Ice Fan

Ice Fan

The heat is becoming unbearable, and you’re wondering what to do to keep you cool. Fans do a good job in this, but when it gets too hot, they just push warm air around. This doesn’t provide the cooling effect that you need. Today, we’ll learn how to make an ice fan.

Can You Cool A Room with Ice and A Fan?

It might sound like a complicated process to utilize ice and a fan, but it’s far easier and more effective. This combination of ice and a fan provides an incredible cooling effect. You’ll just need to follow some simple procedures that will guide you in making the unit operational. We will provide you with some options to choose from.

Homemade Air Conditioner with Ice and Fan

Below are some DIY air conditioner projects that utilize ice and fan. You can follow them closely to assist in cooling down your home and keep you comfortable.

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  •  Plastic Soda Bottle

In this case, cable ties are used to strap small soda bottles at the back of your fan. The bottles have small holes that are attached using a soldering iron, and then filled with ice. The fan draws air through the bottle, and is nicely cooled by the ice.

The challenge that comes along with this method is dripping water during the cooling process.

  • A fan and a tray of ice

For this option, you’ll need ice cubes on a tray. The fan is slightly angled down to cool hot air as it passes over the ice. This method provides better results when a faster fan is used rather than a slower one. It’s an efficient method as you don’t have to deal with the dripping water. Nevertheless, it has its own flaws where the ice cubes melt faster than it does when using a larger block of ice. Subsequently,  you’ll need to keep on replacing ice cubes to keep you cool throughout. 

  • Fan with ice pack

This type is often found in cool boxes. You’ll need cable ties to attach a plastic bag behind your fan. The ice block is then slotted into this plastic bag. Warm air in the room is cooled every time it passes through the ice block. A fan with ice pack can give you cool air for about 30 minutes. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the cool air without worries of dripping water.

  •  Cool Box Air conditioner

This unit utilizes some ice, a fan and a container. The cool box is one that’s used normally for storage of food or drink. It features some drainpipe tubing that acts as an outlet. To utilize the cool box air conditioner, cut two circles into the lid. One of the holes should be big enough for the fan to fit accordingly. Place your fan facing downwards into the box. The other hole is used as an outlet for your drainage pipe.

The box utilizes a large block of ice, but it’s advisable to begin with a load of ice cubes. When it’s switched on, air is drawn into this box by the fan, it’s cooled by the ice and pushed outwards to provide a cooling effect.

You may check some variations of this cool box-based DIY air conditioner on YouTube, for a more understanding and selection of one that best suits you.

How to Make an Air Conditioner with A Fan and Ice

At this point, we’ll do a step by step procedure of how to easily make a homemade air conditioner, in case you find it difficult to follow what we have provided above.

  •  Have 3 plastic water bottles, and put 3 tablespoons of salt into each

In this case, you should utilize disposable plastic water bottles to make it easy to set-up and clean up. Fill the water bottles with water, put the caps back on and shake them thoroughly until the salt mixes fully with the water. You can use any standard salt that you use in your kitchen.

  •  Freeze the bottles

Place three bottles in a freezer and leave them inside until they are completely frozen. The time it takes to freeze the bottle will depend on the size of your freezer. 

Consider adding some salt to keep your ice solid for a longer duration. Why is this necessary? Because salt lowers freezing temperatures and this means you’ll need more heat to melt your ice.

  • Place the bottles 15 cm in front of the fan

As you place the bottles in front of your fan, ensure they’re well spread to avoid blocking any airstream from the fan. Additionally, these bottles should be placed on a small table in front of the standing fan to ensure that the full capability of the fan is utilized. After placing the bottles, you can turn the fan on. The air is then cooled down as it passes around the bottles. The fan should be kept on as long as the bottles are frozen. 

  • Put the bottles back in the freezer for reuse.

After some time, the ice will eventually melt. Consequently, you will need to have the bottles back to the freezer, and reuse them. You will have the air conditioner back on after a few hours of freezing the bottles. To avoid waiting for the bottles to freeze again, you can have multiple bottles prepared in your freezer, and enjoy cool air all the time and every time you need it.

How Can I Cool My Room Down Without AC?

Below are some easy and traditional ways that can keep your room cool without using an air conditioning unit.

  • Schedule your windows correctly. Since it’s hot during the day, keep your windows shut, and open them at night to allow the cool air in. Shut them in the morning to keep the cool air trapped for some time.
  • Take a cold bath/shower. It’s always a good idea to have a cold shower to relieve you from too much heat.
  • Switch off unnecessary electronics. Have your TVs, computers, clothes dryers and any other electronic that isn’t in use, switched off. This is because they contribute to some heat in the home. 

Go through the procedures provided above and select one that best suits you and will fully satisfy your needs. You don’t have to be so worried when it gets too hot as you now have solutions that you can easily implement.

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