Whirlpool Whispure Ap51030k Air Purifier Review

Whirlpool Whispure Ap51030k Air Purifier

The Whirlpool Whispure ap51030k Air Purifier is a reasonably priced gadget that’s specially designed to effectively eradicate a big percentage of particles from the air. If you’re looking for a gadget that increases circulation of fresh and clean air in your room, this is the ideal gadget. Let’s delve through this Whirlpool Whispure ap51030k Air Purifier Review for more details.

The popularity of this Brand

The Whirlpool Whispure 510 is a good mid-priced air purifier delivering both high airflow and high rates of particle removal which make it ideal for allergens and dust. Whirlpool only offers a plain HEPA filter with no activated carbon, which means that this unit is not effective for odors, smoke, or chemicals.

Whirlpool has for long been instrumental when it comes to manufacturing efficient gadgets that surpass customer expectations. This particular brand offers silent operation which means you can use it in your bedroom or even office with minimal disturbance. If you intend to run your unit only for limited hours then this can be a good air purifier choice. If you’re looking for a gadget that can run 24/7, this gadget may not be the ideal choice due to the high operating costs involved.

Unboxing the Package

When you finally receive your Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K package, you’ll realize that it features a compact, lightweight, and well-balanced unit. You won’t struggle to carry or move your package around due to the easy handling option. What’s more, the plastic housing makes it sturdy. While we can’t categorically say that this is the most visually appealing gadget in the market today, it’ll help you get the work done effectively enough to fulfill your needs.

Switching Your Air Purifier On and Off

The Whispure AP51030K is specially designed for functionality and comes with basic and user-friendly controls. The control panel features a sticker as opposed to push buttons. It also comes with LED lights to help you view the activated settings with minimal struggle. If you attempt to take off the front panel, don’t be shocked to see the section where the control panel colors converge. This for some people will without a doubt make the gadget appear cheap and low in quality. However, don’t let this distract you from an effective machine. This is but a temporary situation which you’ll only be exposed to whenever you want to replace your filter.

Launching the Air Purifier

To find the filter, check right behind the gadget’s front panel. To remove it you’ll need to push the tabs located at both sides of the unit in. Remember, pushing the tabs located at the front panel can be a difficult operation. This is why you’ll need to first pull the front panel to ease the process. One more thing you’ll need to keep in mind is the fact that the push tabs are made of plastic. What this means is that they’re more susceptible to failure than any other parts of the Whispure AP51030K. When the tabs break, the front panel of your gadget will be unable to fully attach back to the unit.

Broken Tabs and the Gadget’s Performance

Of course, the broken tab will in no way affect the gadget’s performance but it shouldn’t happen. It’s worth noting that the tabs aren’t too weak to breakdown after one trial. This will happen after the gadget has been manipulated over and over again.

Built Quality

As we’ve already mentioned above, this gadget is compact and solid. However, you’ll probably wonder why it comes with styrofoam. If you’re like many customers, you’ll want the material removed from inside the unit but what you may not know is the fact that its part of the gadget. This material is not there by mistake, however. The manufacturer included it there to minimize the gadget’s weight, cutting down costs, and minimize operational noise output. As much as this material is quite effective when it comes to enhancing the gadget’s overall performance, this doesn’t take away the fact that it does look unsightly.

The Whispure AP51030K Filtration

If you’re an air purifier enthusiast, chances are you have a great understanding of these gadgets. You’re so well versed with them such that you can easily point out one drawback after the other by just looking at the air purifier. Let’s take this case for instance. You’ll realize that the manufacturer claims the gadget features a 3 stage filtration system while in the real sense they’re only two. The purported third filter happens to be the grill which only seems to trap large particles from the air. You’ll be tasked with cleaning this gadget regularly in soapy water because lint and dust settle on it with ease.

Activated Carbon Filter

As you already know by now, the activated carbon filter plays a huge role in eliminating gasses and odors from your home. It can also be quite effective when it comes to eliminating toxic chemicals from the air. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to replace the carbon filter in this gadget at least after every 4 months of continued use. Of course, this will depend on how frequently you use it. The good news is that the replacement isn’t costly and you’ll only spend $30 for a four filter pack. You’ll be able to use this pack for an entire year.

