The Top 10 Filterless Air Purifiers in 2024: Comparison & Ratings

filterless air purifier

Filterless air purifiers use electrostatic ion generators, heat sterilization chambers or ultraviolet light to kill airborne germs and trap dust. This technology beats HEPA filters in terms of effectiveness and longevity. HEPA sets start losing efficiency when you’ve used them consistently for more than three months.

Today we’ll look at the most popular filter-free air purifiers.

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10 highly Rated filterless air purifiers

1. Lightair Signature IonFlow 50

This air purifier actually looks more of a futuristic decor piece thanks to its tall and simplistic design. Standing at just 23 inches in height, the Lightair Signature IonFlow 50 has the same height as a table lamp. Plus, it’s highly portable since it only weighs 10.36 pounds.

The packaging is quite simple yet very durable. You might need the same box for future shipping needs. Inside, the packaging, you’ll find a product manual and detached components. Fortunately, it takes less than five minutes to assemble the unit.

The downside is that you have to assemble a protective guard that goes around your ion generator to prevent electrocution. However, this will take a few minutes if you carefully follow the manual.

Ion generators are ideal for reading dens or babies’ rooms because they work silently. Why? Because they don’t use fans to draw in air for filtration. Instead, they attract air molecules by passing billions of negative ions. Allergens, bacteria, and dust get stuck on the generator and your air becomes safe for both you and your kids.

When you notice dirt accumulation on the protective guard and ion generator, switch off your unit and disassemble it. Rinse the ion generator and protective guard with clean water and let them dry for thirty minutes.

It also has an optional blue light that brightens up your living areas at night. You’ll find a small brush inside the packaging that’s meant for dusting your Lightair Signature IonFlow 50.

2. Airfree Lotus

Manufactured in Europe for more than a decade, the Airfree Lotus has earned a positive reputation in homes, schools, and even hospitals. This white dome-shaped air purifier uses convection heat to draw in air and sterilize it at high temperatures. This makes it safer than ion generators like the Lightair because you won’t experience any electrocution.

It also appeals to college students or people living in small apartments since its maximum capacity is 550 square feet. It’s more or less the same size as a 5-gallon bucket and only weighs 5.2 pounds making it very portable. The Airfree Lotus performs so silently that visitors might mistake it for a piece of furniture. This makes it ideal for offices because you can hold meetings without experiencing noise.

One major advantage this unit has is that its maintenance free. That’s an important factor when buying an air purifier to combat asthma and allergies because it reduces your medical expenses. You’ll only need to wipe the sides with a dry cotton cloth every now and then. You also get value for money since the warranty lasts for two years.

The best place to position it is on top of a table due to two reasons. This position enables it to draw air effectively and accomplish more cycles per hour. If you have children or pets at home, you need to position the purifier beyond reach. Otherwise, someone will accidentally switch off the unit.

3. Envion Ionic Pro Turbo

Do you like air purifiers with a tower design? This unit is an impressive 28-inches tall and just 7.5 inches wide. It’s all black and resembles a powerful wireless home theater speaker when you look at its front grill. On top is a sleek menu interface with blue LED buttons for activating low, medium, and high purification settings.

If you can’t sleep with any light present in your bedroom, then you need this unit. When running, it produces a small blue light that you can easily ignore. It will improve your sleep thanks to the emission of white noise that’s known to be quite soothing to both infants and adults. That’s because this unit lacks movable parts.

So, how does this unit work? A long vertical rod emits thousands of negative ions per minute when you switch on the air purifier. Positively charged impurities in your air get drawn to negatively charged metal plates. You can adjust this rate by switching your settings to either medium or high.

How often should you clean your Envion Ionic Pro Turbo? After every two weeks if you’re dealing with lung illnesses. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner for this task. Press the buttons at the top to detach the front grill and gently vacuum it from top to bottom. Dismantle and vacuum the rest of your grill while inspecting the vertical rod for any dirt. The good news is that these components don’t require any replacements.

4. Airfree Platinum 2000

Airfree Platinum 2,000 is designed to purify air in spaces smaller than 500 square feet making it ideal for small bedrooms and reading dens. You’re also guaranteed of getting value for money because this European-manufactured purifier uses the best green technology. This ensures that you don’t inhale any toxic byproducts emitted by your unit.

