Dust Cleaning Tips For Better Air At Home


One of the most frustrating things in our surroundings is dust. Everywhere you go, you will encounter it and while you may be a neat freak, cleaning your home every day doesn’t stop dust from generating. Many people have searched endlessly for dust cleaning tips at least to make breathing air at home safer. So, let’s look at how to solve this problem.

Dust Cleaning TipsCan you get Sick from Dust?

Yes. exposure to dust can make you sick. Dust allergy symptoms include;

  • Sneezing
  • Itching
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Wheezing, tightness in the chest, coughing, and shortness of breath
  • Red, itchy or teary eyes

Why is My Home so Dusty?

There are various reasons why homes become super dusty as seen below.

Leaky Ducts

If your ducts are leaky, chances are that they will overwhelm your heating conditioning and air conditioning unit. This will not only increase your utility expenses, but it could be allowing in and circulating dust across your house.


There are different types of floors and the flooring in your house could determine the amount of dust in your home. Of course, each type of flooring comes with pros and cons and should you decide to change your flooring, you need to conduct research and consult various building experts for extensive guidance.

Air Filters

Use of poor quality heating ventilation and air conditioning filters can result in excessive dust in your home. If you notice that your air filter is constantly clean, that can be an indication that it’s not functioning appropriately. In this case, dust particles could be penetrating to your house through the filter.

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Do Air Purifiers Reduce Dust?

Even though the environment will always be dusty, you can manage dust by using an air purifier. The gadget is specially designed to absorb airborne pollutants from your home and improve the quality of air within your surroundings.

Here are dust cleaning tips to help you manage dust and keep your home clean.

Use a Coffee Filter

Replace your feather dusters and dusting rags with a coffee filter. Coffee filters are specially designed using a soft material making them an ideal dusting material which you can use on any surface. Coffee filters are water resistant and can effectively collect dust. Further, they are lint free which makes them the perfect mirror cleaning materials.

Adopt Microfiber

Microfiber towels are quite effective when it comes to collecting dust. They are designed to pick dust from numerous surfaces such as furniture and glass. Microfiber is capable of confining dust within its fibers preventing it from circulating back in the air. Adopt microfiber towels and enjoy a clean environment with minimal dust.

Utilize a Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets come with anti-static chemicals which act as dust repellents. You can utilize an old dryer sheet to wipe out dust from your electronic appliances. Not only will the dryer sheet collect dust from our gadgets, but it will leave them static free.

Purchase an Air Purifier

Experts say that an air purifier is among the best dust cleaning gadgets you can ever purchase. If you are looking for an ideal solution to help you reduce the amount of dust in your home, then an air purifier should list among your top picks. There are numerous types of air purifiers today and you are guaranteed to find one depending on your needs and budget.

You can even choose a portable gadget which you can move from one room to the other. When air flows across your home, it penetrates through the air purifier where the gadget collects all dust and other pollutants. Eventually, dust is removed from your home and you and your family will breath good quality and clean air.

Air purifiers reduce the amount of dust in your home meaning that your furniture and other appliances will collect minimal dust hence relieving you from the accumulation of dust within your space. The ideal air purifiers specially designed for elimination of dust utilize a unique filter for added efficiency.

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Purchase a Water Sprayer, or Hairdryer

If you have plants in your home, you must have noticed that they pick too much dust. Managing dust on houseplants can be an arduous task since many of them are delicate meaning they can’t withstand frequent wiping or cleaning practices.

In order to remove dust from your houseplants; use a water sprayer to spray your house plants with water. Remember, you can only effectively execute this tip with your plants outside. Still, you can activate the cool setting on a hair dryer and blow off the dust. Adopting any of these tips will not only eradicate the dust residue, but it will leave your plants breathing with ease.

Use a Pillowcase to Clean Your Ceiling Fans

Do you have ceiling fans? How often do you clean them? Have you checked the amount of dust build up on your ceiling fan lately? If you haven’t, we suggest you look at them immediately. You will be surprised by the amount of dust accumulated on our ceiling fan especially on the top side. Remember, all that dust build-up flows across your home and exposes you to harmful pollutants which can be detrimental to your health.

Fortunately, you can use an old pillowcase to clean your pillowcase and leave them squeaky clean. Step on a ladder to reach your ceiling fans and for an effective cleaning process. Cleaning your ceiling fan is as simple as holding down one blade at a time and gently sliding down the pillowcase to wipe out the dust.

Use a Wet Mop Your Walls

Walls collect massive dust especially when your ceilings are more elevated meaning you are unable to dust often which increases dust build up. With a wet mop, you can easily clean the dust off your ceiling and walls with minimal struggle.

Use an Air Conditioner or Dehumidifier to Eliminate Dust Mites

Dust mites are minute pests which reside in house dust. They survive on dander and dead skin flakes. These creatures not only cause allergens, but they also trigger allergies in people with asthma and other allergic sensitivities. Dust mites can dwell in various places such as beddings, mattresses, curtains, upholstered furniture, and carpets.

