Top Air Purifier for Hookah Lounge in 2024

Air Purifier for Hookah Lounge

A hookah lounge also referred to as a shisha den or garden is a facility where clients share shisha from either a table to hookah or a communal one. If you operate a hookah lounge, you understand how contaminated it can be as a result of the smoke. That is why you need a good quality air purifier for a hookah lounge.

Features to Consider When Purchasing an Air Purifier

What Should You Know about Hookah lounge ventilation system

One critical thing you should know about the hookah lounge is; it requires excellent ventilation. Studies suggest that the air inside a confined hookah bar contains carbon monoxide. The inhalable particulate components from tobacco smoke have high concentrations of chemicals hovering around the air.

What this means is that any inactive air inside a hookah lounge is unhealthy. It’s due to this reason that you should choose appropriate ventilation systems in your hookah lounge. This is a great way of ensuring both your employees and customers aren’t at danger of getting exposed to toxic contaminants.

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Can I find a Hookah Air Purifier in the Market?

As you may already be aware, smoke is a dangerous air pollutant you can be exposed to either in your residential area or even commercial establishment. For instance, tobacco smoke is associated with allergies and other respiratory-related diseases. Smoke scent can penetrate through walls and rooms to fill your surroundings.

Fortunately, you can use some of the best air purifiers specially designed to eliminate smoke and other contaminants from your space. What’s more, these gadgets go a long way in eradicating the bad odor from your home.

Air purifiers come in varying specifications and some of the highly-rated models are specially designed to clear your house of a wide range of contaminants. However, these may not be effective when it comes to eradicating smoke from your house. If your aim is to remove smoke from your house, you’ll want to buy an air purifier that’s specially designed to remove smoke. The ideal smoke air purifier should come with numerous filters specially designed to trap various sizes of particles.

One of the best air purifiers you can use in your hookah lounge is the Blue Pure 211+ from Blueair. If customer reviews are anything to go by, then this is a must-have gadget for you if you have a hookah lounge. This air purifier has been rated as one of the few gadgets that are highly capable of eliminating smoke particles from the air. Of course, there are other robust air purifiers that you can choose. Each gadget differs in terms of size, price, and noise levels. Here are some of the best smoke air purifiers you may want to consider.

How to Test Air Quality Without Hiring a Professional

Blue Pure 211+

When the Blue Pure 211+ was tested through a hollow chamber, it eradicated dust and smoke way effectively and faster compared to other models. It scored 89% performance wise. This gadget comes with a three-part filtration system complete with a washable pre-filter and an activated carbon filter. These enhance the gadget’s efficiency when it comes to eradicating smoke from your facility.

What’s more, the gadget can also remove other contaminants such as pollen and dust in large spaces. You can choose your preferred speed from the available three speeds. The best thing about this gadget is that it’s energy star rated which means your energy costs won’t spike, and you can conveniently place it on the floor or a tabletop. You can even move it from one room to the other thanks to its portability.

One factor that makes the Blue Pure 211+ stand out is its design. It comes in a modern and stylish design which give it an appealing look. However, if you’re looking for a silent gadget, then this may not be it. This air purifier is slightly noisy even when operating at the lowest speed.

Another thing you need to understand before purchasing this gadget is; you’ll need to clean and replace the filters often and this can be expensive. Even then, this gadget is quite effective and you may want to consider it if noise isn’t one of your worries.

Febreze Tower Air Purifier

This air purifier is said to be one of the best gadgets when it comes to eliminating dust, pollen, and smoke. The best thing about this air purifier is its price. It’s quite affordable and you can even purchase it for your home based hookah lounge. The Febreze tower air purifier is specially designed for medium-sized spaces, it’s energy star rated, and comes with three speeds. It also operates silently as opposed to other models in the market today.

One thing that sets this gadget apart from other models is; it comes with two scent cartridges which give your surroundings a pleasant aroma. The gadget is specially designed to eradicate smoke particles from the air and its filters are reasonably priced. One thing you should beware of is that this gadget uses HEPA type filters which means that its performance is not as effective as a true HEPA.

What are the Functions of Smoke Eaters for Hookah Lounge

A smoke eater is a gadget that eradicates smoke and any smoke odors from your surroundings. There are different uses of smoke eaters, especially in commercial buildings. These are;

Eradicating cigarette smoke. If you have hookah lounge, chances are you’ll want to make the surroundings as smoke-free as possible. Smoke eaters come in handy to help you eliminate smoke in your surroundings and make it safe for your patrons and employees.

  • Eliminating Smoke from the Restaurant. Restaurants can be smoke filled. In order to make the environment conducive, you need to ensure that the restaurant is smoke-free. A smoke eater can play a major role in improving the air in your restaurant.
  • Eradicating Cigar Smoke. Cigars aren’t as popular as cigarettes even though a good number of people are today ditching cigarettes for a cigar. If revelers in your hookah lounge are cigar fanatics, then you’ll need to devise a strategy to ensure the surroundings are smoke and contaminant free.
  • Removing Bar Smoke. Unlike restaurants, bars can be more confined to smoke reaching high concentrations. In order to improve the air and create a conducive environment for your customers, you need a good quality smoke eater fitted within the ventilation system.
  • Eradicating Casino Smoke. The casino can be concentrated with a combination of smoke both from cigars and cigarettes. If you own a casino, you should consider installing a quality commercial smoke eater to eradicate smoke and make the surroundings comfortable to live in.
  • Removing smoke in a bowling alley. Bowling alleys don’t have to be smoke havens anymore. You can improve the air quality in the surroundings with a good smoke eater.
  • Eliminating Smoke in the office. If you’re a smoker and work in an office, you know you can’t smoke in the office. Today, however, there are some smoke eaters you can use in the office to eliminate smoke, enhance the quality of air in the room, and improve employee productivity.


If you own a hookah lounge, you also want to protect your employees and patrons from smoke pollution. All you need is a robust air purifier for your hookah lounge to improve the quality of air and make your surroundings comfortable to live in. You can also take a look at a popular whole house hepa air purifier here to get top coverage of your entire area.

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