Winix C535

Winix C535

Breathing clean air is an important aspect to consider for maintenance of good health and getting rid of allergens that may cause asthmatic attacks or other allergic reactions. An air purifier is very efficient in providing high-quality air in your room since it’s affordable and has instantly effective options. Winix C535 is a true HEPA air purifier that can clean the air in your room efficiently. The information below is a review of the air purifier to keep you aware of what to expect when selecting Winix C535.

Review of Winix C535

There are various features or qualities of Winix C535 that are worth highlighting.  They include the following

1. Have a three-stage air cleaning system

The performance of Winix C535 is enhanced by the three-stage air filtration. These filters are;


The air purifier has a built-in pre-filter. The pollutants with large sizes are captured at this stage. They include pet dander and skin. The prefilter is also combined with an Activated carbon filter that eliminates any bad odors from smoke, pet dander and other household chemicals.

True HEPA filter

This filter captures 99.97% of all the pollutants in the air. It can capture small size pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

Winix PlasmaWave

This is a type of ionizer that is included in the air purifier. It’s necessary to improve the performance of the HEPA filter. This is done since the HEPA air purifiers have less maximum air coverage.  Adding the Winix PlasmaWave reduces the number of pollutants even more. You choose to use it or not as there is a switch to turn it on or off.

Most Winix air purifiers have the PlasmaWave technology, and as highlighted above, the combination with HEPA filters provides effective air filtration. Unlike many ionizers, PlasmaWave technology emits both positive and negative ions. Ordinary ionizers emit negative ions only to attract the pollutants in something similar to a collector plate. The negative and positive ions emitted by the plasmawave technology form hydroxyls that attack the pollutants in the air.

There is always a concern about the ozone emitted by the ionizer, nevertheless, every air purifier has to be certified by the CABR for its use in California. In this case, Winix C535 has been certified as being ozone free and can be safely used in the homes. The low levels of ozone it emits have been tested and approved to be safe for human health.

2. The design of WINIX C535

Aesthetically, this purifier is appropriate for someone who prefers pale and snowy colored appliances in the house. The exterior of the purifier is white in color and the control panel is black. Its larger than other models in the market and takes a wide, rectangular shape. The design isn’t so special such that it doesn’t stand out in the room.

3. They remove allergens

Winix C535 is a suitable air purifier for people with allergies. This is because it eliminates dust, mold spores, and pet dander. This ensures that the allergens aren’t triggered as often or the triggers are eliminated. Breathing clean air keeps your respiratory tract safe from all those allergens and creates a comfortable environment for you.

4. Remote controller

The remote controller of Winix C535 is very simple to use. The settings allow you to turn on the features and options you prefer to run in the air purifier. As long as you have the remote controller with you, you don’t have to be physically present at the air purifier when you need to change the settings.

5. Room coverage of Winix C535

This purifier can efficiently clean a room with 360 square feet. This coverage is decent given its price. The Air Changes per Hour (ACH) of Winix C535 is 4X. This is a good rating since you will receive clean air every 15 minutes.

Moreover, the CADR rating of Winix C535 is more than most of the air purifiers produced by Winix. The rating is 246 Pollen/ 232 Smoke/243 Dust (cfm). CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate and indicates how fast the air purifier can clean the air in a given size of the room. The CFM is the measurement for CADR. It stands for Cubic Feet per Minute.

6. It has a Smart Sensor

This is a must-have feature in high-end air purifiers. A smart sensor shows the quality of air in the room. This is shown by the LED indicator found on the front of the air purifier.  The Smart sensor doesn’t only report the quality of air in the room but also trigger the Auto Mode to automatically adjust the speed of the fun and effectively clean the air. The Auto mode allows the air purifier to clean the air accordingly without physically adjusting the speeds.

7. It produces sound during operation

When an air purifier operates powerfully, it produces more sound. In the case of Winix C535, its noise level is 28 decibels. This isn’t too much sound to be distractive. You might hear the sound when you turn on the Turbo setting, but again it’s isn’t too loud. You can, therefore, use it for bedroom air purifying.

The modes and buttons in Winix C535

· PlasmaWave button

This button lets you switch the PlasmaWave on or off. You can, therefore, choose when to use it and when not to use it during the air filtration process.

·  Mode button

This button allows you to select the ‘Auto’ to ‘Sleep’ mode. When the machine is on the Auto mode, the machine is allowed to change the fan speed depending on the quality of air as determined by the Smart Sensor.

When the air purifier takes the ‘Sleep’ mode the fan speed switches to noise level 1 which is very quiet. The light on the air quality indicator is also switched off in this mode. All these aspects are meant to eliminate any distractions as you sleep.

· On and off button

This is the button to switch the air purifier on and off. When it’s switched on, you get a bit of flashing and some commotion on the smart sensor as it determines the quality of air in the room. The air purifier takes the auto mode once it’s switched on, but you can change this manually.

· Fan speed button

There is a button labeled “fan speed” and has four fan symbols on it. When you need to change the speed manually, this is the button to press. There are low, medium, high and turbo speed options. The auto mode switches off once you press this button since it assumes you want to change the fan speed yourself.

· Timer button

This button has a clock symbol. You can set for how long you want the air purifier to run.  This is usually between 1 hour, 4 hours and 8 hours. The timer is relevant as you can choose when to run the purifier.

· Air quality indicator

It’s usually a colored strip that is found on the bottom of the control panel. The color of the strip changes depending on the quality of air in the room. Red shows bad air quality, amber shoes fair air quality while blue shows good air quality.

· Filter change indicator

This is shown by the ‘check filter’ button. Once it lights up, it shows that you need to check the HEPA filter and change it. It’s only meant for HEPA filter, but not any other filter.

· Filter reset

The ‘check filter’ button doesn’t turn off automatically even after you have sort out the filter. You are required to do it manually. You will need a tiny object such as a needle or paper clip. Press the ‘check filter’ button until the light turns off.

· Light sensor

It’s usually the white circle that is second last on the control panel. It checks the amount of light in the room and determines how the brightness of the LED panel lights will be adjusted.

Strengths of Winix C535

· It operates quietly

This is one of the key pleasant features of this air purifier. The quietness eliminates any distractions when running in the 3 fan speeds. When running on the turbo speed, the noise can be heard, but it isn’t too high to be distracting.

· Offers great value for money

Winix c535 is affordable and still provides the consumers with great features to enjoy. The great qualities it provides makes it a worthy investment.

· Eliminates frequent allergy triggers

As highlighted above, Winix C535 is a suitable air purifier for people with allergies. This is because it eliminates dust, mold spores, and pet dander. This ensures that the allergens aren’t triggered as often or the triggers are eliminated.

· Has a patented PlasmaWave technology

This improves the efficiency of the air purifier and ensures a clean air environment at all times

· High filter efficiency

As indicated above, Winix c535 has a three-stage air filtration process. This ensures that 99.7 % of the pollutants in the air are eliminated.

The downside of Winix C535

· Its design isn’t unique

The design of this air purifier isn’t so special such that it can’t stand out in the room. This may not please individuals who are into appealing décor in the house.


Winix C535 is a worthy investment. The features and options it offer are incredible. It’s suitable for everyone, those suffering from respiratory problems and those without such issues. Its price is affordable and is the maintenance cost too.  Moreover, Winix C535 is energy rated meaning that its energy consumption is reasonable and is quite low compared to some other similar air purifiers. The powerful air filtration if offers allow it to be used in various rooms in the house. So, if you’re looking for a simple way and affordable way to clean your air and eliminate allergens, Winix C535 is the way to go.

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