Best Whole House Air Purifiers in 2024

Whole House Air Purifier

If you want to improve the quality of air in your home, whole-house air purifiers may be all you need. These gadgets are connected to the HVAC system in your home to ensure that as the air in your home gets heated and cooled, it also gets purified to eliminate contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, odor, and viruses. Here we’ll discuss the top 5 whole-house air purifiers.

Our Top 3 Whole House Air Purifier Picks

Alen BreatheSmart Classic Air Purifier

Alen BreatheSmart Classic Customizable Air Purifier
Our Rating

The Alen BreatheSmart whole house air purifier is the ultimate solution to purifying the air in your house. This is our value pick for the best whole house air purifier you can buy.

Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier

Our Rating

The ALEN BreatheSmart 75i is the most advanced air purifer for your whole house. More expensive then the classic but provides a greater area of coverage and more features.

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier

Coway Airmega 400 Smart whole house Air Purifier
Our Rating

The Airmega 400 is among the most efficient HEPA air purifiers there is for your whole house. This unit comes with two industrial-grade HEPA filters to remove air contaminants.

5 Whole House Air Purifier Reviews

If you’re looking for the ideal whole-house air purifier, here are some of the best options in the market today.

Airmega 400 Air Purifier (Whole House)

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Coway Airmega 400 Smart whole house Air PurifierThe Airmega 400 is among the most efficient HEPA air purifiers there is in the market today. This gadget comes with two industrial-grade HEPA filters to remove air contaminants.

It comes with a unique design and operates silently even when it’s on a high setting. If you love exceptional aesthetics, then this is the machine for you seeing that it features a visually attractive design complete with a multiple colored light ring which shows you the quality of air in your room.

What’s more, this gadget comes with a mobile app and Wi-Fi option which gives users a unique interface to regulate it and monitor the quality of air.

More about Airmega 400

This purifier is also fitted with a smart mode which controls the machine’s functionality depending on the quality of air.

It also has a pressure sensor to regulate the performance of the filter and alerts you when you need to replace the filters. You can use this machine in a 1560 square feet area which makes it ideal for your entire house.

The Airmega 400 features two embedded magnets at the side panels within the handles and the base. It’s the ability to lift at the base of the panels and outward facilitates easy access to the assemblage of every filter.

Alen Customizable Whole House Air Purifier

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Alen BreatheSmart Classic Customizable whole house Air PurifierThe Alen customizable air purifier comes with a rather elegant design. You can use this gadget in large areas measuring up to 1100 square feet.

By using it you are sure to purify your entire house. This model allows you to choose from the available fifteen color panels in order to match it to your home decor appropriately.

Effective Auto Mode

This gadget also comes with an automatic mode allowing it to adjust its speed to your desired air quality. This feature is ideal for users searching for an automatic gadget. If you’re a light sleeper and often get distracted at the slightest noise at night, you don’t have to worry as this gadget comes complete with a sleep mode feature.

This prevents it from lighting or even producing sound especially at night.

Alen Is Effective and Convenient

This means you can use it in your bedroom without worry if you thought that was all, you’ve not seen the lockable control panel and protective vent guard which gives this gadget a safe and smart option especially if you have young children.

The four integrated filter options allow you to customize the gadget’s operation depending on your needs. It comes with a vast range of digital controls, entirely customizable filtration options, comfort-minded modes, an elegant design, and HEPA pure filter making it one of the best whole house HEPA air purifiers, perfectly designed to meet each customer’s needs.

Further, it features a lifetime warranty which assures you of a replacement should the gadget develop problems.

Aprilaire 2410 Whole House Air Purifier

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Aprilaire 2410 Whole House Air PurifierThe Aprilaire 2410 is an ideal whole house furnace mounted air purifier. It offers exceptional quality performance and unique utility.

It also comes in an attractive design which makes it ideal for any interior part of your home. This is a low maintenance gadget and the only thing you’ll need to replace are the filters which you need to replace every two years.

