RV Vent Fans

RV Vent Fans

Poor air circulation in a recreational vehicle (RV) can make it too hot and render it uncomfortable to use. This means that you’ll need to have a way of ensuring that air is flowing easily in it. RV vent fans make this less problematic and provide incredible results. Depending on the settings you’ve chosen, you will get both inward and outward movement of air.

What is an RV Vent Fan?

An RV roof vent fan is a valuable appliance that is well specialized for recreational vehicles. It works like an ordinary fan, but it’s designed to blow air outwards and inwards. Moreover, unlike ordinary fans, RV fans are installed on the vehicles’ roofs. There are those with ceiling fan mode to improve the RV’s coolness.

For its operation, there is a manual crank that initiates fan’s swinging from the interior. This feature has however been updated where the vent can be opened automatically. As it operates to provide good air circulation in the vehicle, it also eliminates odors and smoke present.

Since the fan is installed on the roof, a cover is provided to protect it from elements. Most covers are made of screen material and effectively prevent entry of insects and animals. 

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Considerations to make when selecting RV Vent Fans

Energy saving

Amount of energy the fan is consuming during operation determines whether it’s energy-saving or not. When an RV fan is energy saving, money that could be used to pay energy bills is used in other leisure activities during your trip. Low energy consumption can be achieved when an RV vent with a low amperage draw is in place.

Every electronic device consumes energy, this energy is measured using amperes. Consequently, you’ll need to check this when purchasing an RV roof vent fan. Three amps is an ideal amperage draw for your fan. It allows for minimum power consumption, reducing the amount of money you would spend on energy bills. 

Nevertheless, this factor may vary when it’s meant for a large recreational vehicle and needs a more powerful fan. Hence, size of your vehicle and your preference determines the ideal amperage draw for your roof vent.

Opening mechanism

Different models have a different opening mechanism of the lid. Some are opened manually where the lid comes with a crank that is twisted to open it. On the other hand, those that are opened automatically use a remote control to make it easy to open it. This feature is very important especially when the ceiling is too high or when someone is injured.

Air Circulation

Amount of air circulated by a fan per minute is referred to as CFM. A higher CFM provides a better air circulation. When you have a large RV, then you will need an RV vent fan with a higher CFM, whereas when you have a small RV a fan with a smaller CFM can work perfectly for you.

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Frequency of use

If you’re very adventurous such that you may spend most of your weekends with your RV, you will need a more powerful RV roof vent fan for proper ventilation and constant airflow. This is not the case for those who travel with their RV for just once or twice a year.

When you belong in the first category, have a premium RV vent with great additional features, and ensure that the cover is durable and weather resistant. With this in place, you will not need to replace your RV vent now and then. 

For those belonging in the second category, you may choose a simple and non-powered vent as you’ll be using it less frequently.

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Additional Features

More features are added to a RV vent fan to allow for better and more specialized airflow and temperature control in your vehicle.  For the passionate road trippers, having an RV fan with customizable features is the way to go. You can adjust the fan’s speed depending on the amount of moisture in your car. For instance, you can choose a high speed after cooking to get rid of the smell.

Additionally, when there is less moisture in your vehicle, you can choose to have a low mode in place and save a significant amount of energy. You can also have a built-in rain sensor that enables the vent to close automatically when it begins to rain, hence you don’t have to stop to close the vent manually when it begins to rain, and you’re on the steering wheel. You can also enjoy a thermostat feature where you can easily cool the cabin when it gets too hot and you want to give your air conditioning unit a break.

Buying an RV  roof vent fan with additional features may be expensive at first, but the benefits you get from it makes it a worthy investment to make.

Best RV vent fans and covers

Fan-Tastic 1200 Series RV Roof Vent

This is among the best RV roof vents in the market due to some incredible features accompanying them. It’s a premium vent that is considered by most seasoned road trippers. The Fan-Tastic 1200 model has ten fan blades for maximum ventilation. Hot air is sucked out and the vehicle is filled with cool and fresh air from the outside.

