Best Air Purifiers for Server Rooms in 2024

Best Air Purifiers for Server Rooms

Do you know that air pollution conditions are worsening across the globe? So bad is the situation that if you own a data center especially in the urban areas you need to take measures to avoid losses. In this article, we shall try to find out the best air purifiers for server rooms.

The Impact of Air Pollution in various Sectors

Data centers are likely to experience mechanical failures as a result of poor air quality. This clearly shows why you need a good quality air filtration system. Currently, air pollution is a major challenge in various industrialized countries such as New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Beijing, with many of them struggling with pollution due to manufacturing and traffic congestion as well as other procedures that can discharge pollutants in the air.

Still, many of these cities have numerous data centers complete with huge networked computers which hold IT equipment and systems for various companies which are critical to day to day operations. As pollution worsens, the air quality inside data centers is likely to be compromised and this can cause severe effects on a company’s operations.

What Features Should I Consider When Buying an Air Purifier?

How to Eliminate Dust in the Server Room

If you’ve toured various server rooms, you know that they come in different sizes and shapes. However, one thing that’s common among all server rooms is the fact that they play a vital role in any IT system. Further, they’re available in different sectors such as research facilities, businesses, and even private homes.

It’s important to maintain the server room in perfect condition is you want the hardware to continue operating effectively for a prolonged period. There are various things you can do to achieve this as seen below.

Keep Dust out of the Server Room

Dust in the server room can have adverse effects. Not only will it make the room untidy, but it can also penetrate through your hardware causing it to malfunction. For instance, it can have an impact on sensitive hardware racks and gadgets more so if their outer protective casing has been removed for checks or maintenance.

You may also notice dust settling in hardware vents which keeps heat from effectively dissipating from the gadgets. In many cases, this will result in overheating which eventually causes hardware damage. You need to gauge the magnitude of the dust problem in your server room. In order to keep your server room dust free, you should at least dust it daily using electric dusters or gas canisters. The former is robust enough to operate effectively in large areas which makes them more ideal for the job.

Have Proper Cable Management

The server room has an array of cables and poor cable management bars you from tracing the right cable. In worst cases, it’ll result in faulty server hardware. You can adopt some easy cable management tips such as having them in different colors for easy identification, using them in the right length and arranging power and network cables differently.

Don’t use overly long cables to avoid wastage and tangling. Consider bundling similar cables together using cable tie wraps to make your environment neat.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

As you’ve seen, cleanliness in your server room is essential. Hire professional cleaners for a thorough cleaning exercise. Remember, water is dangerous and shouldn’t come into contact with your electronics. To keep your server room and your electronics safe, you can hire professional, experienced, and qualified cleaners to execute the cleaning task.

Always exercise caution when positioning your electronics. You don’t want to place them close to air conditioning units since they often drip water and can cause adverse damage.

Space Your Equipment

When you’re arranging your hardware such as the racks, you want to make sure that they’re within a reasonable distance from each other. This way, air can dissipate well across the electronics while in operation. Further, it prevents them from accidental damage such as walking through a rack in a cluttered server area which can result in a fall.

Many rack manufacturers give technical information about the distance at which you should install your racks. Adhere to the installation guide to enhance safety. Remember, there are various ways you can adopt to save money and time in regards to maintaining the server room. For efficiency and safety, you can collaborate with IT service providers who specialize in providing data center solutions.

Why Buy an Air Filter for the Server Room?

Maintaining the temperature in your computer server room is critical and you should do it round the clock. Remember, extreme heat is generated in the server room and you want to keep it under control to prevent your electronics from overheating and damages.

While you may want to depend on a central air conditioning system, it may not be effective since many of these systems are intricate appliances that are prone to failure. Window air conditioners aren’t recommended either because many server rooms hardly are close to windows. A big percentage of servers are situated in the interior part of the room which means finding cooling strategies can be a challenge.

Fortunately, you can use a good quality air purifier to maintain appropriate temperatures in your server room. Air purifiers are specially designed to cool computer and office rooms where you keep your heat-generating electronics. This ensures that your computer networks, office, and communications equipment continue operating even when the temperatures rise.

Air purifiers are self-contained gadgets which are available in a wide variety. You may want to choose a permanently installed gadget or even a portable one. Nearly all available models come with rolling casters which enable you to move the gadget from one area to the other and this allows you to cool down hot spots within the server room easier. One thing you should bear in mind is that you can’t use just any air purifier to cool down your server. The perfect air purifier for your server room should:

Come with an automatic restart function

This guarantees that it continues to operate effectively even when there’s a power failure. What this means is that you can regulate temperatures in your server room any time of the day or night. You don’t have to switch on the air purifier manually after a power outage since it resumes operations automatically once power is restored.

Have a ventilation system to override the hot air

Your server room should have a method of expelling heat. By now you’re aware that many server rooms are situated at the central part of a building which means that you can’t use window air conditioners due to the security risks involved. The perfect air purifier for your server room comes with a vent hose to expel air through a wall or drop ceiling.

Have a Condensation tank

The atmosphere in your server room should have low humidity levels. This is because extreme moisture can damage your machinery. You may want to know that air purifiers can also play the role of dehumidifiers which eliminate excess moisture from the air. All this moisture is deposited in a condensation bucket or tank.


Server rooms are delicate and hold critical equipment. You need to take all the necessary measures to regulate the temperatures and avoid losses you may incur from equipment damages. A good quality air purifier can help you regulate the temperatures in your server room and prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

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