Airmega 400s Air Purifier Review

Airmega 400s Air Purifier Review

The Airmega 400s Air Purifier is designed to function effectively in large spaces of up to 1,560 square feet. This gadget is not only Wi-Fi connected but it also features an inbuilt air quality sensor and two filter types which eliminate pollutants in the air measuring up to 0.3 microns. Here is a comprehensive Airmega 400s Air Purifier Review.

The drawback of the AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier

The Airmega 400S Air Purifier might be one of the best gadgets in the market, however, it’s quite expensive.

The AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier Filtration System

This air purifier comes with two True HEPA filters, two washable pre-filters, and two activated carbon filters.

Washable Pre-Filter

The washable pre-filter is specially designed to trap large contaminants such as dust, dander, and hair particles from the air in your room. The main purpose of this prefilter is to prolong the HEPA filter’s lifespan and preventing clogging resulting from large contaminants. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to clean the filter at least once fortnightly especially if you use it for 8 hours every day.

Max2 Filter Set

The Max2 Filter Set comes with a Green True HEPA which is specially designed to trap 99.97% of particles measuring 0.3 microns diameter wise. This frees the air in your room from pollen, dust, mold, and other pollutants. If you’re wondering what the Green used in this filter stands for, the manufacturer hasn’t explained the same. We can only assume they either wanted to describe the product’s color, or incorporated the word as a promotion trick.

Are you worried about the different colors of mold in your home?

Activated Carbon filter

The activated carbon filter is part of the Max2 set which helps eliminate up to 99% of toxic gases, VOCs, and odors. If you have a big house where people smoke, you may want to adopt this gadget. What’s more, you can as well use it inside your kitchen to eradicate vapors produced when you’re cooking. You should be prepared to change the Max2 filters at least once every year if you use the air purifier for 8 hours a day. The replacement cost will be $125 but only if you purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

High Cost

Of course, this cost is slightly high compared to other air purifiers available today. However, you should understand that this air purifier comes with 2 filter sets and is designed to service a bigger area. This means that the cost is justified considering how effective the filters are. The AIRMEGA 400S comes with filter quality indicators which means you’ll get alerts when the filters require cleaning or replacement.

Airmega 400s Design and Size

The Airmega 400S comes in a design that’s similar to the previously released Airmega 300S. However, the former is slightly bigger and comes with different features all together. Some of the similar features include; 4 legs and a bulky form. This gadget does feel way thicker and moving it around can be an arduous task.

Many people who’ve tried haven’t managed to lift the gadget on their own especially because it’s not only heavy, but it also comes with a narrow handle. The front and back areas of this gadget are nearly similar and it has an intake air grill in various parts. One of the good things with this gadget is the fact that it comes with an air quality indicator. This allows you to monitor the quality of air inside your room.

Air Vent

At the top side of the AIRMEGA 400S lies an ordinary air outlet to push out the fresh air. It also features this gadget’s controller. This air purifier is a smaller gadget which means you shouldn’t expect it to have numerous buttons as many of the products from Coway air purifiers. Are you aware that this air purifier is a smart gadget? If you didn’t know, you may want to understand that the manufacturer includes only one button to either switch on and off your gadget and two indicators.

Smart Options and Sensors

As technology evolves, manufacturers are doing everything they can to incorporate smart options in their gadgets. The AIRMEGA 400S hasn’t been left out and features a wide variety of smart options which is why it’s among the most popular choices for homeowners.

Alexa/App compatible

Do you know the Alexa App? If you’re yet to hear about it, we’ll let you know that this App ensures that you can get things done without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Still, you can even use it while on the go and far from home. Think about things you’d want to be done. Switching lights on and off, for instance, turning off the air purifier or air conditioning system in your home and turning down the music volume. All the things you want to do with your air purifier can be executed through the use of and iOS or Android App, or Alexa by Amazon.


The AIRMEGA 400S comes complete with a smart eco mode which facilitates energy savings. The gadget is specially designed to monitor the air quality inside a home. If the quality is great and the trend continues for up to ten minutes, the gadget will automatically go on sleep mode. If you’re wondering whether you’ll need to activate it manually, then you’re wrong. The gadget will activate itself once it realizes a fall in the air quality. The air purifier comes with a great quality indicator which changes color from red to green and displays the current air parameters.

Sleep Mode

Once your room becomes dark and the quality of air is excellent, the sleep mode will be automatically activated. Sleep mode comes in handy to cut down energy usage and the gadget’s noise. What would happen if, for instance, you switch on the light abruptly? This brings down the air quality inside the room triggering the air purifier to work continue operating. Hardly would the sleep mode be automatically activated and you’d probably need to do it manually.