Its blades are made of transparent plastic that allows sunlight to filter in the vehicle. It’s light in weight and very compact. This feature makes it perfect as a venting system for an RV and can be easily stored when not in use.

 A cover is provided to keep off insects and other unwanted animals in the RV. Additionally, there are three fan speeds to choose from during operation. This makes it easy to control the amount of air flowing in and out of the vehicle. Interestingly, it’s quiet during operation thus doesn’t cause distraction when in need of a quiet and calm environment. It’s also energy-saving, reducing the incurred costs when paying your energy bills. 

This vent system is also easy to install and operate, due to its simplified design. RVs with standard roof openings of 14 by 14 inches can be perfectly fitted by this vent.

Key features

  • Has three fan- speeds. That is low, medium and high
  • It’s energy saving
  • Has 10 fan blades
  • It’s durable and compact
  • Has a self- sealing vent cover
  • It’s compact and lightweight
  • Has a reduced noise operation

Maxxair 0004500K Plus Vent

A feature that captures prospective buyers is presence of a built-in sensor that closes the cover automatically and shuts the fan down when it begins raining. There are 12-inch blades that can operate in 10- different speeds. These speeds ensure that you utilize a speed level that is appropriate for the temperature present in your vehicle. There is a thermostat that can be easily controlled with a remote control to allow you to turn the fan on or off depending on the temperature in your RV. 

Maxxair is also user-friendly and is easy to install. Its settings are easy to use and you can change them with less hassle ensuring that you get the satisfaction that you need all the time. Interestingly, this unit is affordable and of high quality to give the best value for your money. After all, it’s manufactured by a top manufacturer that is popularly known for producing quality and durable products. 

Key features

  • It has a thermostat
  • Includes an electric lid opening
  • It’s affordable
  • Has 10-fan speeds
  • It has an electric lid opening
  • Uses a digital remote
  • Presence of a built-in rain sensor
  • Can be easily installed in all standard openings
  • Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vents 01100WH model

This is the Endless Breeze Model provided by Fan-Tastic. It’s of high quality and has a powerful 12V fan. It’s compact and incredibly lightweight, thus portable, making it easy to install. It has three-speed settings that you can easily adjust to your satisfaction. It also includes two swing-out brackets that enable you hang the vent at any position in your vehicle. 

Interestingly, it has swivel legs making it easy to use on the floor or a tabletop. Its fan blades are transparent allowing sunlight to filter into the vehicle. These blades are well designed to move a large volume of air easily, ensuring maximum air circulation. 

The energy efficiency of this unit makes it outstanding among others in the market. It has a power consumption of around 1.2 amps to 2.6 amps depending on the speed level you have chosen. Every vent is accompanied by a 12-volt plug and a cord of five inches for easy installation. 

Key features

  • It has three-speed settings
  • The fan blades are transparent
  • It’s energy-efficient
  • It’s portable
  • Presence of swing-out brackets
  • It has swivel legs for use on the table and floor

Maxxair 00-05100K Ventilation Fan

This unit from a topnotch manufacturer is a complete system on itself. This is because it comes with a rain shield, a vent, and a fan. This ensures that you’re in a position to reduce hotness in the vehicle with ease. 

You can use it easily in areas with high winds since the lid is securely fitted and doesn’t flutter. This reduces noise that could be very distractive when in need of a calm environment. Additionally, there are safety features that accompany this unit. This includes presence of fuse protection that prevents damage to the vent fan system. The keypad controls are user-friendly, thus easy to operate and clean. A thermostat is also present for easy control of temperature in the vehicle. 

It’s easy to install this unit is very since it can perfectly fit in standard roof openings. Moreover, it’s accompanied by all the hardware and mounting screws that would be needed during installation and operation. 

A rain shield is also present to provide protection when it’s raining, and reducing damage risk due to changing weather. There are 10-fan speeds available thus, you can easily choose one that is suitable for you. There is the option for exhaust and intake that you can choose depending on what the situation needs or your personal preference.

