13 Reasons Why You Should Carry a Travel Air Purifier When Sleeping in a Hotel


Why You Should Carry a Travel Air Purifier When Sleeping in a Hotel

When you walk inside a hotel room, your eyes will immediately hover around the floor, bed, and walls to inspect for cleanliness. However, there are some impurities that you can’t see with your natural pair of eyes. Have you ever wondered about the air quality in your hotel room? Today, you’ll learn why it’s always important to carry a personal travel air purifier when spending nights in hotel rooms.

Travel Air Purifier1. 13 reasons why you should have an air purifier in your hotel room

1. Bacteria in the air conditioning system

Hotels use commercial HVAC units to supply fresh air inside rooms and corridors. The system channels air through different chambers to either heat or cool down air. While this system produces large volumes of fresh air, it can also catalyze the spread of airborne bacteria.

When air gets drawn, it passes through the same heating chamber. Unfortunately, these components lack medical grade filters designed to trap bacteria and viruses. Plus, the heat produced cannot sterilize your breathing air.

2. A high presence of mold

Buildings close to lakes and rivers tend to have mold problems. When the sun heats up the water to evaporation, it brings about a rise in humidity. The wind blows this humid air into homes and hotels and end up causing mold due to poor ventilation.

Carrying a portable air purifier enables you to eliminate musty odors present in your hotel room. The smell also lingers on clothes and quite embarrassing when you’re in the presence of other people. However, the worst effect is that inhaling mold spores for a prolonged period can cause throat infections.

3. Fumes from chemical cleaners

In order to maintain a nearly sterile environment, hotels use highly concentrated chemical cleaners on bedding, furniture, floors, and walls. Why do they use strong cleaning agents? Because no one wants to get sued when guests contracted skin infections right after spending a night.

On the other hand, some of the cleaning agents have pungent chemical smells that take hours to disappear. Some people experience itchy eyes, running noses, and sore throats when exposed to such chemical odors. In order to get rid of them, you need a portable air purifier.

4. Unwanted cooking odors

Let’s assume you’re a Muslim planning to spend a couple of nights in a hotel. After returning to your room from a long seminar, you notice that the entire hotel smells like pork. So, you decide to open your windows to let the offensive smell out but you realize that it still lingers. Should you pack your luggage and get another hotel?

No, you shouldn’t because that’s not an effective solution. You can eliminate unwanted cooking odors by having a travel air purifier for hotel rooms inside your suitcase. Doing this is better than opening your windows because air purifiers take less than five minutes to eliminate odors.

5. Get rid of allergens

Is your hotel located in the countryside? Such places contain high amounts of allergens due to the large volume of pollen produced by different plants. Unlike cities where buildings act as windbreakers, airborne pollen in the countryside travels for several miles.

Is this bad? Yes, it is because causes one to inhale large amounts of pollen. You don’t want to postpone important phone calls with clients due to unexpected allergies. In order to get rid of pollen inside your room, close the door and windows before switching on your purifier.

6. Eliminate paint odors

Have you ever slept in a recently renovated hotel room that had strong paint odors? The chemical fumes can throat irritation in both children and adults. One can also experience severe headaches due to the presence of the chemicals inside the blood. How does it get there? Because the chemical molecules combine with the oxygen that you inhale. Prolonged exposure leads to a buildup that causes headaches.

A good unit will eliminate paint odors in about ten minutes. That’s enough time for you to head downstairs and enjoy a latte. When you return, you’ll enjoy breathing purified air that’s free from harmful chemical molecules.

7. Get rid of varnish odors

When you walk into a newly established hotel, you’ll notice brand new wall closets and room furniture. Having new furniture in your room feels great because you’re confident about their cleanliness. However, just like a recently renovated building, you’ll have to deal with chemical odors.

New wooden furniture contains strong varnish odors. Just like paint, prolonged exposure causes headaches and blocked nose. Rather than sleeping with your windows open, just get a good portable air purifier to get rid of the problem.

8. Hotel located near disaster sites

In the past couple of weeks, California has suffered major forest fires that have disrupted the economy and affected the quality of air. Smoke from burning forests contains a high amount of carbon monoxide gas that’s deadly to both animals and humans. Then, there’s the strong odor of burning chemicals due to industries or storage units near affected areas that went up in flames.

If you’re heading to a similar area, then you need to know that you won’t be able to get rid of unwanted odors by keeping your windows open all day. The best approach is getting a portable air purifier that has activated carbon filters.

9. Traveling with a baby

Traveling with a baby is different than with older children. One needs to maintain higher hygiene standards with a baby because they have delicate pulmonary systems. Plus, their immune systems are still developing and this makes infants vulnerable to many nose, throat, and lung infections.

Having a purifier in your hotel room enables you to enjoy sleepless nights. The unlimited supply of fresh breathing air enables your child’s brain to relax for prolonged periods. Plus, you avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital.

10. Hotel located in a busy industrial city

Living in a city exposes one to a high volume of various pollutants. Construction sites pollute the air with cement and dust particles. Industries fill up the air with ammonia, sulfur, and other toxic gases. However, the largest group of air pollutants is the everyday motorists.

Have you noticed how people in China tend to wear nose masks in public? That’s due to the unmanageable levels of air pollution present in that side of the globe. So, to avoid getting sick due to breathing contaminated air, make sure you have an air purifier in your luggage.

11. To deal with pulmonary illnesses

Do you have asthma or a recurring lung infection? In order to minimize attacks, smart patients do all they can to get rid of triggers. Doing this helps you to enjoy a safe living environment at all times. Plus, you cannot fully rely on the healthcare system in an unfamiliar area. Perhaps the ambulances take a little longer to arrive compared to your city.

Senior citizens aged above 60 also need air purifiers due to their deteriorating immunity. Advanced age makes you more vulnerable to pulmonary infections because the body produces white blood cells at a low rate. Having an air purifier prevents airborne bacteria and viruses from intruding your body.

12. Get rid of tobacco smoke

Some hotels will let you smoke cigarettes inside your room because it doesn’t affect the well-being of other guests. Even though it feels good lighting a cigar inside your hotel room, the strong tobacco ends up absorbed in your clothes and luggage. It might make your room unsuitable for hosting guests with children.

When you have an air purifier, you can get rid of tobacco odors effectively. Air purifiers work by breaking down smoke molecules into hydrogen molecules. This purification system clears smoke inside your room and gets rid of lingering burning odors. For best results, empty your ashtray right after smoking.

13. Ideal for hot and dry climates

If you’re traveling to a coastal area or hotel near the lake, you’ll sweat profusely for a few days until your body adjusts to the climate. At night, your room might get damp since the evaporating sweat accumulates and has no outlet. That’s why it gets stuffy in the morning.

Sweat also enables bacteria to breed. So, to avoid contracting skin infections, having a running purifier plugged into your room at night will get rid of sweat odor. It also kills airborne bacteria looking for breeding grounds like sweaty jogging pants inside a cold dark closet.

2. How to choose an ideal air purifier for hotel rooms

1. Get one with a multi-filtration system

The best air purifiers have separate filtration systems for disinfecting your air and breaking down odors. When comparing prices, look for models that have a combination of activated carbon and medical-grade HEPA filters. Alternatively, you can go for one that combines an ion generator and a separate heat-sterilization chamber.

2. Aim for one that does at least 500 square feet

An air purifier that’s designed for 500 square feet performs four or five cycles an hour in a typical hotel room. Standard rooms are approximately 250 square feet and having a purifier designed for larger rooms makes you eliminate bacteria and odors promptly.