The Best Smart Air Purifiers Worth Your Money in 2024

Best Smart Air Purifiers

During this time of the year, the warmer season tends to bring pollen, dust, grass, flowers as well as animal dander all of which cause the air in your home to be dirty and sometimes hazardous. It must be tiring if you have to pop and an anti-allergy pill every time you’re sitting in your own home. That is why you should invest in a smart air purifier, but first things first, what are they?

What is a wifi air purifier?

Best Smart Air Purifiers

To understand what a smart air purifier we must first define what an air purifier is and what it can do. In a nutshell, an air purifier is a special device whose purpose is to remove harmful airborne particles from the air around your home or office that may cause respiratory issues or sickness. This includes everything from pet dander, volatile organic compounds, mold spores, pollen, chemicals, bacteria, dust, gases and viruses. The way this device works is by taking in dirty or impure air, filtering the bad particles before pumping the clean air back into the room.

Smart air purifiers on the other hand, tells you what impurities are infiltrated in the air that you breathe and how often. In this case, a smart air purifier works in a similar way as a regular air purifier only that it lets you track and control the air quality within your home or office. They get the name ‘smart’ because they come with a special smartphone application that provides live readings of air quality data. These application not only monitors and measures airborne particles in your home but also delivers that data to you in real time.

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Other terms used instead of smart air purifier

If you are looking to buy a smart air purifier, don’t be confused by the various terms you come across as it is often marketed under several names. The main reason for this is because each manufacturer is trying to be different and capitalize the most on specific marketing terms to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Here are some of the terms that you may come across that ideally mean the same as smart air purifier:

  • Smart Air Filter
  • Bluetooth Air Purifier
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier
  • Wireless Air Purifier

Despite the technological terms of various products being different, keep in mind that each device includes smart capabilities and those key terms are practically interchangeable.

Who needs a smart air purifier?

The top air purifiers are an ideal device for everyone to have in their home or office. However, it is highly recommended for people who live in polluted metropolitan areas and those who suffer from severe allergies. These devices are also ideal to have if the climate in where you live promotes the growth of indoor mold as well as for people trying to reduce odors such as cigarette smoke in their homes. Smart air purifiers are beneficial in that they will clear the air around your home or office of anything that maybe harmful to your health or may put it at jeopardy.

Added benefits of purchasing a smart air purifier

With the latest generation of smart air purifiers, you can better understand what allergens are in the air you breathe thus providing you with an up-to-date alert on the level of various pollutants in your office, home and neighbourhood. In addition, this devices can also be programmed to purifier the air even when you’re not at home or the office. This is because you can use your smartphone as a remote to change your air purifier’s schedule while you are away. Most smart air purifiers can be integrated into systems such as IFTTT or Alexa.

Why you should consider buying a smart air purifier

There are a plethora of reasons why you should consider buying a smart air purifier aside from the obvious which is purifying the air around you. Here are other reasons why you might want to get a smart air purifier.

1. Real-time alerts

One of the major perks of owning a smart air purifier is that its smartphone app alerts you about the quality of air around you as well as the time to replace your filter among many other things. Due to its ‘smart’ option you don’t have to keep checking the performance of your air purifier manually because all the information you need is available to you on your smartphone.

2. Remote controlled

If you want to turn your air purifier off or on or simply change the fan setting, you don’t have to get off your favorite couch. This is a great option for modern day people who want to always have all the control options at their fingertips.

3. Great potential

The more technology continues to advance, the more new options are available for home owners. If you invest in a Wi-Fi enabled smart air purifier today, you may be giving yourself a chance to reap more benefits in the near future. For instance, smart thermostats are capable of sensing when you’re driving towards your house thus changing the temperature accordingly.   It is also most likely that smart air purifiers will use geofencing in order to adjust their schedules in the future as well.

4. Scheduling options

There are smart air purifiers that have convenient scheduling options. This means you can choose the times and dates when you want your purifier to operate. This is mostly ideal for those people who frequently go on vacations or business trips. Over time, you can create the ideal schedule for your air purifier so that you never have to worry about turning it off and on all the time.

5. Energy efficient

If you can control the working time of your air purifier it means that you will be spending less money on your power bills. You can switch off the air purifier when you leave for work and switch it back on your way back. By doing so, you will be avoiding wasting energy when you are not in the house without compromising the quality of air that you breathe.

6. Offers insight/additional information

With smart air purifier apps, you can learn about the quality of air in your home or office at any minute. With such information, you can easily adjust the settings of your device in time. In addition to this, you can also evaluate the work of your air purifier to see how fast it can clean the air in your house.