True HEPA Filter

This standard HEPA filter is specially designed to eliminate up to 99.9% of pollutants in the air such as dust mites, pollen, allergens, and other toxic substances which can distract your breathing. This filter can also be effective when it comes to managing pet dander and mold spores. You’ll need to change the filter at least once every year and for this, you’ll spend $90. The Whispure AP51030K filtration system is neither advanced nor complex apart from the two basic filters which eliminate small particles and odors. If you or your loved ones have mild allergies, then this gadget would work just fine for you. However, if you’re a heavy smoker or have a weak immune system, this gadget will not be appropriate.

What Customers say about the Whispure AP51030K

If customer reviews are anything to go by, then it seems like the Whispure AP51030K scores highly in terms of effective filtration, especially when used in the right manner within the recommended space.


The Whispure AP51030K comes in a rather ancient design which may not be visually appealing to the millennials who have an eye for all things advanced, modern, and sleek. This air purifier is neither too big nor extremely heavy. What’s more, it comes with an inbuilt handle which facilitates handling and moving it from one point to the other. It’s available in white and black, neutral colors that will hardly clash with your existing home decor. Seeing that this air purifier is compact, you can easily place it against the wall.

Energy Consumption

But there is a downside to this. This air purifier can heat up during operation. If you’re using it at the highest setting, this gadget will consume between 115 and 118 watts. Of course, this is higher compared to similar air purifiers in the market. Before purchasing the Whispure AP51030K figure out whether or not you’ll place it in a warm place. This is because using this gadget in a small room during the warm season can be slightly challenging. People who live in cold areas will have a great moment using this gadget.

User Friendliness

The Whispure AP51030K comes complete with a user-friendly control panel that features easy to push buttons. Users can easily choose the night mode, fan speed, and proceed to figure out the filter indicators. One of the best things about this air purifier is the fact that it features a child-friendly option which enables you to lock down the control panel. This way, you can keep this air purifier in your child’s room without having to worry.


According to the manufacturer, this air purifier operates silently. It features four fan speeds with the lowest speed being very silent such that you can easily use it in your bedroom. The only problem with using this air purifier on a lower setting will be the fact that it won’t be effective enough when it comes to cleaning up the air. You may want to use the second-speed setting to enhance the gadget’s effectiveness. If you’re a light sleeper, the second setting will have you rolling and tossing in bed because it tends to be noisy.

Amount of Noise the Gadget Produces on the Highest Setting

The manufacturer says the highest setting of this gadget generates up to 55 DB of noise which is manageable seeing that it would be similar to that of people having a mid-conversation. But some users say that the highest setting is rather loud to a point of distracting you from watching the television. This contradicts what the manufacturer says.

Coverage Area

The manufacturer of this gadget says that it can clean a room measuring up to 500 square meters which according to the CADR rating is 315 which happens to be factual.


The Whispure AP51030K doesn’t come with an air quality sensor. It’s worth noting that a sensor is an essential tool in air purifiers. However, many of the gadgets that come with sensors are slightly expensive. When you first purchase this gadget, try to run it nonstop for 12 hours on the highest setting. This will come in hand to eliminate all the toxic particles from the air. At the lapse of the 12 hours, you can switch it to the second setting. You don’t have to run your air purifier 24/7. Consider using it between 10 and 12 hours every day. Ensure you’re running the gadget in the second setting because the first setting may not be effective enough when it comes to eliminating contaminants from the air.

Filter Life Indicator

The Whispure AP51030K comes with a filter life indicator which features a scale instead of the conventional red light. This allows you to monitor the filter status enabling you to be prepared to change your filter depending on its efficiency. The gadget also has a different indicator for the activated carbon filter and the HEPA filter.


If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective air purifier, consider purchasing the Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K. Despite some of the drawbacks we’ve seen in these gadgets, it’s quite effective and durable.

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