The Aprilaire 2410 is a high-performance gadget which is capable of confining up to 98% of airborne particles such as dirt, dust, and even larger particles.


Still, this gadget performs well always and this is convenient especially if any of your loved ones suffers from asthma, breathing disorders, or any other allergic reactions. This gadget isn’t like the one-inch furnace filters.

Instead, it offers more than thirty times more filtering capability. By using this gadget, you’ll have the first-hand experience on how powerful it is when it comes to purifying the air in your surrounding area, making it easier for you and your family members to breath with ease.

This gadget comes at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. It also features a patented filtering media which is capable of making the air around your home clean.

Honeywell F100F2010 Air Purifier

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Honeywell F100F2010 whole house Air PurifierThe Honeywell air purifier doesn’t come cheap. However, it will give you value for your money. This gadget is efficient, good quality, and durable. It’s capable of trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns.

This gadget offers the ideal whole house purification and you can use it to purify your entire home. It comes equipped with the patented Media Air Cleaner which traps and eradicates a huge amount of airborne particles from the surrounding.

Easy to Mount

This gadget mounts on any return air duct with ease. Besides, it is compatible with any oil, electric, and even gas air furnace.

The this Honeywell air purifier doesn’t need electrical wiring, neither does it need additional maintenance other than the replacement of filters which is done between six and twelve months depending on how dirty they are.

Overall, this gadget is of superior quality and your family will benefit from its exceptional air purification technique.

Alexapure 3049 Whole House Air Purifier

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Alexapure 3049 Breeze Energy-Efficient True HEPA + IonCluster whole house air purifierSilent operation is one of the factors that many people consider when searching for an efficient air purifier. The Alexapure 3049 air purifier offers the ultimate quiet operation allowing you to use it in the bedroom at night or even inside your office.

This gadget is not only a perfect pollutant remover, but it’s also efficient when it comes to ensuring that the air inside your room is well purified.

If you compare this gadget with others in its category, you’ll be quick to realize that it’s very powerful. It features a four-stage purification procedure to aid the eradication of up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants.

Unique Technology

It also features a three-stage filtration system, which eradicates pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. Further, this gadget uses IonCluster technology as its final purification stage which eradicates pollutants across the home.

This gadget’s byproduct is water which is not the case with other ion technologies whose byproduct is ozone.

The gadget removes bacteria, dust, dirt, odors, allergens, and viruses. This air purifier can be used in areas measuring 800 square feet making it ideal for use in middle and small-sized homes. Further, it comes with a smart auto mode which enables it to conform to the changing quality of air inside a room.

How much does a whole house HEPA filter cost?

It’s estimated that on average most people spend a large chunk of their time indoors. Therefore, it is important that the air within the house is well taken care of.

Whole-house HEPA filters are easily available and fro the service they provide and how long they last, these filters are quite affordable.

Also, their price is determined by several other factors that are important to consider to ensure that you get the best whole house air purifiers for your house.

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How much does a whole house HEPA filter cost?

To purchase whole-house air cleaners you’ll spend anything between $1,000 to $5,000.

Do all homes have air filters?

Every central heating and cooling system requires an air filter. However, tracing the filter in some HVAC gadgets can be an arduous task.

Often, the air filter is situated in the blower or the return air duct compartment just before the return air gets to the air handler. This enables the filter to purify the air penetrating through your house just before it makes its way to the HVAC unit.

Features to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

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Factors that influence the price of a whole-house HEPA filter system

1. Type of filter

There are several types of filters and each of them costs differently. The first type of whole house filter available is the ultraviolet rays filter.

This type of filter is often found in hospital for its effectiveness in cleaning the air even of extremely tiny and invisible particles and disease-causing agents. It is often found inwards in which those affected by respiratory problems are admitted. For its niche market and effectiveness, this type of filter system does not cost the same price as others.

The other common type of filter is the electric air filter. As its name suggests, it requires electricity for it to work. It is a highly effective air purifier system for the home.

