15 Health Benefits of Air Purifiers for Your Baby You Never Knew


You should, however, know that clean air is not only crucial for babies but adults too. It’s necessary  always ensure the air in your home is free from pollutants. Here is a list of 15 health benefits of air purifiers for your baby.  You will be surprised at the health benefits they offer and the illnesses that can be brought by polluted air.

Health Benefits of Air Purifiers for Your Baby1. Boosts a baby’s mood

Just the same way you get irritated or get uncomfortable when you inhale smoke or contaminated air is the same way a baby reacts. Unlike you who can handle yourself, a baby cannot stay calm in such a situation.

He or she will get angry fast and begin crying incessantly without you understanding why. You may think the infant is hungry, but it may just be the air that is contaminated. An air purifier will always ensure your baby maintains a positive mood over a long period. This will enable you to get time to do some house chores, run errands or have some little fun with your friends.

2. Prevents Malaria by eliminating mosquitoes

Air purifiers get rid of malaria-causing mosquitoes. Malaria is a deadly disease and is capable of causing the death infants since their immune system is still too weak to fight against infections. Although insecticides are used to get rid of bugs and insects including mosquitoes, they are toxic, and they pose a great danger on an infant’s health. It is far much better to use air purifiers to get rid of mosquitoes than using bug sprays.

3. Protects a baby from allergies

It has been observed that due to the delicate state of infants, they are allergic to a wide range of substances like pet dander, dust, and strong odors. Exposure to these allergens causes skin rashes and irritability on the eyes and skin. This becomes an uncomfortable situation for a baby. In order to prevent such allergies, use air purifies which maintain a perfect home environment for a child. The kids may even acquire infections such as Eczema.

4. Prevents Cancer by trapping Cigarette Smoke and Airborne Tobacco

Kids and infants are more susceptible to Cancer when they inhale Tobacco particles or cigarette smoke. This is because their immune and respiratory system is still vulnerable and poorly developed. Adults too are at risk since tobacco contains harmful toxins which have a potential of endangering one’s health. An air purifier absorbs and eliminates Tobacco particles and cigarette smoke present in the air. This ensures you have clean air free from cancer-causing elements.

5. Boosts an infant’s sleep quality

An average child sleeps up to 13 hours a day. You should, therefore, ensure that the child sleeps in a favorable environment. It could be that no one is a smoker in your home, but some cleaning products, heating, and cooling systems add harmful particles into the air. Having an air purifier cleans the air and gives the baby better sleep which promotes fast growth and development and prevents sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea and even snoring.

6. Prevents Mesothelioma by removing Asbestos particles from the air

As you probably know, Asbestos is chemical and heat resistant which is why it is used in making the protective gear worn by firemen. If its airborne particles are inhaled, they may cause tumors in the tissue which eventually becomes Cancer.

Your infant should not be exposed to this hazardous element at such a delicate age. To have air that is free from Asbestos, purchase an air purifier before it is too late. In case your baby gets cancer which takes long to be detected, it will be quite awful since it has no cure.

7. Protects from the risk of Leukemia and Lymphoma by entrapping VOCs

VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds. These are chemicals that are highly volatile meaning they turn into gas easily and may cause illnesses like Leukemia and Lymphoma. These VOCs can be found in aerosol sprays, paints, furnishings, auto products, air fresheners, auto products and clothes from the dry cleaners.

Even just a cough from a baby may indicate the presence of volatile organic compounds in your house.

8. Eliminates Radon Gas which may cause Lung Cancer

Radon Gas is given out as a result of a mixture of Uranium in rock, water, and soil. It can be found anywhere be it in a supermarket, a home, an office or even a school since it can penetrate through cracks and gaps on the floors and walls. This is a problem since almost every structure has walls and floors having cracks and gaps. This puts everyone at risk especially babies whose immune systems are still poorly developed. Facts reveal that 15000 to about 20000 lung cancer deaths ever year are linked to Radon gas. You are advised to seal cracks on your walls and floors and of course, use air purifiers to guarantee the safety of your baby and the entire family.

9. Reduces risk of Asthma

The Journal of the American Medical Association has linked over 50% of the Asthma complaints by children to air contamination. Purified air lessens the risk of an infant contracting Asthma. Even though the air is polluted by a large number of vehicles and industries in urban areas, you can still reduce its effects by installing an air purifier in your home. This will help you protect your family from infection especially your delicate young infant.

10. Protects your child from Pneumonia

Polluted air contains Bacteria which when inhaled causes Pneumonia. Continued inhaling of contaminated air will worsen the illness and may even lead to death. To prevent your child from acquiring Pneumonia, it is important to make use of Air Purifiers before it is too late.

11. Prevents Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Unclean air causes COPD whereby one’s air sacs become distended. This results in difficulty in breathing even when seated. Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema are the most common types of COPD, and they can advance to cancer and even death. This is why you need to use air purifiers so that your baby is safe together with the whole family.

12. Reduces chances of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are heart conditions which are characterized by blood clots, affected blood vessels and structural problems in the heart. Inhaled polluted air starts to irritate the lungs then spreads to the blood vessels surrounding the heart.

These blood vessels happen to be close to the heart and so it spreads to the heart, and after some time, the child develops a heart condition which becomes worse with continuous exposure to contaminated air. An air purifier helps to clean the air ensuring there are no contaminants that may cause cardiovascular diseases to your child and even your family.

13. Boosts an infant’s immune system

A child who inhales clean air develops a strong immune system faster and easier. On the other hand, a baby exposed to contaminated air will have low immunity against infections and will easily catch colds, flu and allergies. Also, pregnant mothers exposed to air pollutants risk giving birth to newborns with low immunity. Therefore the cleaner the air, the better and you can always ensure it is clean by use of air purifiers.

14. Improves lung function

Clean air improves the working of the lungs. Air pollution gradually weakens the performance of a baby’s lungs. This is characterized by low immunity to coughs, colds, flu and allergies. Also difficulty in breathing and a wheezing sound when breathing can be an indication of affected lungs.

This is why it is vital to ensure that your home environment is suitable for small kids. How do you make it suitable? By installing an air purifier that circulates and cleans the airflow in a room making sure it is always fresh and clean.

15. Reduced chances of Autism

Over the years, Autism has been linked to particulate air pollution. Newborns of mothers that inhale high amounts of fine particulate pollution in the late stages of pregnancy have up to two times the risk of developing autism as compared to those that inhale cleaner air. Do you want an Autism-free child? If yes, then make sure you have an air purifier installed in your house today to guarantee you perfect health.

Buy One Today!

Now you know the benefits of Air purifiers for your baby. Perhaps you wanted to purchase one but had second thoughts. Perhaps you saw no reason to buy an air purifier. Now that you have seen the above benefits, you must have been convinced that it is indeed important to have and purifier in your home especially if you have kids or a newborn.

The good news is that you now know how having an air purifier boosts a child’s mood and immune system. It also protects your child against respiratory infections like Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Pneumonia and Asthma. Other illnesses it protects against are cardiovascular diseases that are a problem related with the heart and blood vessels. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of getting cancer, which has no cure for now, but the only thing present is drugs that reduce its spread and power.

Thanks to technology, you can purify the air at home thereby reducing the chances of infection to your newborn and the family at large. In case you do not have an air purifier, buy one today now that you understand the consequences of polluted air. You do not have to regret after one of your kids or family members falls sick. It could even be worse when one gets incurable cancer. Protect those you care for.