Just like the Lotus model, this unit uses high heat temperatures to sterilize your air. This technology provides two benefits. As a consumer, you won’t notice a spike in your electricity bills because since the heat sterilization process has a low power demand. Second, heat is more effective in killing living bacteria and viruses floating in your bedroom or living room.

If you’re a smoker living in a confined space, then you need to get this unit for your lung’s sake. Why? Because small living spaces usually have poor ventilation. An air purifier will absorb tobacco and other toxic molecules present in the second-hand smoke. This minimizes your chances of contracting severe lung illnesses such as bronchitis.

The Airfree Platinum 2000 is recommended for confined areas with high mold growth. Heat effectively kills mold spores present in the air and that’s why this purifier comes highly recommended. Turning it at the highest setting increases sterilization temperature and air intake since it uses convection currents. The good news is that you won’t need to do any component replacements after heavy purification.

5. AirFantastic AF 4000

The AirFantastic AF 4000 can purify living spaces as large as 3,000 square feet where there aren’t any pets or smokers. Most air purifiers in this list have a maximum capacity ranging from 500-570 square feet. That’s why you might want to get this unit if you want a good unit for your entire apartment or medium-sized open office.

Certain factors may limit the range of effectiveness. If you reside with a chronic smoker, your unit’s range reduces to just 500 square feet. Owning more than one dog reduces your original range by half. To get value for money, you need to ban indoor smoking.

Have you ever heard about WashYourAir technology? it’s a patented technique utilized by this unit to kill airborne germs and viruses in your living areas. How does it work? It uses electric current to convert hydrogen and oxygen molecules into hydrogen peroxide gas. You won’t see or smell anything since it’s both colorless and odorless.

When you compare this technology with ion generators, you’ll notice a major difference. Ion generators usually collect dust particles and germs on the positively charged collection plates. The WashYourAir technology doesn’t collect any dirt because the hydrogen peroxide gas doesn’t attract any molecules.

For best results, position your unit on top of a table without any surrounding obstructions. You’ll need a dry cotton cloth to wipe the aluminum casing once or twice a week.

6. AirFree Onix 3000

This unit looks like a robot’s head. Place it on your desk and your colleagues will start wondering when did you start riding motorcycles. This versatile design makes it ideal for homes and small offices. You need this unit to prevent flu by killing influenza viruses present in your living area.

The AirFree Onix 3000 has a convection chamber that plays two roles. It uses heat to draw in air continuously from your living room or office. Air moves in from below and moves to the sterilization chamber. The blazing temperatures kill all bacteria, mites, mold spores, and viruses instantly. Purified air gets pushed to the top and re-enters your living space.

You can adjust temperatures using options found on the LED menu panel. After vacuuming your living room, switch your purifier to the highest setting to absorb floating microscopic impurities. The same case applies when changing your baby’s diaper.

HEPA air purifiers are costly to maintain because one needs to buy a new set of filters after every six months. Owning an AirFree Onix 3000 frees you from recurring costs thanks to the effectiveness of your sterilization chamber. Airborne particles disappear when exposed to the hot convection currents, unlike HEPA air filters that retain impurities.

You can use this unit for at least five years before getting a new one. Perhaps the only downside to owning an Onix 3000 is that its small size makes it easy to knock down accidentally. Like when there’s a blackout and you’re groping around the table to find your phone.

7. Airfree T800

Are you looking for a silent air purifier that’s built for kids’ playrooms? The Airfree T800 is designed and loaded with an array of powerful features aimed at disinfecting large volumes of air and absorb bad odors. Its 15.8-inch height enables it to distribute purified air across wider living spaces without having to mount it on a table.

Thanks to its impressive silent nature, you can have an Airfree T800 inside your office. It’s actually a good asset because it enables your employees to enjoy purified air. In the long run, you’ll notice that the number of employees with cases of flu lowers dramatically. You also create a nice first impression with clients or suppliers visiting your office to discuss business.

It’s ideal for small and medium-sized offices ranging from 100-180 square feet. Unlike HEPA-based purifiers, this unit doesn’t require any maintenance. It contains one powerful sterilization chamber that kills germs and eliminates odors simultaneously.

Most filter systems require a carbon pre-filter to absorb bad smells. That’s why annual maintenance costs are usually costly because one has to buy both activated carbon and HEPA filters.

