AeraMax 100 Home Air Purifier for Allergies and Asthma with 4-Stage Purification



  • True HEPA Filter
  • AeraSmart Sensor
  • AeraSafe Antimicrobial Treatment Technology
  • Allergy And Asthma Certificate
  • Cold And Flu Mode
  • Automatically Detects And Purifies The Air
  • 24/7 Protection From All Airborne Allergens
  • Removes All Odors Through A Special Carbon Filter
  • Refreshes Effect


  • Expensive Parts
  • Filters Need Replacement
  • Maintenance
  • Intended Only For Small Areas

For the people who suffer asthma and allergies, the best solution how they can get rid of the problem is getting a good and highly efficient purifying system. Now, there are a lot of cleaning units today who are up to the challenge but, only one product is certified as the best purifier for allergies and that would be AeraMax 100.

This outstanding purifying system was specifically designed to remove any allergens that are airborne and ensure that you do not get to breathe in any particles that could trigger any allergic reactions or asthma attacks. With a certification from Allergy and Asthma Foundation, this purifier will reduce any symptoms that you previously had. Thanks to the True HEPA filter, this cleaning unit will eliminate up to 99,97% of all airborne allergens.

AeraMax 100 is equipped with a special AeraSmart sensor that has the capability of automatically detecting the air and purifying it instantly. The True HEPA filter is combined with the special antimicrobial treatment technology called AeraSafe and this allows this amazing filter to detect and capture almost 100% of all airborne allergen particles. It also removes any odors. All people who suffer pet allergies or asthma attacks will be pleased to know that this unit is certified by the Asthma and Allergies Foundation and it can detect and remove influenza virus during the flu and cold seasons.

Four Stage Purification

The process of air purification begins with the AeraSmart sensor. Once it detects the air, it automatically starts purifying it by engaging the True HEPA filter. This filter is specialized in removing almost 100% of any airborne particles that cause any allergic reactions or asthma attacks. Further, the now already filtered air goes through the special AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment process that reduces and removes, even more, allergen particles and any odors from it.

The final and the fourth stage of purification would be removing any cold and flu viruses from your indoor air and refreshing it. This unit is really perfect for small rooms and it is highly effective at eliminating any influenza viruses. It can eveb reduce some allergy and asthma symptomes.

True HEPA Filter

The True HEPA filter technology has become quite a hit lately when it comes to air purification and cleaning units in general. This filter is known to be a highly effective mean in the fight against airborne pollutants, irritants, allergens, and contaminants. It has the ability to capture 99,97% of any particles and this time, it is enhanced and upgraded with antimicrobial treatment technology called AeraSafe.

This combo proved itself to be highly efficient in removing any viruses and allergens and odors from indoor air. If you have problems with allergies and asthma, this product might be perfect for you. It can ease your symptoms and refresh your air.

AeraSmart and AeraSafe technologies

AeraSmart sensor has two purposes. It was intended to automatically determine the air quality while monitoring it and then, manage the speed of the fan in order to purify the detected air. It can spot the changes in air density, thus adjusting the fans to purify the air at all times.

AeraSafe is the new technology that was devised to enhance the True HEPA filter and ensure that it captures and eliminates almost 100% of all airborne particles that might cause any asthma attacks or allergic reactions. With all these technologies combined, it is safe to say that AeraMax 100 Home Air Purifier will surely help the people who suffer asthma and allergies and make them breathe the freshest air again.

aeramax 100 air purifier

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What is Wrong with the Product?

This amazing purifier proved itself to be highly efficient when it comes to removing the airborne allergens from the indoor air. However, since it has all those fancy new technology filters that make it so efficient, replacing all those is quite expensive. The spare parts cost a bit of money and you will have to use only the original parts in case that you need to maintain this useful unit. Other than this, there is nothing wrong with this product and it is the highest and most efficient solution when it comes to dealing with allergies and asthma.

It is totally safe to say it might be one of the best purifying products for dust removal and allergies for sure. When you add the fact that it was certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, you can rest assured that this unit will help you with improving the overall quality of the air you breathe.


If you are looking for a good air purifying unit that will help you to ease your allergic reactions and asthma attacks, you might want to try out the best air purifier for allergies and dust removal, AeraMax 100 Home Air Purifier for Allergies and Asthma with 4-Stage Purification. With four stages of purification and the True HEPA filter that was upgraded with AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment technology, your new purifier will be able to remove almost 100% airborne allergens and pollutants that can be found in the air you breathe. It is a very important fact that this product has the certificate that was issued by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America which makes it perfect for people who are having problems with those respiratory infections and diseases.

Not only it will refresh and purge your air but, it will also remove any viruses and odors from it too. The special carbon filter will make sure that no odors spoil your allergen free air. This is a perfect product for all. Feel free to breathe again.



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