Flat filters are made of fiberglass. They purify the air by trapping dust but have a deficiency in cleaning and capturing even smaller particles. They are quite basic and need regular changing.  Monthly changes are recommended. As such, they cannot be that expensive.

Extended media filters ran on electromagnetic charge and are highly effective air purifiers for the whole house.

2. Hiring an expert

Many people love DIY projects as they provide an opportunity to learn something new and to save money.

However, whole-house air filter systems need to be installed by professional technicians. Getting them to help you install them is an additional cost above buying the system which affects the final price of your air filtration system.

3. The size of your house

Whole-house HEPA filters prices are determined by how big a house they can serve. Bigger houses require larger filters which are more expensive compared to the smaller filters required for a smaller space.

4. Brand names

Like with all household electronic equipment, whole house filters are manufactured by a lot of household goods manufacturers under different brand names.

Depending on the market, and the reputation of the manufacturer and brand, different brands have different prices.

More reputable brands known for high-quality products are slightly expensive than other brands that do not have similar market reputations.

5. Time to replacement

Whole-house air purifiers need to be changed regularly to ensure that they keep the air in your house at high levels of purity. The flat filters, for example, need to be changed every month although so many people ignore this fact thus endangering their lives and those they live with by breathing in poorly purified air.

Filters that require replacement often are usually highly affordable and pocket-friendly and easy to install.

With all these factors at play, the price of the whole house HEPA filter will vary.

Different experts estimate that considering the different factors, households spend between $500 and $6,000 on a whole-house HEPA filter.

On the lower end, households may have smaller houses and may prefer to use the filter that is changed regularly for its price friendliness while ignoring efficiency and effectiveness. While on the higher end, they may have much larger houses and the financial capacity to acquire the latest and most superior in whole house filter brands.

In addition, more expensive filters have been identified to be more effective in their service and last longer with little maintenance or changes.

How much do air purifiers cost to run?

Air purifiers are electronic equipment that most of the time are not seen or heard. They work quietly in the background to ensure that the air quality in your home is up to standards and that all air pollutants do not get an opportunity to enter your space and cause you respiratory diseases and allergies.

As a result, therefore, we can say that purifiers help us save on medical expenses that we would incur if we did not have them in our homes.

Factors that affect the cost of running air purifiers

1. Consumption and cost of power

One of the major costs of running electric appliances is their consumption and the cost of power units.

Where electronic products consume much, they tend to be highly costly to maintain and run. If the cost of power is also high, it is expensive to run and maintain.

Conversely and especially for air purifiers, their consumption is quite low and are therefore quite friendly to the pocket in terms of running costs. Manufacturers of these items understand that they will be used for part of the day. As a result, air purifiers are made to be highly energy-efficient.

This means that they consume very little electricity for every hour they are on, compared to other electronic equipment.

2. Type of air purifiers used

Maintenance and running costs for different types of air purifiers varies. For example, flat filters and extended media filters may not need any running costs but require lots of money to replace the filter every month or two.

3.  Maintenance-free filters

There are certain filters that do not require maintenance. These filters ensure that it is easy and simple to buy and install your filters into your house and change them only on the day that the fill up with dust particles or their day to replace has finally come.

4. Need for air purifier

Purpose of air purifier is another factor that one considers when it comes to purifier running costs.

For example, if the purpose of your purifier is to eliminate odors, then you will use an ozone purifier that is different from the UV light purifier and therefore has different maintenance costs.

5. Time of running the purifier

Another factor that goes into the cost of running whole-house purifiers is how long you leave it on. Is it on for 24 hours every day or for a few hours? This leads to increased running and electricity consumption cost when it is on for longer hours.

Users can try and use it for a few hours to ensure that they save on running costs.

Having considered the factors that affect the cost of running whole-house air purifiers, it is important to know identify how much it costs to run a filter.

As already mentioned, whole-house air purifiers are highly cost and energy-efficient and their monthly running costs are quite negligible. You do not even notice that you have an additional electrical component that is on for most hours of the day when your electrical bill arrives.