Make sure you keep the area around the purifier clean at all times. Why? Because this unit draws in air from below using a fan. When there’s a lot of dirt around this fan, the unit takes a long time to purify your breathing air. During that period, your lungs get exposed to different germs and impurities.

8. LightAir Evolution IonFlow 50

Do you need an air purifier that also spices up your living room decor? This unit will definitely impress you by its compact modern design and low-profile Blue LED lights. You might mistake it for a futuristic lamp stand by the way it easily blends with your background.

This unit serves smaller sizes compared to the Signature 50 model. It’s suitable for open spaces as large as 550 square feet while the Signature covers 750. Old reading dens tend to develop musty smells due to mold feeding on books and shelves. Owning an air purifier enables you to preserve your treasured books by getting rid of mold spores present in your den.

You’ll also grow fond of its silent yet effective performance. Unlike most purifiers that use fans to draw in air, the IonFlow 50 discharges negative ions inside your living room. Doing this enables it to keep your air clean and get rid of bad smells silently. Noisy purifiers make pets cranky because noise disrupts afternoon naps.

Installing your Evolution IonFlow50 takes less than five minutes. This simple design makes it convenient to move your unit from one room to the next. You’ll need to clean it after every two weeks if you have more than two furry indoor pets. Simply switch off your unit and dismantle the protective guard. Wipe it using soap and water then use a dry cloth to wipe the ion generator.

9. Airfree P1000

This unit is ideal for offices, living rooms, and boardrooms that are 450 square feet. You might easily forget that you own an air purifier because this unit is quite small and silent. It also blends in with white walls and decor making it inconspicuous. Even curious toddlers might pass it off as another piece of furniture.

Airfree provides a two-year warranty for the P1000. The good news is that you won’t need any maintenance because it uses a powerful sterilization chamber. How does the filtration work? A fan at the base draws in air and directs it to the sterilization chamber. Air gets exposed to currents of hot air at 400F for 10-15 seconds. It gets pushed upwards into the cooling chamber and exits through the vents.

Sterilization is the best way to kill influenza viruses because some electrostatic precipitators don’t produce enough current to eliminate airborne organisms. Plus, they tend to get less effective when the collection plates get dirty. Residue doesn’t accumulate in sterilization chambers and this makes them quite durable.

Owning a small air purifier comes with a few advantages. When about to preserve food in your refrigerator, you can move the purifier to your kitchen to get rid of any bacteria and mold spores in your kitchen. Doing this lengthens the amount of time you can safely refrigerate food especially when humidity increases during summer.

10. RxAirPlus with TiO2UVC1001B

RxAir is synonymous with hospitals thanks to a couple of advantages. The most important being its effectiveness in maintaining sterile environments all day and night. After rigorous safety tests, medical experts found that the RxAir Plus doesn’t produce any traces of ozone or harmful gases while purifying air.

Despite its massive 32-inch height, this unit barely produces a sound when activated. Owning a tall air purifier eliminates the need of mounting your unit on a desk or table for maximum air intake supply. The menu panel is on top and quite self-explanatory. Each time interval has its own button and you can switch purification levels by adjusting fan speeds.

New coffee tables and bookshelves that came straight from carpenters’ workshops usually have strong chemical odors. These odors pose great health risks especially in the presence of newborns. While opening the windows for several hours might reduce the strong smells, you can’t see the airborne molecules of varnish and ammonia in your living room.

This tall air purifier that’s ideal for 800 square feet eliminates VOCs within three hours. Low-cost units with HEPA filters take 6-8 hours to accomplish the same task. Some chemical molecules are so small that they easily pass through HEPA micron filters.  What makes the RxAir so brilliant? It uses TiO2 technology to attract and decompose both chemical and organic matter.

It comes with a cartridge that requires replacement after every three years.

The Best Air Purifiers:

2. Let’s do a quick comparison




Small rooms

Airfree Onix 3000.


1. Highly affordable

2. Low power consumption

3. Effective sterilization technology

4. Hardly consumes space

LightAir Evolution


1. Accidental contact with the metallic part causes electrocution.

2. Its small base makes it easy to knock down when someone’s passing near your desk or table.

3. One has to dismantle the entire protective guard during cleaning.

Large rooms

RxAirPlus with TiO2UVC1001B


1. Effective in spaces as large as 800 square feet.

2. Widely used in hospitals and retirement homes

3. Effective in eliminating strong paint odors

4. Tall height enables it to accomplish at least 5 air cycles in 500-square-foot spaces

AirFantastic AF 4000


1. It requires perfect conditions to purify air within 3,000 square feet. Not ideal for large rooms with cigarette smokers or pets.


