How Do You Ventilate a Cigar Room?

How Do You Ventilate a Cigar Room

Are you planning to hold a party in your cigar room? If you are, you need to devise a way to make it well aerated in preparation for the party. How do you ventilate a cigar room? There are various methods of keeping your cigar room airy as we shall see in this article.

What is the best air purifier for cigar smoke?

Air purifiers have for long been used to eradicate contaminants in residential and commercial areas. Today, there’s a wide range of air purifiers and you can even get portable ones which you can easily transfer from one room to the other. Some of the available air purifiers depend on activated carbon to keep the air in your room well filtered and free from unpleasant odors.

If you’ve visited cigar lounges lately, you may have noticed that many of them use air purifiers to eliminate smoke from the air to create a conducive and comfortable environment for employees and clients. With the growing demand for air purifiers, many manufacturers are coming up to claim a place in the industry.

Choosing the best air purifier manufacturer is fast becoming an arduous task. If you’re looking for the ideal manufacturer, you may want to know about the following manufacturers who are not only popular, but they manufacturer high-quality air purifiers and are quite reputable.

Rabbit Air

This air purifier manufacturer produces a wide range of reasonably priced air purifiers. All their gadgets have a proven record of effectiveness when it comes to eliminating smoke from a room. The manufacturer has gone a step further to make their gadgets unique by fitting them with an odor remover air filter. If you’re looking for appropriately designed air purifiers, then you can be sure to find the gadget of your dreams at Rabbit Air.


Honeywell air purifier manufacturing company is popular for its desktop air purifiers which are also reasonably priced. While small air purifiers may not be ideal for use in larger spaces, you can opt to use them in your home based cigar room.


Dyson is another popular air purifier manufacturing company whose popularity is based on its ability to produce a wide variety of futuristic purifiers.

Should You have Garage Cigar Ventilation?

If you’re hosting a party in your home and the only ideal smoking area is your garage, then you can consider installing ventilation and fan systems to prevent smoke smell build up which can make the environment stale while leaving the woodwork and walls yellow in color.

There are various garage ventilation options you may want to consider such as simple wall ventilations or even ceiling fans. One this you should do before installing any ventilation system in your home is; confirm the building code from your regional headquarters before commencing the project.

There are numerous benefits that come with including ventilation to your garage. One of the most important ones is, of course, the fact that ventilating your garage improves the air in the room making it comfortable and ideal for parties and socializing events.

Often, garages aren’t insulated and this makes them stuffy and hot especially during the summer. What’s more, car exhaust can be toxic more so with all the additional chemicals that you may be keeping in the garage. Ventilating your garage will go a long way in cooling it down and making it safe for you and your visitors.

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Can You Reduce Smoke in Your Home?

You can easily reduce smoke distribution across your home by; covering the air return vents in your room using duct tape. Don’t cover the supply vent. You only want to cover the return vent that gathers the air out of your home and circulates it across the home. In the event the air is smoke-filled, it’ll be distributed to other parts of your home via the return vent.

However, if you cover the return vent, the air will have to escape through another area with the most probable place being under the door. This is not good either and you should avoid it at all costs as smoke emanating from under the door can populate your home. What you can do is pick a towel, roll it, and wrap the gap at the base of your doors.

After covering your air return and blocking the door, all you need is to slightly open a window and the air will escape through the window. Remember, duct taping your vents is neither aesthetically appealing, nor is it a permanent solution. Still, it’s better than having to smoke outside especially in the freezing cold weather. Further, there are various temporary and simple solutions you can consider if you are hosting an impromptu party. Whatever you do, don’t leave the tape on the vent once the air clears.

Is it Possible to have a DIY cigar room ventilation system?

One of the most important factors to consider when preparing your cigar room is how to eliminate smoke out of the room. You can opt to have a different designated ventilation system away from the main ducts in your home. However, this can be expensive and only ideal for you if you can afford it. If this goes beyond your budget, then you can choose to buy an ancillary air purifier or an exhaust fan for your windows.

While you may want to create a DIY ventilation system for your cigar room, it’s important to understand that ventilating a room can be a complex activity that can only be executed accordingly by experts. Not unless you are a professional, you may want to delegate the task to the professionals.

There are numerous companies which specialize in commercial smoke eaters, capable of eliminating all the smoke and smoke odors from a room and filtering them via carbon. Such air purifying gadgets are of good quality and can be found in cigar lounges and bars. You may want to use them in large areas. When you’re choosing an ideal ventilation system for your cigar room, you want to ensure that it not only meets your needs but also fits within your budget.

If you’re working on a budget, then an air purifier would be the ultimate solution for your cigar room. Air purifiers are specially designed to confine smoke through activated carbon filters and also produce and discharge negative ions to leave the environment fresh. Air purifiers are affordable as opposed to smoke eaters and more effective that exhaust fans or even having to leave your windows open.

Benefits of Owning an Air Dehumidifier

How can I Create an Attic cigar lounge?

You can easily create an attic cigar lounge by purchasing a humidor, some cigars, and ashtrays. Assuming your attic space isn’t finished, you’ll have to renovate it to give it cigar bar standards. In order to achieve this, you should buy building materials to cover the walls and flooring. You’ll also need to install the necessary materials you’ll need to build the appropriate cigar bar. The following steps should make the process easier.

Take the Measurements

In order to figure out the size of your attic, you’ll need to take measurements. Measure the rafters and walls to establish the amount of drywall and paneling you require. Proceed to measure the floor to figure out the dimensions you need to cover using tiles or wood. After this step, you will need to; purchase the materials from your local home improvement center or building material store, build the walls of your attic cigar bar, and finally construct the flooring. If you are looking to achieve the best finish, choose wood flooring for your attic cigar bar


Ventilating your cigar room is critical and it goes a long way in improving the quality of air within your space. Always consult a professional for the best recommendations if you want a durable ventilation system.

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