What’s the Downside of Having Bright Lights in the Room?

Even though you’ll be able to switch off the air quality indicator using the Alexa app, using the timer option will mean that the moment the air purifier begins working or even goes on sleep mode, the lights will automatically switch on and this can be disturbing.


Let’s assume you spend the better part of the day and early evening away from home and you still want your air purifier to operate and shut down automatically in intervals, how can you achieve that? You can easily do so by setting up the timer at intervals of 1, 4, and 8 hours. Of course, you don’t have to adopt this model. Do it according to your preferences. You can configure the timer either through an app or manually.

Air Quality Sensor

The AIRMEGA 400S comes complete with an air quality sensor that allows it to control the fan speed. The fan speed will increase automatically if the air quality worsens and automatically slow down when the quality of air improves. When the eco mode activates, the fan will automatically stop.

You can easily adjust the responsiveness of your air quality sensor. For instance, reduce the sensor responsiveness if you feel that the gadget increases the fan speed frequently. You can choose between sensitive, less sensitive, and normal. Remember, you’ll need to clean this sensor at least once after every two months to facilitate proper functioning.

Airmega 400s sound

If you’re looking for an air purifier that operates silently, then the Airmega 400s if your go-to choice comes with a noise level that ranges between 22 decibels and 52 decibels. While this air purifier comes with a higher fan power, it operates silently. One thing you may need to understand is that many times, a high fan power is a clear indication that the air purifier will be noisy. However, the manufacturers of this gadget have done a brilliant job in terms of improving their fan to guarantee minimal noise.

Silent Operation

If you’re operating this air purifier at the lowest speed, you’ll realize that the noise it produces is similar to rustling leaves or a whisper. Still, even when you’re operating this gadget at the highest setting this air purifier will produce minimal noise. This means you can easily use it in the bedroom with minimal disturbance. You may want to use it in the office as well.

Coverage Area

According to the Airmega 400s manufacturer, this gadget is can cover areas measuring up to 1,560 square feet. What this means is that a single unit will eradicate contaminants from an entire apartment. The clean air delivery rate is; 340 for dust, 350 for smoke, and 400 for pollen. Seeing that the average coverage area falls between 600 and 700 square feet, what the manufacturer says is likely to hold some truth.

The manufacturer goes ahead to say that this gadget can eliminate contaminants from 700 square feet at least once in 15 minutes and 30 minutes for a room measuring 1,500 square feet. It would be prudent to say that this air purifier can work effectively for rooms measuring at least 1,000 square feet.

Power Consumption

If you’re like many people, you’ll be seeking to find out how much energy air purifiers consume. To answer this question appropriately, you may want to use the gadget and monitor its energy consumption over time. If you’re planning to buy the Airmega 400S power consumption is an important factor to consider seeing that it’ll be used in a large room. On average, the Airmega 400S will consume 66 watts which in this case is reasonable.

Who would have thought that such a robust gadget could consume less amount of energy than a light bulb? This air purifier consumes less energy compared to other gadgets in the market today. In terms of cost, you’ll spend approximately $24 per year on energy costs for this air purifier.


The Set-Up process

Surprisingly, the setting up process of this air purifier is one of the simplest. All you need to do is unwrap the packaging and proceed to plug the purifier in a power outlet and you’re good to go. The entire process won’t take up more than 15 minutes of your time. However, there are some things you’ll need to do before switching on the Airmega 400S.

Ensure you have removed any plastic from the Max2 filters located on each side of this gadget. This task is quite simple and you’ll be surprised at how much it’ll help you understand your air purifier better. You won’t need to struggle with this process because everything you need has been included in the user manual.

Plug and Play

Your gadget comes complete with an automatic configuration which enables it to run os smart mode. However, if you prefer a different mode, you can choose between the 3 air speeds included in this air purifier. All you’ll need is to place your fingers on the touch sensor and choose your preferred mode.


The manufacturers of the Airmega 400Sgive a limited 5-year warranty against this air purifier. You’ll get a replacement for the gadget’s electronic parts and motor in case of damage resulting from the manufacturer’s neglect or defects. One thing you need to know when it comes to warranties is; going through the terms and conditions goes a long way in helping you avoid disagreements. Store all your proof of purchase documents safely and remember to carry out the maintenance practices as required. This goes a long way in ensuring that the warranty remains valid.


The Airmega 400S air purifier is a robust gadget which you may want to have in your home. Before you finally decide to purchase it, you may want to carefully go through the issues discussed herein. This way, you’ll be able to make an informative decision.

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