Smart Air Purifier Apps

Smart Air Purifier Apps

Breathing clean air is beneficial to our health. However, it’s always difficult to determine the level of air pollution in your environment. This should not be a worry as we’re in the digital world and a large population can operate smartphones and technologically advanced devices. With the advancement in technology, there’re smart air monitors and purifiers in the market which gives you clean air and manage allergens that may be present in the air. Smart air purifier apps  are similar to the regular air purifier in terms of its purpose, however, they offer interesting properties we’ll look at shortly.

Why Consider A Smart Air Purifier?

Ability to control it remotely

For the regular unit, you need to move from your comfortable position to make the required adjustments on the purifier. This is not the case in the smart air purifier as they can be remote controlled. You can change the fan settings or switch the purifier on or off at the palm of your hands.

It’s energy-efficient

When the amount of time the air purifier is being used decreases, the energy cost is significantly reduced. For instance, when you switch it on in the morning when going to work, you can switch it off on your way back home rather than waiting to get home and switch it off physically. This significantly reduces the amount of energy the purifier consumes.

Knowledge of the air quality of your home

With a smart air purifier, you become aware of the quality of air in your house easily and at any time. This information is relevant as it will guide how you will change the settings of the purifier.

Presence of an operation report

Some of the air purifier apps offer an operation report which is usually available at the end of every month. The report shows the amount of energy being consumed by the purifier, when is the most appropriate time to turn it on and how often.  For instance, from the analysis, you may learn the particular times the quality of air in your house is poor and when it’s good. You can benefit a lot from this information.


Smart air purifier apps provide real-time alerts about many things such as; time to replace the filters and the quality of air in your room. This saves the time you would consume when doing it manually.

Ability to schedule the purifier

Some of these apps have scheduling options that are easy to use. With this option, you can select when to switch the purifier on and off. This can be of great assistance when you are at home partially you will need clean air in your house at all times. Moreover, you save a significant amount of energy when the schedule is selected accordingly.

More advancements in future

Technology is advanced every day and since smart air purifiers utilize technology, there is a great potential of their advancements, thus providing more features to enjoy.

Smart Air Purifiers and Monitors Apps Available in The Market

Wynd air purifier

This is a portable air purifier that is app-enabled. It has a smart tracker that shows the quality of air in your room which dictates when to turn it on or off for maintenance of clean and fresh air around you. It has a filter made of a material that is up to the standards of American hospitals hence captures pollutants in the air accordingly. Moreover, the filter has silver that kills bacteria, germs, and molds when they come into contact.

XIAOMI MI air purifier pro.

It can purify the air in areas up to 60 square meters. It’s able to show the quality of air in real-time due to the presence of OLED display. It is WIFI enabled and compatible with Android devices and IOS. They also have humidity sensors to check the humidity levels in your room, which is very important especially to asthmatic individuals.

Philips 2000i Air Purifier

This purifier can be operated on WIFI. It keeps off pollen, dust mites, pet dander, gases, and many other allergens. It’s capable of clearing even small-sized particles of 0.3 microns. This purifier has different modes that you can personalize depending on the type of purification you will need. There are three auto modes and five manual modes. The three auto modes include; a general mode, an extra-powerful bacteria and virus mode, and an extra-sensitive Allergen mode.  The ‘manual modes’ include; an extra powerful ‘turbo speed’ mode and an extra-quiet sleep mode.

Germ Guardian

This air purifier also utilizes WIFI and works well with Amazon Alexa. It’s convenient as it helps you check the quality of air in your house and control it accordingly. It has a control timer that enables you to run the purifier at selected times. Moreover, it has UV-C light technology that is combined with Titanium Dioxide to kill the germs, viruses, and bacteria in the air. The presence of carbon filters is useful in getting rid of odors in the house and any other pollutants emitted by a household product.

Sprimo personal air purifier

Sprimo provides clean and fresh air in your personal space since it has five sensors that monitor the air around you to ensure that it’s switched on only when necessary. It has a touchscreen display that easily connects to your phone hence easy to control the purifier at your comfort zone. Interestingly, it doesn’t make a lot of noise and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier

This purifier is enabled by HEPASilent technology and gets rid of 99.97% pollutants in the air. In an hour you can clean an area of 372sq.ft, 2.5 times. Additionally, it has a sleek design and has a greater user experience. It’s compatible with smartphones hence you can control it from anywhere via WIFI. Its filtration is combined with activated carbon to assist in getting rid of pollutants and bad odor in the air.

Airmega 400S

This purifier is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. It has a monitoring system that controls the quality of air real-time and can clean the air at an area of 1560sg ft. The sensors present in the purifier is what assists in controlling the air real tine. It has three modes that you can personalize to your benefit. They include; Eco, Auto and Sleep modes. It also has schedule options hence you can schedule when to turn it on or off.

Nectar Air Purifier

This purifier uses an efficient static charge technology to provide an air of god quality. It operates quietly hence make the home friendly both day and night. After use for some time, dust may fill up the collection array, the end-user is alerted by the cleaning indicator, for cleaning. Moreover, the purifier is ENERGY STAR certified making it energy efficient.


Smart air purifiers may cost you more than the regular units, however, when you consider their convenience through the ease of operation via the smart options, it becomes a worthy investment. They are not only easy to operate but they also save on your energy bills. There are various benefits to enjoy from smart air purifiers and once you experience them, you may never consider buying the regular ones.

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