Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

A kitchen exhaust fan is also known as a range hood or an exhaust hood. It’s a gadget that comes with a mechanical fan which often hangs above your cooktop or stove inside your kitchen. The role of the exhaust fan is to eliminate combustion products, airborne grease, smoke, fumes, steam, and heat from the air through air evacuation and filtration.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Often, commercial kitchen exhaust fans are used in collaboration with fire suppression gadgets to ensure that fumes emanating from a grease fire are vented appropriately and that the fire is put out fast. Further, these commercial gadgets can be used together with a fresh air fan which is designed to confine exterior air and circulate the same with the cooking fumes which the fan then draws out. Modern exhaust fans come with a filtration system which eliminates grease and other particles.

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Do you need an Exhaust Fan Kitchen

You’ll need to use the exhaust fan in your kitchen immediately you ignite your stove, oven, or burners. While many people will use their kitchen exhaust fans when something burns in the kitchen, these gadgets should be used every time the stove is in use. Kitchen exhaust fans are ideal when it comes to eliminating odors, heat, and preventing grime and moisture from accumulation on various surfaces in your kitchen.

One of the main advantages of kitchen exhaust fans is that they can eliminate ultra-fine airborne particles generated during food preparation. Further, they can minimize carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other toxic byproducts generated by gas burners.

Understanding the Kitchen Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Kitchen ceiling exhaust fans are remote controlled hoods which are installed in ceilings. The only thing you’ll see is a panel and a stainless steel frame. Ceiling exhaust fans are directly positioned over vents and cook tops as is the case with all other hoods. They are designed to absorb grease and cooking odors.

They come in a vast range of rectangular sizes. Many of the ceiling exhaust fans are often ducted towards the outside. If you want your ceiling exhaust fan to be effective, you should ensure it’s closer and wider than your cook top. The distance between the cook top and the ceiling varies from one home to the other but shouldn’t be more than four feet if you’re looking for ultimate effectiveness.

Improving the performance of Your Residential Kitchen Exhaust Fan?

The kitchen is where family meals are prepared. Many people have a designated dining area within their kitchens where they entertain friends and family. Still, the kitchen can be polluted by odors and smoke, especially if you have a poor quality residential kitchen exhaust fan. You can use inline duct fans to enhance the efficiency of your residential exhaust fan in the kitchen.

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Which is the Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan?

With the increasing popularity of kitchen exhaust fans, you probably are struggling to differentiate between a good and a not so good kitchen exhaust fan. The following list of some of the best gadgets in the market will help you make an informed decision.

Broan 506 Chain-Operated Utility Fan

The Broan 506 Chain-Operated Utility Fan is a versatile gadget which can be used in various ways. Apart from eliminating smoke and odor from your kitchen, it plays a huge role when it comes to regulating humidity in laundry areas, removing fumes from workshops, and eliminating smoke in recreational places. Are you in search of a robust gadget for your kitchen exhaust? If you are, this utility fan will help you achieve your goals.


It comes in a plastic housing which is easy to adjust and can fit well in a 4.5 and 9.5-inch wall. This fan is easy to operate and you only need to open it using a pull chain. It features a polymeric fan blade which is specially designed for this model. What’s more, the housing comes with a foam insulated door for enhanced efficiency. Further, this fan is durable and quite affordable.

Chef 30-Inch PS18 Range Hood

The Chef 30-Inch PS18 Range Hood is both visually appealing and comes with enhanced functionality. This range hood is made from premium quality stainless steel and features a modern design which improves the appearance of your kitchen. This product is ideal especially if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen.

One major benefit of this hood is the fact that it features a baffle filter which you can conveniently wash in the dishwasher. Further, it has a touch screen digital clock for convenience and ease within the kitchen. This fan comes with a delayed shutdown function and energy-saving LED lights. It also features six-speed settings which you can leverage depending on what you’re doing in the kitchen.

MaxxAir IF14UPS 14-Inch Exhaust Fan

The MaxxAir IF14UPS 14-Inch Exhaust Fan is a robust exhaust fan which can be ideal in various other areas apart from the kitchen such as; garages, greenhouses, and barns. This fan is thermally protected and an ideal choice for you if you’re searching for ultimate performance for reasonable prices. If features 14-inch fan blades with the entire unit measuring 13 x 18 x 18 inches. It also features OSHA compliant features which include an energy-efficient motor and a safety grill all of which are fully enclosed and thermally secured.


This fan comes with exterior shutters which close well to prevent a draft when the fan isn’t in use. The shutters are specially designed to automatically open when the fan is switched in and eliminates the excess moisture, heat, various contaminants, and strong odors. This fan is housed in a galvanized steel compartment which keeps the fan rust and corrosion-free. It features pre-drilled holes to facilitate easy mounting.

Further, this fan comes with rolled flange edges for easy handling during installation. On purchasing this gadget, you’ll enjoy a one year manufacturer’s warranty. One thing you should know about this fan is: it doesn’t feature electrical plugs. Further, the unit will need to be wired in your building’s electrical system.

iliving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan

The iliving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is ideal when it comes to eliminating excess heat, moisture, and strong odors from any kitchen whether commercial or residential. It can also be used in other places such as barns, warehouses, greenhouses, and even factories.

This fan measuring 10 inches comes with robust and durable aluminum blades and wire guards which comply with the OSHA safety standards. This fan also has automatic shutters which open and close when the fan is switched on and off. This eliminates any form of worry about unnecessary contaminants in your home.


This fan comes with a thermally protected and an entirely enclosed motor and has permanent lubrication. Of course, this eliminates the need to lubricate your fan from time to time. One major benefit of this gadget is the fact that it’s fully assembled by the time it reaches the end-user and all you’ll need to do is simply execute the electrical hand wiring task.

This fan is available in eight varying sizes ranging from 36 to 10 inches. Regardless of the size of your kitchen and cook top, you are sure to find a size that meets your needs. You can still choose between single speed and variable speed models but you’ll need to purchase the speed controller which is sold separately.

Get a kitchen exhaust fan today!

A kitchen exhaust fan comes in handy to help you eliminate grease, fumes, and odor from the kitchen as you cook. This list will help you find the ideal fan for your kitchen size and needs.

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