AirTamer A302 Air Purifier



  • Unbelievably portable. Can be worn around your neck or clipped to your shirt.
  • No need to change filters!
  • Filters more air pollutants than the competition!
  • Great power conservation. 7 full days of power!


  • Not suited to filtering the air in an entire room.

Many of the biggest tourist destinations in the world are known for having terrible air quality. If you want to keep yourself healthy as you travel, you’ll need to have the right kind of equipment. Most air purifying units are not always the most portable and, of those that are, many don’t do the job properly. It will definitely pay to look around and make sure that the device you invest in is able to do what you need.

The AirTamer A302 Air Purifier is one device which aims to help you have clean air everywhere you go. It is created to be compact and portable as well as incredibly powerful and reliable. This small air purifier is quite possibly one of the most ambitious attempts by any manufacturer to fit so much into something so small! The question to ask is whether it manages to do the job? Read on and find out whether the AirTamer A302 Air Purifier is the device for you!

Incredibly Portable

The AirTamer A302 is created to be the most portable air purification device you can find. The device is small, light and compact, perfect to wear around your neck or clipped onto a top. This makes the device quite possibly the only one which truly allows you to keep the air clean and healthy wherever you are. If you are travelling the world then this device is one that you would be wise to invest in.

Electrostatic Purification Technology

The AirTamer A302 is not like your usual air purifiers. The device utilises electrostatic purification technology to set a 3 foot radius of healthier, cleaner air in every direction. As this device is created to be worn around your neck, you can be sure the air you breathe is clean and healthy. This makes it a very different option to desk based devices which usually use filters.

Filters Up to 875% More Air Pollutants Than Competitors!

One of the most impressive aspects of the device is just how well it does its job. Air purifiers are judged on just how well they improve the cleanliness and the healthiness of the air around them. The AirTamer A302 Air Purifier is capable of removing air pollutants up to 875% better than the nearest competitors. This means that smoke, viruses and bacteria in the air is better filtered with the AirTamer A302 than any other similar device.

Other Features of The Unit

No Filters

Probably one of the most impressive features is the lack of any filter in the unit. If you are sick of changing filters every six months then this will be music to your ears. Not only does this feature save you hassle, it also saves you money. Replacement filters are not cheap! Over the life of any air purification device, filters can end up costing more than the unit itself.  A filter-less device will repay the initial investment many times over and is certainly very good news.

Protection from Cold and Flu Viruses

Some of the most commonly passed around airborne viruses are cold and flu viruses. Every year people end up passing the virus around due to poor hygiene and due to the easy spread of airborne viruses. During the flu season this device is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the spread of such viruses.

Strong Battery Life

The AirTamer A302 Air Purifier uses by two lithium coin cell batteries which are easy to pick up from shops and online. Thanks to the clever way the device has been built, these batteries will provide it with 7 days of continuous charge.

What is Wrong with the Product?

If you want a device to improve the air quality of an entire room you may want to look elsewhere. This device is built to be portable and is a device more suited to personal use. You may also find that some airlines refuse to allow you to use the device on a plane. This is not due to the device itself but more due to safety regulations airlines need to follow.


The AirTamer A302 Air Purifier is one of the most interesting air purification devices on the market. There’s no doubt that many companies have worked hard to produce the ultimate portable air purifier and it’s amazing to see that a company may have finally managed to do it! You can carry the AirTamer A302 around with you anywhere you go to ensure clean air which will keep you healthy. This device is worth absolutely every penny you spend on it.

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