Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (SPA-550A)



  • Covers large rooms up to 550 square feet
  • Easy to set up
  • Washable pre-filters
  • High-quality active carbon filters
  • Quiet operation


  • The fan is noisy sometimes
  • HEPA filters need replacement often
  • Expensive

Are you struggling to find the best air purifier for pets for your home? Do you have a large space you want to cover?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you are finally in luck. The Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 SPA-550A is more than suitable for the job. This is a product that is made to cover large rooms and filter all impurities from the air, and it also works almost silently, so there won’t be much white noise to cause you any trouble.

If you want to see all the amazing feature that this unit has to bring, keep reading our review, and you will see why this is perhaps the best air purifier for pet dander on the market today.

The market for air purifiers is booming in the last couple of years due to the increased concern about the air quality we all breathe. Not only that, these devices can help people who suffer from allergies by capturing and trapping the pollutants found in the air. Rabbit Air SPA-550A brings even more to the table. This model has all the essential features and plenty of power to cope with large rooms, and they are especially effective against pet dander. So, here are the best features of the unit.

4-stage Filtration Process

The 4-stage filtration process is a standard feature for many air purifiers in this price category. The filtration process pushes the air through a number of powerful filters that can trap pollutants inside. Here are all four stages:

  • Permanent Washable Pre-filter

Unlike many other air purifiers, the Rabbit Air SPA-550A has a washable pre-filter installed. This filter is designed to catch the largest particles like dust and other allergens. Since the filter is fully washable, there is no need to replace them. Just wash it down with hot water and put it back in its place.

  • BioGS HEPA Filter

This is where the magic happens. The BioGS HEPA filter is able to absorb particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. That means that it traps 99,97% particles from the air, including pet dander and other allergens. The air in your home will be as clean as mountain air, which will undoubtedly reduce allergies.

These filters have to be changed from time to time, but they are responsible for the amazing effectiveness of this high-quality air purifier for your home.

  • Charcoal-based Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters are another common features of most air purifiers, but the Rabbit Air SPA-550A offers something even better. These activated carbon filters are made out of high-grade granular AC that makes them super effective for trapping odors, pet allergens, smoke, cooking odors, and so on.

  • Negative Ion Generator

The Negative Ion Generator is another useful feature of this unit. It fortifies the fresh air coming out of the device by blasting them with negative ions. Once charged, the air is pushed back into the room via a large fan.

rabbit air biogs 2.0

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Other Features of The Unit

Apart from the basic air purification options and filters, this unit is packed with some useful features that make it the best air purifier for pet dander and allergies. The designers have been working hard to come up with a device that looks great, has all the necessary features of a powerful air purifier, and with incorporated smart technology features. Here is what you can expect.

  • Energy efficient

You can keep the unit on at all times without worrying about your power bill. The Rabbit Air SPA-550A has an Energy Star rating which means that you won’t have to spend a lot on your electricity bill.

  • Smart technology

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 SPA-550A is a smart piece of technology with features like the filter indicator and the auto shut-off option that saves power and reduces light pollution. There is also a childproof feature designed to shut down the unit if the front panel is not in place. You can never be too careful around kids.

  • Ultra quiet

The unit is fitted with a state of the art BLDC motor that can operate at five speeds. Even if you set it to maximum settings, it produces very little white noise. The lower settings allow it to work completely silently.

Suitable Application

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 SPA-550A is made to be used in medium and large sized rooms up to 600 square feet. It can filter out all the air in a 550 square room twice each hour, removing all air pollutants at all times.

One of the biggest selling points of this unit is how it looks. The device looks very stylish and modern, and it goes well with almost all types of furniture. The weight of the unit is 16.8 pounds, so you can easily pick it up and take it to another room if needed. All things considered, you can be sure that the air inside your home is as clear as possible.

What is Wrong with the Product?

Based on our personal experience and the user experiences we have found online, the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 SPA-550A looks good, but it has a couple of problems with the filters. They don’t catch all pollutants from the air sometimes. Also, the fan makes an annoying sound if set on the lowest settings.

The replacement filters are expensive, and they don’t really last as long as you’d expect.


If you want to get the best air purifier for pet dander, you should definitely consider Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 SPA-550A. This device is powerful enough to cover up to 600 square feet of room; it offers a 4-stage filtration process that can clear the air out of nearly all pollutants. It also looks great and goes well with most furniture pieces all around the house. Your home will smell great, and it will be safe for you and your family.



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