Whole House Air Purifier


If you want to improve the quality of air in your home, whole house air purifiers may be all you need. These gadgets are connected to the HVAC system in your home to ensure that as the air in your home gets heated and cooled, it also gets purified to eliminate contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, odor, and viruses. Here we’ll discuss the top 5 whole house air purifiers.

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Whole House Air Purifier

How much does a whole house HEPA filter cost?

To purchase whole house air cleaners you’ll spend anything between $1,000 to $5,000.

Do all homes have air filters?

Every central heating and cooling system requires an air filter. However, tracing the filter in some HVAC gadgets can be an arduous task. Often, the air filter is situated in the blower or the return air duct compartment just before the return air gets to the air handler. This enables the filter to purify the air penetrating through your house just before it makes its way to the HVAC unit.

Features to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

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Top Whole House Air Purifiers

If you’re choosing for the ideal whole house air purifier, here are some of the best options in the market today.

Airmega 400

The Airmega 400 is among the most efficient HEPA air purifiers there is in the market today. This gadget comes with two industrial-grade HEPA filters to remove air contaminants. It comes with a unique design and operates silently even when it’s on a high setting. If you love exceptional aesthetics, then this is the machine for you seeing that it features a visually attractive design complete with a multiple colored light ring which shows you the quality of air in your room. What’s more, this gadget comes with a mobile app and Wi-Fi option which gives users a unique interface to regulate it and monitor the quality of air.

More about Airmega 400

This purifier is also fitted with a smart mode which controls the machine’s functionality depending on the quality of air. It also has a pressure sensor to regulate the performance of the filter and alerts you when you need to replace the filters. You can use this machine in a 1560 square feet area which makes it ideal for your entire house. The Airmega 400 features two embedded magnets at the side panels within the handles and the base. It’s the ability to lift at the base of the panels and outward facilitates easy access to the assemblage of every filter.

Alen Customizable Air Purifier

The Alen customizable air purifier comes with a rather elegant design. You can use this gadget in large areas measuring up to 1100 square feet. By using it you are sure to purify your entire house. This model allows you to choose from the available fifteen color panels in order to match it to your home decor appropriately.

Effective Auto Mode

This gadget also comes with an automatic mode allowing it to adjust its speed to your desired air quality. This feature is ideal for users searching for an automatic gadget. If you’re a light sleeper and often get distracted at the slightest noise at night, you don’t have to worry as this gadget comes complete with a sleep mode feature.

This prevents it from lighting or even producing sound especially at night.

Alen If Effective and Convenient

This means you can use it in your bedroom without worry if you thought that was all, you’ve not seen the lockable control panel and protective vent guard which gives this gadget a safe and smart option especially if you have young children. The four integrated filter options allow you to customize the gadget’s operation depending on your needs. It comes with a vast range of digital controls, entirely customizable filtration options, comfort-minded modes, an elegant design, and HEPA pure filter making it one of the best whole house HEPA air purifiers, perfectly designed to meet each customer’s needs. Further, it features a lifetime warranty which assures you of a replacement should the gadget develop problems.

Aprilaire 2410

The Aprilaire 2410 is an ideal whole house furnace mounted air purifier. It offers exceptional quality performance and unique utility. It also comes in an attractive design which makes it ideal for any interior part of your home. This is a low maintenance gadget and the only thing you’ll need to replace are the filters which you need to replace every two years. The Aprilaire 2410 is a high-performance gadget which is capable of confining up to 98% of airborne particles such as dirt, dust, and even larger particles.


Still, this gadget performs well always and this is convenient especially if any of your loved ones suffers from asthma, breathing disorders, or any other allergic reactions. This gadget isn’t like the one-inch furnace filters. Instead, it offers more than thirty times more filtering capability. By using this gadget, you’ll have the first-hand experience on how powerful it is when it comes to purifying the air in your surrounding area, making it easier for you and your family members to breath with ease. This gadget comes at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. It also features a patented filtering media which is capable of making the air around your home clean.

Honeywell F100F2010

The Honeywell air purifier doesn’t come cheap. However, it will give you value for your money. This gadget is efficient, good quality, and durable. It’s capable of trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns. This gadget offers the ideal whole house purification and you can use it to purify your entire home. It comes equipped with the patented Media Air Cleaner which traps and eradicates a huge amount of airborne particles from the surrounding.

Easy to Mount

This gadget mounts on any return air duct with ease. Besides, it is compatible with any oil, electric, and even gas air furnace. The this Honeywell air purifier doesn’t need electrical wiring, neither does it need additional maintenance other than the replacement of filters which is done between six and twelve months depending on how dirty they are. Overall, this gadget is of superior quality and your family will benefit from its exceptional air purification technique.

Alexapure 3049

Silent operation is one of the factors that many people consider when searching for an efficient air purifier. The Alexapure 3049 air purifier offers the ultimate quiet operation allowing you to use it in the bedroom at night or even inside your office. This gadget is not only a perfect pollutant remover, but it’s also efficient when it comes to ensuring that the air inside your room is well purified. If you compare this gadget with others in its category, you’ll be quick to realize that it’s very powerful. It features a four-stage purification procedure to aid the eradication of up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants.

Unique Technology

It also features a three-stage filtration system, which eradicates pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. Further, this gadget uses IonCluster technology as its final purification stage which eradicates pollutants across the home. This gadget’s byproduct is water which is not the case with other ion technologies whose byproduct is ozone. The gadget removes bacteria, dust, dirt, odors, allergens, and viruses. This air purifier can be used in areas measuring 800 square feet making it ideal for use in middle and small sized homes. Further, it comes with a smart auto mode which enables it to conform to the changing quality of air inside a room.


Whole house air purifiers are effective and robust. You can adopt them if you live in highly polluted areas to enhance the quality of air in your house.