Haier Dehumidifier

Haier Dehumidifier

Are you in search of a dehumidifier that functions effectively and is durable? If you are, a Haier dehumidifier is a good option. In this post, we shall discuss some of the best models on the market today.

How does a Haier dehumidifier work?

Haier dehumidifiers operate like an air conditioner. The unit collects air through a set of refrigerated coils, also known as a condenser. The air contains moisture which accumulates in the cooling coils and drizzles into the collection tray.

Some Haier dehumidifiers are specially designed to ensure that the fan and the compressor cycle simultaneously. A dirty air filter and humidity levels can have an impact on a dehumidifier fan operation. Before using a dehumidifier in your home, make sure you familiarize yourself with its functions. This is the only way you can enjoy its benefits effectively.

Can you leave the dehumidifier on all night?

Yes. you can leave your dehumidifier running throughout the night, especially during high humidity levels. Remember, you may have difficulties sleeping if the humidity levels are high. If you don’t think it’s a good idea, you can utilize a programmable timer outlet.

Choose one that’s customizable complete with two grounded outlets. Many advanced dehumidifiers today come with a humidistat which helps users configure it depending on their preferred humidity level. The unit then maintains the humidity level ensuring that the air inside your room is fresh and comfortable.

This not only balances out the moisture percentage in the air, but it also helps maintain a safer and healthier environment for you and your family. Dehumidifiers can also come in handy in other ways. These are;

  • It freshens the air by eliminating mold and mildew smell
  • By eliminating moisture in the air, dehumidifiers play a huge role in ensuring that your clothes remain dry

Promotes Better Sleep

If you have difficulties sleeping, chances are that the air inside your room is contaminated. You can counter this problem by using a dehumidifier. This unit eliminates excess moisture and other contaminants from the air, enabling you to sleep well throughout the night.

You won’t wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot and sweaty, neither will you experience allergies or breathing complications. Eventually, you’ll wake up feeling relaxed and fresh. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you stay healthy and productive.

Best Haier Dehumidifier Reviews

Haier produces some of the best quality and durable dehumidifiers on the market today. The company strives to ensure that its customers enjoy a healthy, modern, and sustainable lifestyle. Today, the company takes pride in employing more than 80,000 employees and distributing its products in more than countries across the globe.

Haier dehumidifiers are certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, a third-party organization that verifies the performance and energy efficiency of various household appliances. Here are some of the best Haier dehumidifiers on the market today.

Haier DM30EJ-T 30 Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier

Haier DM30EJ-T 30 Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier comes with limited features but it’s still quite effective. It’s bigger compared to other dehumidifier models from Haier and comes with a massive 25-pint water reservoir.

Rather than using the reservoir and having to manually drain it, you can connect it to a drain for enhanced convenience. This unit is powerful and functions effectively. However, it can be slightly loud which means you can hardly use it in the bedroom.

According to reviews from some customers, this unit works best in the basement area from where no one has to sleep or work. Apart from being noisy, this dehumidifier is effective, powerful, and durable.


  • It comes with a huge water reservoir. You can choose to connect it to a drain for enhanced convenience
  • This unit is energy star rated meaning that it’s more energy efficient compared to other gadgets in the market today
  • Eliminates 30 pints of moisture from the air every day

Haier DE45EK 45 Pint Electronic Dehumidifier

The Haier DE45EK 45 Pint Electronic Dehumidifier comes with similar features as the DM30EJ. One of the setbacks of this Haier 45 pint dehumidifier is that it can be noisy. This means you can’t use it in the bedroom, office, or other living areas.

The best area to place this unit would be the basement. Still, this dehumidifier comes with a solid built and is designed to effectively eliminate up to 45 pints of moisture from the air within 24 hours.

This means you’ll only need to empty the water reservoir once every day, even in highly humid climates. Haier has gone a step further to include an intelligent humidistat of this dehumidifier. This gadget evaluates the relative humidity in your room and adjusts the fan speed accordingly.


  • This gadget comes with the smart dry technology complete with two fan speeds
  • This dehumidifier has a full tank indicator and a filter check reminder
  • You can connect the drain for enhanced convenience, or use the large reservoir where there are no drains.

Haier DE65EK 65 Pint Electronic Dehumidifier

The Haier DE65EK 65 Pint Electronic Dehumidifier is specially designed to incorporate all the features you may need in a dehumidifier. It comes with a massive easily removable tank and a full tank indicator.