Key features

  • Keypad controls are easy to clean
  • Has twin lifting arms
  • It can be flush mounted
  • It comes as a complete system with a fan, vent and rain shield
  • The keypad controls are easy to use and clean
  • Its fuse protected 

Ventiline White Ventadone

This unit is easy to use and has a black crank that can be used to open and close the vent cover easily. Galvanized steel is used in making the flange to give a strong build and connection to the vehicle. Fresh air can enter and heat escape easily when the roof vent is still locked. The screen is removable and can be easily detached and cleaned when necessary. 

The flat crank that is used to open the lid is ideal for RVs with short ceilings and requires proper ventilation. It has a lift mechanism that eliminates chatter and allows for smooth operation. The screen can be easily detached when cleaning.

Key features

  • It has a slide mechanism makes it easy to use
  • The screen is easily detachable
  • Its flange is galvanized with steel to increase its durability
  • Presence of a flat knob to manually open and close the vent.
  • Heng’s 71112-C 12V Roof Vent 

This a unit with excellent performance and has great solid features. It’s interesting that with this product you can have buying options and add—ons to choose from. For instance, there is an option to choose whether you want to buy a one or get a 2-pack. You can choose this depending on your needs and situation

Moreover, it’s less expensive even in the presence of a second fan. This is because the cost will be more affordable than buying two from a different brand. The add-ons provide options on the ways that a user can maximize functions and use of this vent. 

There is a pro installation add-on accompanying the product. This expert installation ensures that the owners have a proper installation done, especially for those who don’t find it easy to do the installation themselves.

Key features

  • Fits in most standard roof openings
  • Has a durable steel roof flange
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s designed with a fine mesh screen
  • Provides two buying option
  • Offers expert installation add-on
  • Produces less noise during operation
  • Heng’s 71111-C1G1 Standard Mount Vent

This is a unit that provides great performance and is very affordable. It’s also well designed to make it easy to install and use. It has a simple and elegant design that allows it to match most designs and decorations of RVs.  It’s not only aesthetically appealing but also good in providing the cooling effect you’re looking for. 

You don’t have to worry when power shore in the camping sites isn’t available as this RV roof vent will effectively eliminate any discomfort from the change in temperature. Moreover, the metal base is well galvanized to make it sturdier and more durable. Besides, heavy-duty and weather-resistant materials are used to make the unit, this gives it a heavy-duty performance. Hence, there will be no need to worry about the harsh and changing weather conditions.

This unit also features a positive sealing and weather stripping to make it watertight and eliminate any water leakage when it’s raining.

Key features

  • It has a self-centering metal base
  • It’s well-sealed and can withstand harsh weather
  • Well compatible with standard roof openings
  • It’s a non-powered standard vent
  • Durable due to the heavy-duty materials
  • Easy to install

Round Solar Roof Vent for RVs

For RV owners who prefer use of renewable energy, they could select this solar-powered vent for proper ventilation and air circulation. It’s round in shape and comes with a built-in solar panel that utilizes sunlight to power its fan motor.  It’s easy to mount, usually in the side that receives direct sunlight. Interestingly, its fan operates silently to eliminate any distraction especially when sleeping. The fact that it’s solar-powered doesn’t limit its effectiveness in providing clean and fresh air in the vehicle. 

Key features

  • It’s solar-powered
  • Has a built-in solar panel
  • Doesn’t use any batteries reducing its expenses
  • It can be mounted on any wall
  • Maxxair 0007500K MaxxFan RV Roof Vent

This MaxxFan has a remote control that is easy to use and makes it easy to operate the fan’s functions easily. It also offers rain-free ventilation thus you’ll still get the comfort you need even in heavy rainfall. Moreover, it’s weather-resistant and eliminates any worries when operating it during bad weather. 