Therefore, households and families should not be afraid to acquire a whole house purifier on the fear of running and maintenance costs. They are pocket-friendly and help you to improve the quality of air that you breathe while you are at home, enhancing your health and that of your family members.

Regular replacement costs are the most common expenses and costs that you will incur when it comes to running whole-house air purifiers.

How long should you run your air purifier?

We breathe all the time and no one would like to breathe in air that is contaminated with disease-causing germs or other allergens.

When people buy air purifiers, they do it to ensure that they have pure hair in their households. It is therefore wise to ensure that the air purifier is running while you are at home. If you are afraid of the electricity cost, you can always switch it off during the periods when no one is home and switch it on when you are back home.

Ideally, whole-house air purifiers are meant to run for long, usually at least eight to twelve hours. When used like this, one is guaranteed of high-quality air levels in the house for longer.

Short use intervals lead to incomplete air purification as the presence of pollutants in the air is always entering the house at all times through wind, people’s activities and pets.

The following factors enable you to gauge how well you are using your air purifier. For most people, overnight use when they are in the house helps improve the quality of air and time of interaction at home.

Factors that affect decisions on how long to run an air purifier

1. Household electricity cost

Household electricity cost is the major impediment to having your air purifier on for 24 hours which is the ideal. As discussed earlier, this should not be a worry as air purifiers are highly cost and energy-efficient. As a result, their effect on the electrical bill is quite small and almost negligible.

They are cost-friendly and also highly energy efficient. I would highly advise to have it on at all times for better air quality.

2. Noise it makes

Like all mechanical and electrical appliances, the whole house air purifier must make a lot of noise?  The answer to this question is an emphatic no. Often the only thing you identify abut an air purifier is the fan spinning around in your house.

Often, the air purifier operates noiselessly without interfering with day to day life at home.

3. Your home schedule

If you are at home for only a few hours and would like to save on your electricity, it is advised that you can switch on your air purifier when you are home only. IT helps you breathe purified air in the house.

4. Opening the windows

IF you can open the windows to your house during the day, then it is better if you shut down the purifier for the day. Windows help improve air circulation within enclosed places which the purifier will also do. Running it while the windows are open may not be as effective as you would like.

5. How soon it needs replacement

IF you are running an air purifier that requires regular replacement, you can switch it on only for a few hours. This helps against having it filling up with debris and dust particles quickly thus prolonging its useful life and saving you the regular purchasing of new purifiers every time.

6. Time of the year

Different seasons have different air qualities. For example, during summer, the air is hot and dry providing proper conditions for germs to thrive. During this period, it is important that we use the air purifier longer to ensure that the air inside our homes where we hole up against the hot weather is pure and promotes good health.

7.  Brand of air purifier

Different manufacturers of whole house air purifiers provide different instruction on how to use their products. It is important that buyers follow the instructions on the user’s manual of the air purifier as specified by manufacturers.

Whole-house air filtration systems

Whole-house air filtration systems run through your houses’ HVAC systems.  In this way, the air that enters the house through the system is not only suitable for the house conditions but also highly purified for high quality and comfort while within the house.

Whole-house air filtration systems reduce the entry of allergens into the house and thus improving the quality of air breathed in the house and the health of the members of the household.

The quality of air indoors exacerbates allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. To prevent this from happening, the acquisition and use of whole-house air filtration systems are encouraged.

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Benefits of whole-house air filtration systems

1. Purify the air in your whole house

As their name suggests, whole-house air filtration systems ensure that the air coming into your house, and not just a room in the house is filtered of allergens and pollution agents as it goes through your whole house.

It has been discovered that air quality indoors is worse than that of the outdoors. IT is therefore imperative for all who value the well-being of their family to acquire and install a whole-house air purification system.

2.   Are noiseless

Whole-house air purification systems do not announce their presence by being noisy. They are noiseless and the only sign of their presence is the HVAC system in your house. By being noiseless, they purify your air and improve the quality of time, rest and relaxation that you enjoy at home.

