GermGuardian AC5350W Review – Instant Allergen and Odor Reduction



  • Captures all allergens and other air polluters that lead to asthma and allergy issues
  • Beautiful modern design, perfect for the home or office
  • Can cover small and large rooms
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The filters are easy to replace


  • The unit can only remove mild household odors

The modern way of life has a significant impact on the planet, including the air we breathe. Factories, industrial zones, cars, chemical plants, and other factors are contributing to the deterioration of air. That leads to allergies, pulmonary diseases and other complications that impact the quality of life.

When the polluted air comes inside your home, respiratory problems are almost guaranteed. It is easy to understand why air purifiers became so popular in the last couple of ears. You can find many brands and models on the market, each with different features and price ranges. This is the review of the GemGuardian AC5350W air purifier.

The GemGuardian AC5350W offers an impressive set of features that are all aimed at improving the quality of air indoors. Some of those features are very interesting for people who suffer from allergies, respiratory diseases, and asthma. Read on to see all of the benefits this unit offers.

Design and Construction

The unit has a slick, slim tower design that looks like a PC at the first glimpse. The measurements are 27.56 in height, 6.69 inches in width, and 9.06 inches in length. The looks of the unit are eye-catching and very stylish. It fits in perfectly in both, your home and your office. The product also features a UV-C on and off switch that allows you to control the UV-C light treatment feature with one touch of a button. The housing of the unit is made out of top quality ABS plastic. GermGuardian has invested a lot of effort into the construction and the design of the unit. It is portable, lightweight, and pleasing to the eyes.

The Advanced Filtration System

One of the biggest advantages of the GermGuardian AC5350W is its efficiency in air purification in four different filtration levels. The unit is fitted with a top of the line filtration system that purifies the air of all allergens, odors, and other pollutants. The process of air filtration is complicated and effective.

In the first stage, the air particles pass through the pre-filter that traps large particles like pollen, dust, pet hair, and so on. Then, the air passes through the second filtration stage which uses activated carbon for further purification. The activated carbon is made out of high-quality absorbent charcoal that absorbs odors caused by cooking, pets, chemicals, and so on.

The third stage of the process is the unit’s HEPA filter that captures particles small as 0.3 microns. That includes pollutants like mold spores, plant pollen, pet dander, dust, and many others.

The final stage of the air filtration process is the UV-C or germicidal light stage. This is perhaps the most important step of the process as it purifies the air of viruses and bacteria that could harm you. As the air passes through the last stage, the unit releases clean air, improving the air quality inside your home or office.

UV-C Light Technology

The UV-C light technology is what makes GermGuardian AC5350W stand out from the other air purifiers on the market. The feature is extremely effective in killing germs in both air and water. It also kills viruses and bacteria that can cause serious diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and meningitis. The UV-C light eliminates germs by changing their genetic structures with concentrated light blasts. It is an ideal machine to keep your kids and family members safe.

germguardian ac5350w allergen odor reduction

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Charcoal Filter

The charcoal filter is another amazing feature that this unit has to offer. It eliminates different household odors, which is why many pet owners buy it. Animals produce odors, and if you are one of those people who like having animals around, the charcoal filter can help you neutralize any odors in the air. It also removes dander that leads to allergies.

Bulb and Filter Replacement

The GermGuardian AC5350W features a filter indicator and a bulb. Both of them will need replacement after some time, and you will be alerted by a notification when they need changing. The filters need to be replaced once every six to eight months, depending on how frequently you use the unit. If you use it every single day, the filter will need to be replaced more often.

Other Features of the Unit

The unit comes with five different fan speed settings you can choose manually. The ultra-quiet sleep mode gives the unit enough purifying power while keeping it quiet. If you set the power to the maximum level, the machine will only produce minimal white noise. The CADR rate of the unit is at 125+, and it can effectively purify 193 SQ. Feet of room indoors.

What is Wrong with the Product?

This is one of the best air purifiers on the market, but it’s not meant for any application. The biggest and the only drawback of the unit is that it can’t eliminate heavy odors like chemicals and other strong odors. However, this unit is meant to be used in a home or an office, so we can’t say that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.


With all things considered, the GermGuardian AC5350W is the best air purifier for your home or office space. Many people suffer from all kinds of allergies and respiratory diseases like asthma can enjoy the benefits of the unit. It is also an excellent choice for individuals who keep pets inside the house, as it removes all mild and medium odors. Every model has a set of features, but you can’t find an ideal air purifier that has all of them.

Cleaning Capability


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