Dust mites are detrimental to your health. However, they can only persist where the environment is suitable. Studies suggest that maintaining a below 50% humidity in your home can highly minimize the magnitude of dust mites from your home.

Dust mites live in more than 50% humidity which means you can control them by switching on your window air conditioner system, portable air conditioner, high-efficiency particulate air filters, or dehumidifier. The aforementioned gadgets are designed to maintain low humidity in your home as well as eradicate dust mites from your home.

Use Fabric Gloves for Speed Cleaning

Fabric gloves are ideal for dusting off delicate surfaces such as crystal, china, and chandeliers. They are also perfect for speed cleaning. All you need is to slide them and wipe off the dust from your delicate items. The fabric removes traps dust instantly providing you with an easy dust removal technique.

Clean Your Light Bulbs with Rubbing Oil

Have you ever thought about cleaning your light bulbs? Perhaps you’ve never thought about it. You can easily clean your light bulbs with rubbing oil. All you need to do is apply rubbing oil on a cleaning cloth and use it to wipe off the dust from your light bulbs. This way, you’ll remove dust build up and leave your bulbs shining clean. Further, rubbing oil eradicates dust mites hence protecting you from allergies.

Use a Lint Roller on your Lampshades

Dusting lampshades can be a daunting task but a lint roller comes in handy. You only need to lint roll the lampshades as you dust the entire home. The gadget is designed to clean effectively and leave no traces of dust.

Always Clean from Up Downwards

Cleaning from up downwards may appear like common sense. However, it’s not surprising that many people just won’t follow this self-explanatory tip. Remember, dust particles fall on the floor or the items below as you clean. You don’t want to begin the cleaning task downwards up as you’ll end up doing double work. Begin cleaning from the highest point downwards. This way, you don’t have to repeat the cleaning once you are done.

Minimize Clutter

Many of the items you no longer use will accumulate and form clutter in your house. The more clutter you have the dustier your home will be. Find a way to reduce the items you don’t need anymore. You can either give away things you don’t need or throw them away especially if they are worn out.

Remember to clean Your Curtains

Dust mites and dust particles will often thrive between curtains. While many people hardly clean their curtains, cleaning them regularly is essential. When was the last time you cleaned your curtains? Perhaps you assume curtains don’t collect any dirt which is wrong. The best way to reduce dust and maintain fresh curtains is by vacuuming them at least once each month with a soft brush extension.

If you have a washing machine, cleaning your curtains will be less tedious and you can even wash them regularly. However, in the absence of a washing machine, you can take them for dry cleaning half yearly. Following these tips will help you control dust in your home and keep your curtains clean.

Ensure Your Air Vents are Clean

There are huge slats on radiators and air vents which can collect massive dust. The fact that these are hard to reach makes cleaning them a hard task. To ease the dusting process, wrap a cleaning rag on a ruler and use a rubber band to fasten it. Now run it through the slats and it will collect all the accumulated dust through the narrow spaces and leave them dust free.

A Paint Brush for Cleaning Tight Spaces

Are there tight unreachable spaces in your house? Use a paintbrush to remove any dust buildup. Paint brushes come with soft bristles and can penetrate hard to reach areas with ease.

Steam Clean Your Carpets

While carpets can improve the appearance and feel of your home, they can collect lots of dust. Dust attracts dust mites which reside in various dusty areas in your home such as carpets. Doing away with carpets keeps your home cleaner. However, if you can’t live without one, you should at least steam clean it once half yearly and vacuum it at least once every week. This way, you minimize dust build up in your room and discourage the breeding of dust mites.

Clean Your Blinds

Blinds are attractive and they can give your home a lift when it comes to ambiance. However, they can accumulate massive dust over time which if not cleaned can cause adverse health effects to you and your loved ones. In order to reduce dust build up in your blinds, attach dusting rags at the end of metal tongs and fasten them using rubber bands. Running them over each piece of your blinds will leave them fresh and dust free.

Use a Paper Towel Tube to Vacuum

While vacuuming every space in your home is necessary, some spaces are not only difficult to reach but too narrow to reach. In order to ease the vacuuming process in such areas, all you need is to put a paper towel tube at the end of the vacuum and hose. Bent the tube or manipulate it into narrow spaces to ensure that all the dust is vacuumed off.

Keep Your Windows Closed

While opening windows will keep your room well aerated, it will increase dust circulation. Rather than opening your windows throughout, you can open them for short periods both in the morning and evening before closing them. An air purifier or air conditioner can be a good alternative to keep you cool inside the house instead of opening the windows and allowing in numerous contaminants.


Regardless of the dust cleaning tips you choose from the above list, you should be able to see a reduction of dust in your home. However, consistency plays a huge role in reducing dust in your home. Ensure to exercise your tip of choice frequently for the best results.