Its aesthetical appeal is enhanced by the fact that it’s flush-mounted. Thus, saves you a significant amount of space. Settings of this unit are user-friendly; hence can be easily adjusted to meet your needs. An insect screen is also present to keep off insects, bugs and other debris from the RVs interior.

Additionally, this unit can operate in the ceiling fan mode where the fan can easily operate even when the lid is closed. There are 10-speed settings to choose from to ensure that you’re operating it in satisfaction. A perfect fit for the unit can be done on a standard roof measuring 14 by 14 inches. 

Key features

  • It’s easy to clean
  • Has adjustable fan speed
  • It’s flush-mounted
  • Has an insect screen
  • It’s energy-efficient

Best RV vent Fan Covers

  • Camco RV Vent Cover

This vent cover is well designed to provide adequate protection to your fan from all the environmental factors that might cause its damage. It has a durable construction that can withstand UV rays explicitly. There are two size options to choose from allowing the RV owner to choose one that fully fits needs and situations.

In addition, there are five different color options to choose from. This way, you can select one that’s suitable for your RV’s color. The louvers are removable thus, you can easily get rid of the dust and debris on it. This also makes it easy to clean the cover. Its installation is nothing to worry about as it’s very easy and straightforward.

Key features

  • There are five color options and two size options
  • It can withstand UV rays
  • It’s affordable
  • The louvers are removable for easy cleaning
  • It’s easy to install
  • Maxxair White Vent Cover

It takes an aerodynamic design that allows it to resist wind easily and keeps the RV vent in place and free from destruction over the years. This design also assists in withstanding other environmental factors such as harmful UV rays and rain. 

The bug screen is removable for easy cleaning and designed to keep out insects and debris. Moreover, the cover has angled louvers to provide stale air and smells a place to escape. 

Key features 

  • Has an aerodynamic design for wind resistance
  • It’s affordable
  • Angled louvers on the back of the cover for more ventilation
  • The bug screen is removable for easy cleaning.
  • VETOMILE RV Roof Vent Cover

This is an affordable option for the RV owners who need to provide some protection to their RV fans. This roof vent cover is both water and UV resistant. These two features are crucial for preventing the vent fan from external damage. 

Durability of the cover provided by durable plastic material, eliminating the need for purchasing a new one now and then. Moreover, it’s lightweight and easy to install. There is an option of choosing whether you want to buy one or two for your satisfaction.

Key features

  • Has an easy installation
  • Provides two buying options
  • It’s both UV and water-resistant
  • It’s made from lightweight and durable plastic material
  • It’s affordable 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace an RV bathroom fan?

You can choose to do this on your own, or you can hire a professional to do the task. If you’ll need to replace it on your own, you can watch this video to get a vivid description and step by step process of replacing the fan. Visual information provided will make it easy for you to understand and perform the task.

What is a fantastic fan of an RV?

A Fantastic Fan is among the well-known RV vent fan in the industry.  In the mid 80’s they opened for business as ‘Fan-Tastic Vent’, and this has been the same even now. There are 5-retail fan models that you can choose from.

The price is so close and can be a bit confusing. The low end, middle and top model in the lineup are; Model 1200, model 2250 and model 7350 respectively.

What is an RV refrigerator vent fan kit?

Keeping your drinks refrigerated in the RV’s refrigerator consumes a lot of power and may lead to high energy bills especially during hot summer temperatures. Availability of RV refrigerator fans prevents your refrigerator from overheating thus less energy is consumed. There are a set of things that you should consider that are crucial in an RV refrigerator vent fan kit.  They include, presence of power on and off switch button; power source required either battery or electricity; fan’s size and price.

Final thought

Selecting the best RV vent fan that fully satisfies your needs is easier when you know what you’re looking for. Consequently, you should read through the buying guide provided earlier in this article to be aware of the considerations to check before making a final decision. There is a wide variety of RV roof fans in the market, be cautious, have enough information about your desirable unit and check reviews from customers who have used the unit before. Their satisfaction level will give you a clue of what to expect after purchasing the product.

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