Choose the drain option for convenience. However, you can still use the water reservoir, especially where there’s no drain. This unit comes with a smart dry system and an adjustable dehumidifier. These come in handy to facilitate the energy-saving function. This way, you can run this gadget round the clock without worrying about increased energy costs.


  • It comes with an easy to utilize display panel and electronic controls
  • It features a 24 hour on and off sound alarm and timer to alert users when the tank is full
  • The water reservoir is large and you can still use the convenient drain option

Haier DE65EM Energy Star Dehumidifier, 65-Pint

The Haier DE65EM Energy Star Dehumidifier comes with features that are similar to the Haier DE65EK. Still, the two differ and one of the biggest differences is the energy efficiency. The Haier DE65EK is designed to consume more energy.

However, it comes with a smart dry system and a humidistat which works more accurately compared to the Haier DE65EM unit. The Haier DE65EM produces hot air from its vent and works best if your basement area is cool.

Just like the Haier DE65K, this unit can be noisy and will only be ideal for use in the garage and basement area. Using it within the living areas may not be viable.


  • It eliminates 65 pints of moisture from the air every day
  • Allows for direct drainage and you can utilize a standard garden hose
  • Has easy roll casters to facilitate portability

Haier HM70EP Electronic Dehumidifier

The Haier HM70EP Electronic Dehumidifier is one of the newest releases in the market today. It’s specially designed to eliminate up to 70 pints of excess moisture from the air each day. This unit also features an inbuilt hose and pump for constant drainage. There are different electric control buttons at the top area of this unit and a display that indicates room temperature, target humidity, and room humidity.

One thing that differentiates this unit from other Haier dehumidifiers is the auto shut off option. This eases the operation while making it safer. You can effectively use this gadget in garages and basements where the temperatures are low. This unit also comes with an auto-defrost system and works well under low-temperature conditions.


  • It comes with an easily accessible front-mounted bucket complete with auto shut off option
  • The filters are washable which helps you get rid of any accumulated airborne particles
  • It features LED readouts which display temperature, target humidity, and prevailing humidity

Haier 32-Pint Dehumidifier

The Haier 32-Pint Dehumidifier incorporates 10 humidity levels to eliminate contaminants from the air. The unit is portable and consumes approximately 465 watts of power. The Haier 32-Pint Dehumidifier comes with a single bucket that features a beep sound and a light indicator. These features come in handy to notify you when the bucket is almost full.

With the inbuilt rolling casters, you can easily move this dehumidifier from one place to the other. Unlike other Haier dehumidifiers we have discussed before, this unit operates silently and comes with 2-fan speeds to accelerate the dehumidification process. The drainage connection system is also easy to use.

Large Capacity

If you’re looking for the ideal large capacity dehumidifier which enhances comfort in your home, the Haier 32 pint dehumidifier is a perfect choice. In this unit, you will find many of the functionalities and features available in popular large capacity dehumidifiers.

The Haier 32-Pint Dehumidifier features a knob that you can use to set your desired humidity level. While it doesn’t have percentage humidity levels, you can turn the knob from MIN to MAX depending on your preferences. If you are looking for a small and light dehumidifier, this is one of the best options you will find in the market.


The Haier 32-Pint Dehumidifier weighs 29 lb only. It comes in a small size too which enhances its portability. You can easily move it from one room to the other depending on your preferences. It’s also effective allowing you to eliminate excess moisture from the air with ease. It also comes with an adjustable humidistat which comes in handy to adjust the humidity level.


  • It comes with an auto-defrost option
  • It’s light in weight and portable
  • It operates quietly
  • Features easy-roll casters for easy portability
  • The water reservoir is large and you don’t have to empty it often
  • It also comes with a side air filter


Haier is committed to producing effective, robust, and durable dehumidifiers. These units are ideal when it comes to eliminating contaminants from the air such as; germs, mildew, and mold. Haier is among the biggest home appliance manufacturers in the market today, and their products are certified and popular among different consumers in more than 100 countries across the globe. Are you considering purchasing a Haier dehumidifier? If you are, you need to understand the features before purchasing one. Figure out where you plan to keep the unit as well. Remember many of the Haier dehumidifiers can be quite noisy which means you can’t keep it in the bedroom or other living areas.

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