance and which is designed to eradicate bacteria, mold spores, and other organic pollutants from the air. It’s also ideal for use in the dorm because it’s silent. The lamp comes with a 50,000-hour selection of 42 LEDs complete with dimmable control. Students will be able to use this gadget to study at night in a clean air environment.

Holmes HAP242-NUC

The Holmes HAP242-UC HEPA air purifier can be placed on a desktop conveniently. It’s affordable and ideal for college students who are searching for budget-friendly products. This gadget covers up to 109 square feet and is small enough for use in limited spaces such as dorms. It features a slender double location design which allows students to place in different places with ease.

You can either mount it vertically or horizontally in your space. While it’s small, this gadget is quite effective when it comes to eradicating allergy causing components and pollutants from the air. However, it may not be powerful enough to reduce respiratory related complications such as asthma and existing allergies. You may need to replace your filters regularly to guarantee efficient air purification.

Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier

The Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier comes in an ideal size allowing it to fit in limited spaces without compromising its efficiency and performance making it one of the perfect gadgets for students living in dorms. The Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier comes in a rounded and sleek profile which can be placed on a small nook to guarantee you convenience and discretion. It is ten inches wide, 22 inches long, and seven inches deep.

This gadget is ideal for 400 square feet areas and can effectively eliminate pollen, dust, allergies, and pet dander. It also features a UV light and 2 stage filtration system which comprises of a HEPA filter and a pre-filter.  This air purifier allows air to pass through a compartment where it gets exposed to UV light. The UV light then damages a huge percentage of the organic components present in the air such as mold spores.

The UV light doesn’t get released in the air because it’s contained inside the gadget. You can easily operate this gadget since it doesn’t require any configuration or assembling processes. All you need is to purchase and proceed to use it. This gadget comes with a variety of three fan speeds and replacement filters. This allows users to select their preferred settings accordingly. Enjoy a ten-year warranty and reliability long after you leave college.

OV200 Air Purifier

The OV200 Air Purifier comes in a compact size and robust capabilities making it ideal for use in dorms. It measures 23 inches in height, 13 inches in width, and 7 inches in depth. You can easily place this gadget against the wall and enjoy its functionalities without unnecessary clutter around your small room. The OV200 Air Purifier features a motor that is not only efficient but is also silent enough to allow students a conducive reading environment.

It comes with various settings such as night mode which minimizes the speed of the fan and switches off the air quality display light to avoid disturbing users as they sleep. This gadget has four timer settings which you can utilize to operate the purifier for a specific time. You can choose to set the timer to either one, four, or even eight hours or according to your preferences. The gadget will then switch off automatically once the set time elapses to help you save power.

May college students don’t have time to inspect their air purifiers or even filters. Thankfully, the OV200 Air Purifier comes with an automatic filter replacement indicator which alerts you when the filter is due for replacement. Replacing filters regularly is critical and this feature helps students to get the perfect performance always. Further, this gadget comes with a three-stage filtration system where air passes through the pre-filter first.

The pre-filter eliminates numerous large pollutants. The air is eventually taken through a HEPA filter before going through an activated carbon filter. This results in clean purified air without pollutants such as dust, pollen, or pet dander and odor. This air purifier doesn’t use an ionizer or any type of electrical filtration because experts opine that this can generate ozone which can be toxic to student’s health.

Max HEPA Air Purifier

The Max HEPA Air Purifier comes in a compact size and an advanced filtration power. It comes with robust characteristics which you need to keep your environment and air in general healthy and clean. The Max HEPA Air Purifier measures 17 inches in width, 22 inches in height, and 8 inches in depth making it ideal for college students. They can easily place it in any convenient place in the dorms and still enjoy efficient and advanced air purification. This gadget is capable of eliminating up to 99% of all airborne pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, allergens, mold spores, and dust.

The Max air purifier utilizes an effective three-stage purification process which involves the pre-filter where large particles of pollutants are removed and the HEPA filter where microscopic components are eliminated. The Max filter is robust and offers excellent purification of air. Further, this gadget utilizes an activated carbon filter which is powerful when it comes to removing light gases and odors.

It can be used in dorms to eradicate odors from the bathroom and food. It can be used in 600 square feet areas which are approximately a 20 by 30-foot room. Trust the Max to offer massive cleaning power for college students. With the V-seal/V-lock system, you can be sure that all air that goes through the purifier gets filtered accordingly. This system enhances the performance of the Max air purifier which also comes with four fan speeds and is silent allowing college students a serene environment for studying.

 Airtamer A302 Travel Air Purifier

AirTamer A302 is one of the most powerful air purifiers in the world. What’s more, it has been tried, tested, and verified to filter up to 875% more air contaminants than other air purifiers available in the market. This purifier comes with an advanced electrostatic purification which is designed to generate a 3 feet section of a healthier, cleaner atmosphere around your head. This gadget cleans the environment of nuclear-sized contaminants such as bacteria, pollen, and dust. The Airtamer A302 Travel Air Purifier is ultra-compact and quite versatile since it’s smaller than most MP3 players.


Using air purifiers in the dorm helps enhance the quality of air in the room and prevents students from contracting any health complications as a result of exposure to airborne pollutants.