PIONAIR 750 Air Purifier



  • It has no filters and no need to wash the plates.
  • It turns harmful pollutants into non-harmful.
  • It uses UV-C technology and is completely safe.
  • It can deal with open-plan living spaces and clear the air in next to no time.


  • The lamp does have to be replaced.
  • It may be too expensive for a large sector of the market.

When it comes to purchasing the best air purifier, then there is no doubt that you can spend a considerable amount of money in getting the correct one for your needs. However, if you are of the opinion that those purifiers that are more expensive should be avoided, then you may not be aware of the difference it can make according to the technology that is contained within the individual model.

The PIONAIR 750 may indeed be more expensive than a large number of air purifiers that are on the market, but that does not have to be a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, we thought it would be best to examine exactly what it is capable of doing to then determine if this is the kind of air purifier that is actually worth the money that the company is asking for the product.

It’s an Air Purification System

First, the company stresses that this is actually an air purification system, which they claim sets it above the average air purifier that you pay a lot less money for. This takes some explanation, but where other purifiers simply trap the particles and allergens, this model does something completely different.

With this, it takes any harmful chemicals that are in the air and it transforms them into something completely harmless such as carbon dioxide or water. In other words, it effectively neutralizes things, and it does so in a completely safe manner.

There are No Filters

You may also be surprised to hear that there are no filters in this entire system, and if you are wondering how on earth it is then going to filter the air, then let us explain that part as well. This uses something called PhotoCatalyctic Oxidation which is basically a cool way of saying that it is an air sanitizer. It uses ions to capture the odors and particles before then putting them through the transformation process as mentioned above.

It Tackles the Main Indoor Pollutants

The manufacturer states that this model is able to deal with the three main forms of indoor pollutants, so you can then enjoy healthier and cleaner air. However, what they are basically saying, and using sales talk to make it sound better, is that it is able to pick up particles, allergens and microbes just like any other air purifier out there on the market. The only thing that we must stress is that it does at least go about things in a different way to the majority of air purifiers.

Other Features of The Unit

Silent Operation

As soon as you switch the unit on, you will discover that it really is almost entirely silent which does mean that it can run at night and provide you with sanitized air as you sleep. This is certainly one of the quietest air purifiers that you are going to find on the market, so if you are a light sleeper and are concerned about the noise, then there is absolutely no need to worry.

It Has a Germicidal Lamp

The germicidal lamp is more important than you perhaps realize as this is one way in which it attracts and kills airborne bacteria, germs and viruses. It uses UV-C technology via a lamp in the unit, and if you are worried about all of this, then we have to stress that there is absolutely no need. The unit has been tested thoroughly, and it has been inspected for the potential of producing ozone thanks to the ions and UV-C light, but it has been shown that it does not produce levels that are of any concern to our health, so you can simply enjoy the pleasant air.

The Size of the Room.

This air purifier is more than capable of clearing the air in a large size room, which you would rightfully expect with something as powerful as this. In actual fact, it is stated that the minimum size it can work in is 350 square feet, while the maximum is 750 square feet so this is ideal for an open-plan area where other purifiers may have struggled to deal with space.

The Warranty

Considering the price of the PIONAIR 750, it is good to discover that you actually receive a 3 year warranty when you purchase the product. Also, if you are not happy with your purchase then there is a 30 day returns policy where you are guaranteed to get your money back. This does show some significant confidence in the product and they do genuinely believe that you are simply not going to have to take advantage of this offer.

What is Wrong with the Product?

So, is there anything wrong with this product that you should be made aware of? Well, some would argue that the price is higher than they would like to pay, so that could put some people off even contemplating purchasing it. Also, the lamp for the UV-C technology is going to have to be replaced every now and again which does add in some extra costs, but it does last for a considerable length of time without you having to even think about that.

Aside from those two relatively minor things, there is actually little to complain about with the PIONAIR 750, which is nice to hear when you think about the cost.


The PIONAIR 750 is an expensive air purification system, but it is extremely effective at clearing the air even when the space it is dealing with is quite vast. The fact that it has no filters is interesting and it does show that alternative technology is out there beyond the usual filter options that you primarily come across. The way in which it turns harmful things into non-harmful is also impressive, so if you have the money available and do suffer from allergies, then this could very well prove to be the perfect solution.



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