Other applications also provide an operation report. This means that at the end of the month you will be able to see how much energy your device has been using and how often you need to turn it on.  You can use this additional information to your advantage.

Top smart air purifiers

Now that you have an idea of what a smart air purifier is, how it works, why you should consider getting one, the next step is to look at some of the best smart air purifiers and the features they come with. Whether you’re affected by allergies or not, here are some of the top smart air purifiers if you want the air in your home to be cleaner.

1. GermGuardian Smart 4-in-1 Air Purifier

Looking for a smart air purifier that won’t break your bank? If the answer is yes then look no further as the GermGuardian Smart 4-in-1 will serve you well. At the back, this device is equipped with powerful fans such that it not only cleans the air around you but also keeps it circulating to allow clean air to move around the room.

Passing air through three different filters, the GermGuardian cleans the air around you of 99.97% of allergens. These include pollen, mold, dust, pet dander and more. Additionally, its air quality monitor detects the number of particles that are in the air as well as adjust how quick the device performs automatically.

Although the GermGuardian comes with a handy app that you can use for controlling the device over a data network or Wi-Fi on both Android and iOS it can also be integrated with either Google Assistant or Alexa.

2. Philips 5000i

This beastly smart air purifier can either operate whisper quiet or roar with power depending on what you need it to do. The Philips 5000i features five manual modes that range from extra-quiet sleep, to low, to medium, to high, to turbo speed. At its best, this device has a CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 293 cfm (cubic feet per minute) making it efficient enough to use in rooms that measure up to 454 square feet.

While the auto mode automatically increases the fan speed if the device’s air sensor detects abnormally high levels of pollution, the allergen mode is responsible for specially optimizing the fan and the filter to target allergens like dust, pollen and animal dander. Both the virus and bacteria mode are responsible for optimizing the setup to better target airborne microorganisms thus preventing the spread of diseases in your home.

3. Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link

The Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link smart air purifier is capable of keeping the air around you clean while heating and cooling it. Essentially, this device is not only an air cleaner but a fan with an air purifier. Only weighing around 8 pounds, you can easily carry your Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link around your office or home.

This device is not only easy to use but also comes with a myriad of smart options. It sio also Wi-Fi enabled, has a sleek design and works quietly depending on what you need it to do.

4. Winix NK105

This smart air purifier is compact and can clean the air in a space of up to 320 square feet. Even though it is not integrated with Google Assistant or Alexa, it has an app for both Android and iOS which allows you to have complete control of the device over data connection or Wi-Fi.

Winix NK105 air purifier features a four stage cleaning process which eliminates 99.97% airborne allergens including dirt, pet hair, pollen, dust and animal addition to this, the CD carbon filter help to get rid of smoke and odor. This means that the next time you make pan-fried salmon, your whole house doesn’t have to smell fish for days.

5. Honeywell HPA250B

The Honeywell HPA250B is yet another compact air purifying device that brands itself as an allergen remover offering some unique features for people suffering from allergies to animal dander, pollen, dust, mold and smoke. This device is quite simple to use because instead of bogging you down with a dozen of cleaning modes it simply offers easy purifying programs which target specific air pollutants in your home or office. You can easily cycle between clean mode, germ mode, an allergen mode and turbo mode.

Through the free Honeywell app, you can connect this device to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This smart option allows you to unlock additional features such as basic remote control options, the high allergen level alert feature and a rudimentary schedule system among many others. With a CADR of about 200cfm, this device cycles air in a room that measure up to 310 share feet.

6. Blueair Classic 605

If you are willing to pay premium price for an air purifier that cleans the air in a slightly bigger space then the Blueair Classic 605 is your ideal choice as this device can clean the air in a space measuring up to 775 square feet.

The Blueair Classic 605 features three fan speeds and can remove 99.97% of the allergens in the air around you very fast. Additionally, this device sports a quiet mode that allows it to function at a whisper making it perfect for the office, home or where you sleep.

This device provides you with the option of operating it the way you want. It is not only armed with Android and iOS app but it also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. All you will need to do is replace the filters at least once a year.  For cheaper and smaller unit form of Blueair check out the Classic 405 or Classic 205


Due to ease of operation, smart air purifiers are highly convenient, even though they cost a bit more than non-smart purifiers they have plenty more to offer. You can also buy smart units that cover your entire home. Check out my review of the most popular whole house air purifier systems today.

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