5 Best Medical-Grade Air Purifiers in 2024

Medical-Grade Air Purifiers

Air purifiers help trap a huge percentage of airborne irritants and allergens from your home. With the best medical-grade air purifier you can maintain a safe indoor environment. These devices are made for use in hospitals because they’re more efficient in eliminating toxic contaminants in the air. We’ll discuss more hospital-grade air purifiers in this post.

Top Medical-Grade Air Purifiers

When you’re searching for an air purifier you may wonder which one serves your needs best. We understand that there are many air purifier options in the market today. This is why we came up with this list of some of the best medical-grade air purifiers available.

1. Austin Air Healthmate Plus hm250

Main features

  • Has HEPA filters that trap particles measuring between 0.3 microns and above
  • Covers an area of up to 700 square feet
  • Features a quiet but highly efficient fan
  • Uses zeolite and activated carbon to eliminate toxic chemicals and gases
  • Can be used in a big three-bedroom house
  • Comes with a 200 cfm (cubic feet per meter) airflow rating

This unit helps you eliminate toxic gases and chemical odors from the air fast. It’s cost-effective and comes with a HEPA filter. This makes it powerful in terms of trapping harmful particles. 

2. Austin Air Healthmate b400b1

Main features

  • ●       Comes with a 4 stage HEPA filtration system
  • Features 780 cubic inches of zeolite and activated carbon. This helps with filtering of chemicals
  • Ideal for asthmatic people or those who are prone to allergies. If you or your loved one experiences a poor immune system or weak respiratory system, then you’ll benefit from this unit
  • Its fan has 3-speed settings
  • Eliminates various allergens such as pollen from the air

The Austin air health mate b400b1is more powerful than Austin air health mate plus hm250. This is because of its 4-stage filtration system. Choose this unit if you’re looking for a powerful and cost-effective purifier.

3. IQ Air Health Pro Plus Air Purifier

Main features

  • Medical grade HEPA filter traps that confine ultrafine particles measuring up to 0.003 microns
  • Good for people suffering from asthma and allergies
  • Provides up to 780 cfm from its fan
  • It can cover up to 1,125 square feet. It functions effectively in a large room
  • Identify a filter change alert by checking the color-coded lights
  • This unit is great for a large room. Use this unit to purify the air in your homeward or recovery room. It comes with HEPA filters which helps stop the spread of asthma and allergies. 

This unit comes with a good quality HEPA filter. You can use it to complete heavy-duty processes such as eliminating odors thanks to the carbon filter. It’s pre-filter is powerful and can be used in an industrial setting. This is also one of the best whole house air purifiers you can buy.

4. Rabbit Air Minusa2

This unit comes with a medium filter and pre-filter which makes it effective for eliminating allergens. The two filtration filters help confine both medium and large particles such as pollen and dust particles. It also features a True HEPA filter which eliminates up to 99.97% of bacterial and allergens from the surroundings. This unit comes with an advanced air filter process which prolongs its efficiency. 


  • Good performance
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Operates quietly
  • Features an advanced air filtration process
  • It has smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and sensor.

5. Levoit core 300 

Main features

  • A pre-filter that can remove large contaminants such as fibers and dust. The filter will need regular vacuuming to boost its effectiveness
  • True HEPA filter to remove up to 99.97% of small particles such as viruses and micron allergens measuring up to 0.3%. 
  • Activated carbon filter which helps eliminate odor and smoke from the kitchen 

Extra: Honeywell RUVLAMP1/C UV air treatment system

This unit comes with different key features as seen below. 

  • UV light which traps and destroys bacteria
  • Easy installation process on heating and cooling systems
  • The easy bulb replacement process
  • A seal to prevent UV ray contact
  • One year warranty

One way of removing dust particles from the air and destroying bacteria is UV rays. The Honeywell medical-grade air purifier is a great choice that’s easy to install. Do you have an HVAC system? If you do you may be wondering how to go about the installation process.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s also quite easy and you can easily do it yourself. This Honeywell RUVLAMP1/C UV air treatment system is small but it has a high filtration power. Are you looking for a good quality cost effective purifier? If you do this is your go-to air purifier. 


  • Good performance rating
  • The strong air filtration process
  • Operates silently
  • Good deal for you if you’re working on a budget


  • Comes with a short 2-year warranty

What is a Medical-Grade Air Purifier?

A medical-grade air purifier is an air-cleaning unit that’s designed for use in different hospital departments as seen below. 

  • Emergency rooms
  • Elderly care units
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies
  • Pediatrics
  • ICUs
  • Large Rooms with patients suffering from respiratory problems
  • These are also great for Whole House Air Purifiers

What is a Medical Grade HEPA Filter? 

The medical-grade HEPA filter is popularly used in electronic control and pharmaceutical production rooms. This is because it can confine airborne contaminants for a longer time. The range of fibers used in making medical-grade filters is more powerful compared to that of a True HEPA.

This means they can remove small particles at an increased rate. Are you comparing different types of best air purifiers in physical stores or online? If you are, it’s important to know whether they use True HEPA filters. If you’re looking for a high-density filter that offers maximum cleaning services then medical-grade HEPA is what you need.

4 Benefits of a Hospital-Grade Air Purifier

The hospital is where many patients meet to receive treatment for their illnesses. These facilities can be contaminated with harmful components which is why a hospital-grade air purifier is essential.

Let’s find out why every hospital should have a medical-grade air purifier. 

1. Eliminate the smallest airborne particle

They remove any air contaminants and allergens that can lead to the spread of illnesses and diseases from the air. Some of the common allergens in hospitals include dust. The odor from different hospital-related components such as medicine and detergent can irritate patients who have a delicate respiratory system. Medical grade air purifiers remove these irritants leaving the air inside a room fresh. 

2. Helps people with weak respiratory systems

Patients in the hospital require enough clean air to breath with ease. The best medical-grade air purifiers clean out the air inside wards with ease. This way they help patients whose immune systems are weak to breathe easily.  

3. They’re necessary for isolation rooms

Air purifiers can be used in intensive care units to protect patients in critical conditions from toxic contaminants. 

4. They make surgeries manageable

Surgeons performing critical surgeries and their patients require a constant flow of sterilized air in the theatre. An effective air purifier helps surgeons to achieve this.

Get a Hospital-Grade Air Purifier Today

Hospital-grade air purifiers are powerful. Use them in your home to keep it well sanitized and clean. The air purifiers listed here are powerful enough and will clean your home effectively. When looking for a mix of quality and cost-effectiveness Honeywell RUVLAMP1/C UV air treatment system can be a good choice.

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