Manufacturers are aware that people go home to rest which includes being away from the noise of the everyday bustling.

3. Reduce the need for numerous portable air purifiers

Installing a whole-house air purifier ensures that air quality in every room in your house is top notch. Without, you find that you have to buy numerous portable air purifiers that you keep in every room to purify the air there. This system does away with the numerous purifiers enhancing your living conditions by increasing the space in your house previously occupied by portable purifiers.

4. Low running costs

Whole-house air purifiers have a negligible financial impact in their running once they are installed. They can be easily switched on and off saving on electricity and only used when people are at home. In addition, they require low maintenance and therefore you will not need to have a technician’s number on speed dial.

5.  Help enhance your HVAC systems

First, whole house purifier systems do not block circulation and airflow through your HVAC system. They actually ensure that the air flowing through it is clean and has no debris that may hinder the working of the HVAC system.

Disadvantages of whole-house air filtration systems

1.  Cost of acquisition and installation

Whole-house air filtration systems are usually expensive to buy. In addition, getting an expert in technical installations to connect it to your HVAC system will also be expensive.

 2. Selective purification of pollutants

Different types of air purification systems clean the air in your house of different pollutants and allergens. For example, the flat filter only traps dust while an ultraviolet filter system captures microorganisms.

This forces homeowners to choose only a single type of air purifier to use in their houses.

Hospital-grade whole house air purifier

Hospital-grade air purifiers can also be used for the home. In hospitals, there are lots of sick people. The environment in the hospital must then be conducive for them to recover fully and not get or acquire other diseases and infections from the other sick people in the hospital.

Hospitals prefer to use ultraviolet air filter systems. This is because ultraviolet air filter systems have the ability to sieve out different pollutants and disease-causing germs.

Types of hospital grade whole-house air purifiers

 1. High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters

This type of air purification system is highly superior and has been in use since the second world war. It was developed to assist to protect soldiers in case of a chemical attack. As a result of this capability, this technology has been applied to air filters to eliminate disease-causing microorganisms.

Used at home, this type of system will ensure that you have clean air and that your health is also well-looked after. It can be used in homes that are looking after a sick person at home or where there are babies and toddlers in the house.

High-quality in-house air, prevents those who live in the house from diseases and ensures that they have good health.

2. Ultraviolet germicidal Irradiation

This type of air purification system is used for medical purposes but is also customized by air purification manufacturers for use at homes as a whole-house air purifier.

As it is based on ultraviolet rays, this purification system is used in hospitals due to its ability to destroy disease-causing airborne bacteria.

Advantages of using hospital-grade purifiers for the whole house

1. Kills disease-causing organisms

Ultraviolet ray purifiers and high-efficiency particulate air purifiers, when used at home, will be highly efficient in the capturing and the prevention of disease-causing organisms and bacteria from reaching the homes airs.

This keeps indoor air clean and the people living in that house healthy and disease-free.

2. Capture airborne solid pollutants

HEPA and UVGI purifiers have a high capacity in the capturing of solid air pollutants.   As a result, pollutants, such as pet furs and other solid materials are eliminated from the air in the household.

This helps reduce the prevalence of allergens and other pollutants that cause respiratory diseases and allergic attacks and irritations from the house. Good health and a comfortable environment are the main reasons for acquiring hospital-grade air purifiers fro the whole house.


Investing in high-quality whole-house air purifier systems is an integral part of improving the quality of breathable air indoors. It ensures that members of a household are able to remain healthy devoid of allergens and disease-causing organisms.

Improved quality of life is another benefit that can be accrued by investing in air purifiers. There are four different types of air purifier systems. Each has a different capability and buyers of the whole house air purifier systems need to identify the most prevalent pollutants that they want to get rid of before or when buying the system. Professional help will help you make the right decision on an air purification system for your house.

My name is Isabel and welcome to Blooming Air I created Blooming Air to be a place where homeowners can keep their homes healthy for them and their families with high-quality air units.