AirFree units require no maintenance

1. RxAirPlus requires a new cartridge after three years.

2. Cleaning an Envion ProTurbo requires a vacuum cleaner

Ease of Installation

1. AirFree units

2. Envion

3. RxAir

4. AirFantastic


1. Just plug into your socket and switch it on.

LightAir models


1. Assembling the protective guard may be challenging for people with sprained wrists.

3. Factors to consider when buying an air purifier

1. Medical needs

If you have asthma or a different lung illness, you need a purifier that’s effective in trapping and killing triggers. So, an ideal purifier in your situation is one that maintains sterile breathing air for 24 hours. At the same time, you don’t want to pay higher electricity bills.

In this situation, you can either choose an air purifier with strong ion generating features like the Envion Ionic ProTurbo or any AirFree unit. Sterilization with heat is still one of the best disinfection methods known to man. Plus, it’s highly effective since this units draw in the air continuously through a fan.

2. Size of your home

After just reviewing ten filterless purifiers, you have an idea of how size determines the effectiveness of an air purifier. College students require compact sized purifiers that you can just place on a desk or at the center of the apartment. This allows the purifier to draw in high volumes of air and deliver more cycles per hour.

Tall units are suitable for living rooms because they produce high volumes of purified air at a better rate than compactly sized purifiers.

3. Features

Nowadays, you’ll come across units that you can operate remotely via Bluetooth and WIFI. These units give you greater control because you can activate your unit while leaving the office on your way home. By the time you arrive, your living room is cleaned and soothing.

When you have a child at home, you need a purifier that allows you to control intervals remotely. This ensures that you maintain a safe sleeping environment while your child plays outside.

4. Need for a dehumidifier

While air purifiers are good at killing mold spores, they cannot get rid of excess humidity in your home or office. First, identify the source of high humidity and see whether you can solve the problem by getting a dehumidifier. Doing this improves the effectiveness of your air purifier because the dehumidifier makes it impossible for mold spores to survive.

4. Advantages of filterless air purifiers

1. No replacements

Once you buy a filterless air unit, you don’t experience any recurring costs like those associated with HEPA sets. You actually lower your medical bills by getting a filterless unit because it protects your lungs without adding extra expenses to your budget.

2. Highly effective for people with allergies and lung diseases

HEPA filtration systems use trapping mechanisms to filter out impurities in your air. However, medical research shows that some allergens and bacteria are as small as 1 micron. This small size enables them to pass through HEPA filters and go straight into the lungs.

Filterless systems attract and kill bacteria and viruses using various methods making them more effective for people living with lung illnesses.

3. Silent operation

Filterless air purifiers are suitable for both homes and offices because they operate silently. You’ll enjoy long naps thanks to the white noise effect in the background. You’ll still make and receive phone calls without worrying about noise

5. How to get the best results from a filterless air purifier

1. Close all doors and windows

Air purifiers are designed to sterilize breathing air in confined spaces. Shutting the doors and windows reduces the amount of particulate matter flowing into your living spaces.

2. Don’t use purifiers in cluttered rooms

Some air purifiers use fans to draw in air during purification cycles. When you place your unit in between bookshelves or tables, it becomes less effective since the furniture limits the amount of air getting inside the purifier.

3. Keep your home or office clean

In order to achieve more cycles per hour, you can reduce the contaminants in your air by vacuuming your carpet frequently. Carpets are really dirty because everybody steps on them with shoes or paws. The outdoors contain a variety of bacteria and viruses not forgetting mold spores present in lawns.

6.  Winding it up

Shopping for a good filterless air purifier is easy when you know which factors to consider. It’s advisable to make your home or office ready for purification by getting rid of unnecessary items. If you have a table that you don’t use, consider giving it away or selling it. Why? Because mold spores accumulate on furniture.

In addition to purifying your living room, you also need an air purifier in your kitchen. Vegetables and fresh fruit from the groceries contain a high amount of bacteria. When you activate the purifier, it reduces the number of harmful germs present in your food and cutlery.  Doing this enables you to store food and vegetables for longer durations.

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