Why Is Dust Dangerous for Your Health?


To understand why is dust hazardous to your health and if it is at all hazardous to you, we first have to figure out what is dust.

Dust is a term that is used to describe the small inorganic and organic pieces or molecules that are present in almost all areas of our lives. Dust is also considered an air pollutant as there are ways to regulate the amount of dust in the quality of air.

Dust can be formed from lots of sources. The usual ones are that the dust forms from dead skin cells, erosion of the soil and even plant material. The trick with dust is the more people there are in the world the more dust we will generate. Dust is something that is usually mostly present in cities where there is not enough plant life, and where humans perform constant tasks that require us to either change the surrounding landscapes or just perform day-to-day tasks.

Dust Particles And it’s Size

The dust particles can be various size, and they range from microscopic, where they can’t be seen by the human eye, to the visible ones where they can take up to a millimeter of space.

Whenever you see somebody working on construction you will probably see lots of “dusty clouds” from the debris, this form is the visible dust particles, but when we shed our skin or just ventilate something out of a building those are the micro dust particles, and they can’t be seen without a microscope.

Why Are Dust Particles Bad for Your Health?

Just like smoking, secondhand smoking puts you at risk of many cardiovascular diseases, including stroke and heart attack. The blood vessels in your body become tighter which raises your blood pressure and makes your heart work under more pressure.

Tens of thousands of premature deaths caused by passive smoking occur in the U.S. every year. The risk of heart diseases and strokes is also increased by 30%. People who already had a heart attack are affected even more than others and should avoid smoke at all times.

clean healthy home

The most common problem people have with dust is allergies.

People that are allergic to dust are actually allergic to dust mites, and since the mites live in the dirt, they are present in all instances of our lives. People who have problems with dust mites need to have an entirely different lifestyle from the rest of the populace that is not allergic.

Namely, they need to transform their home into a dust free environment. Remove things such as carpets, non-washable items, humid areas, bed duvets that are not resistant to dust mites, and much more. The common man needs to clean their house once or twice a month, the people who are allergic to dust need to clean their home 2-3 times per week.

After dust, the worst issues people have from dust is the asthma attacks. There is no direct link that will support the dust is, in fact, the reason people get asthma. However, the longer somebody lives surrounded by lots of dust and in a dusty area, the higher chance there is that they will generate some form of respiratory problem. For people that already have asthma or any respiratory issues, dust can severely impact their health in a negative way. For instance, their asthma attacks can worsen, they can have a longer attack, it will take longer for them to regain their breath and similar issues.

Who is At the Biggest Risk

When it comes to people who are exposed to dust, everyone is at a certain level or risk. However, the people who are most affected by lots of dust are old people, people who have respiratory health problems, and babies. For babies, a dusty environment is especially bad since at that early age is when the immune system can form a defensive mechanism. However not if it is overwhelmed by dust.

What Can You Do to Help Yourself or Your Loved One?

When it comes to dust, your biggest weapon is awareness and prevention tactics. If you have a respiratory health problem or you are allergic to dust mites, you have to start changing your daily life to adjust your health to your surroundings. For instance, if you went and tested yourself at the doctor and they told you that you have a dust allergy, it is time to start cleaning your house and your surroundings. Dust mites live in humid and warm places, so your furniture is the first place you have to start cleaning on a regular basis.

Then if your vacuuming efforts don’t produce an easier time in that area, it is time to remove the rugs and place a wooden floor in that area. Especially in your sleeping and working area. Next, you should get medicine, so you don’t end up suffocating on dust if you are sleeping outside of your home. Whenever you need to leave your house for a trip, it is smart to carry with yourself the medicine that can help you in any situation.

Additionally, if you have tried most of these things already, you have to get yourself an air purifier and don’t spare your money on such a thing as it will purify the air that you need to survive. Also, you might want to start buying chemicals that protect your wooden surfaces from the dust for a longer period. As sometimes these chemicals can extend the time it takes for the dust to gather at a particular location by up to two or three times.

What Other Methods Can be Used Against Dust

Whenever there is a desire to fight against dust and its levels in the air, there is one more thing that can be done. The greenification of areas is one of the primary tools that can fight dust. Once you understand how dust is formed, you can know how to fight it. The correct way would be to start planting things outside of your home.

If that is not enough, you might want to contact your local government and ask them for assistance or future project about planting more trees as any pressure on the political scene that can help you or the environment is the smart kind of pressure.



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